Gentle romantic-pigtails for medium hair

stars with different weaves

Feminine and romantic weaving of braids, has become very popular lately. Going out into the street you can see a lot of girls with hairstyles from braids. Variations of such hairstyles a great many and your image can be changed every day! Earlier, Russian beauties were owners of extremely long hair and long heavy braids, but with the trend of fashion, various haircuts appeared and long hair turned into medium length and young ladies began to braid pigtails on medium hair.

Simple braids can be braided at home, and therefore, they are popular with girls and women. Pigtails for medium hair can be made to oneself without any help. There are several options for how to braid pigtails on a hair of medium length. To understand how to make braid on medium hair, you do not need to have any special abilities.

Consider the types of weaving beautiful, interesting braids

Half hair


To make it more convenient to make a spikelet, there should be a parting in the middle of the head (preferably, even). So it will be more convenient to divide the hair into two parts and start to weave from the sides.

  • On the left side of the head, select three strands and begin to weave in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head.
  • The end is hidden in loose curls of volume and fasten with a barrette.
  • The instruction of this braiding is very simple - it is necessary to braid from the front of the parting. Then the rest of the curls are gradually interwoven. At the end of the floor, the spikelets are fixed with hairpins.

French braids on medium length hair

french braids

Such braids usually weave on the sides.

  1. First you need to make a part in the middle of the head.
  2. You must first braid the braids on one side, and then on the other.
  3. While the braid is being braided on one side, the other side is stabbed with a barrette so as not to interfere. Instruction: first you need to grab the strands on one side of the face, then on the other side of the parting in the middle. At the end you need to fasten with a barrette and take up the weaving on the other side.

french weaving scheme

English braids with chignon at medium length

English pigtails differ from the rest in that they weave from an ordinary horse's tail. When your pigtail is ready, it will need to be fixed below the head of hair.

english options

Beautiful princess braid

princess hairstyle

This version of the pigtail serves as a model. They should be a pair, on both sides of the head. Next they need to spin the ring. As a result, there are beautiful and interesting braids on medium hair.

Chignon braids

Also popular are simple braids, harnesses. In general, they are weaved by the owners of long hair, but there is a way in which this can be done on a shock of medium length.

  • To create a pigtail for medium hair, you will need an artificial hairpiece.
  • Lower neck "mane" need to collect in the tail and tie a rubber band.
  • Through the gum you need to stretch the chignon and fix.
  • When the hair is divided into two parts, twist one strand clockwise and wrap around the tail-chignon at the same time.
  • We do the same thing with the other part. Unless it will need to rotate in a different direction.
  • As a result, everything is fixed with studs, as a result of which a bundle is formed around the cord-chignon.


Thin braids

Thin braids on curls of medium length can be a hairstyle for every day.

  • Let them be loose, then a zest will appear in your appearance.
  • On the loose curls you can make a styling, for example, arrange them in waves, then your image will become romantic. It even suits as an evening option.
  • Want to make your hair look at ease - fluff interweave hair.

Thin braids

Any pigtails for the average length of this type will make some variety and will be very good for special occasions.

Basket of braids

braid baskets

There is a way to make a basket of braids braided on "not long" and "not short" curls. Weaving interesting braids around the head can be very diverse, for example, it can be in the form of a crown. If you have difficulties in braiding on medium hair, ask someone to help you with this.

Hair braid

how to make harnesses in the hair

  1. To make a flagellum out "manes" we tie a high tail and divide it into three parts.
  2. After that, from each part we twist the harness.
  3. The harnesses must be firmly secured with rubber bands so that they do not fall apart.
  4. Then just braid the usual braid.

Spit Greek

greek weaving on the stars

  1. It is necessary to make an even parting, thus, dividing the head into two working areas. The parting should be straight to the top.
  2. The remaining part "manes" we collect on a nape in a bunch (it is possible air or slightly negligent).
  3. By the type of rim strands braided from the parting.
  4. Their ends are hiding in the unclean beam.

Spit "fish tail"

how to make fish tail

Fish tail will be more difficult to perform.

  1. It is necessary to divide the head into two working areas.
  2. Thin strands of the left side are connected with the main ones - on the right side.
  3. Then the action is repeated the other way around - from the right side are woven into the main- left side.
  4. Weaving continues to the end and it turns out a kind of fishtail.

This hairstyle can look original in various life situations.

French waterfall

french waterfall

  1. Behind the ear "hairy" part.
  2. Then divide it into three parts. We begin to weave the usual French braid vice versa (upper strand under the middle one and lower under the middle one).
  3. Separate the strand from the remaining drip top and place it under the top one, on the middle one and under the bottom one.
  4. We take the top one and put it under the middle one, on the bottom one and around the fourth extra (on the fourth under it and up). Next, release the fourth strand.
  5. Again the strand is separated from the free part of the hair. We do this from above and draw through the main strands, which we have three. Scheme under-above-under.
  6. We twist the upper strand middle, lower, extra and release the fourth strand. Instead of three main strands, you can braid pigtails.

Double thread

how to weave from 2 strands

  1. At the forehead to take part of the caps and divide it into two more. They need to twist clockwise (you can counterclockwise).
  2. Put the bottom strand on top. Separate the remaining hair from the top of another one and place it between the workers (put on the top and under the bottom).
  3. Two strands are twisted again - put the bottom on the top. We continue to weave and add free spin on top. We pass them through the main ones.
  4. The end of the hairstyle is fixed with a ribbon (you can use a rubber band or continue to weave a regular braid).

hairstyle of 2 strands

Girls, now you know how to create interesting romantic images for every day and it is not necessary to have a long head of hair for this; a head of hair and medium length will suit for creating such beauty! And if any weaving requires a sufficiently weighty length, then you can easily complement this drawback with patch strands or chignon! As we said, the best option for "braiding" Training will be attempts to braid pigtails on the heads of close friends, and only then proceed to the procedure on their curls!

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