Generolon spray - effective hair growth

Excessive hair loss is a problem that many people face, regardless of age, gender or lifestyle. Without proper attention, the pathological process can lead to total baldness, which is difficult to correct and requires intensive therapy.

To prevent this kind of consequences, a large number of different means have been developed that allow activating hair growth. One of the most popular among them is Generolon Spray. 👩

Generolon Spray - effective hair growth
The effect of a therapeutic drug is aimed at stimulating the activity of hair follicles, protecting against the negative effects of androgen hormones, improving blood circulation. Its use allows you to stop the process of thinning the curls, strengthens the roots, awakens asleep and depleted follicles.


Generolon hair spray has passed a series of clinical tests, the results of which confirmed its effectiveness and harmlessness. The positive effects of the drug due to its composition.

Acts as an active component minoxidil, representing a vasodilator hypertensive agent. The same active substance is part of another drug - Aleran.

Minoxidil affects the hair follicles, transferring them from the resting phase to a state of active growth. This effect is achieved by improving blood circulation in small peripheral vessels, thereby increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the follicles.

Available in two varieties of spray, differing in the concentration of the active ingredient. Generolone 5% contains 50 mg of Minoxidil. In Generolon 2% includes 20 mg of the same active substance. At the end of the article, be sure to watch the video in order to understand how the considered agent and its analogues, which include minoxidil, work.

The composition of the preparation Generolon includes the following components:

  • minoxidil;
  • water;
  • ethanol;
  • propylene glycol.

Components of the funds are not absorbed into the blood, do not affect the skin and curls, and act exclusively on the hair follicles, normalizing and stimulating their functionality.

Generolon spray can be called a safe remedy for hair loss, does not provoke the development of allergic reactions, so without fear can be used for a long time.

Instructions for use

The drug is suitable for the treatment of baldness in both men and women. Spray is intended solely for outdoor use.

Rules of the drug:

  • apply a therapeutic composition only on dry skin;
  • use twice a day, spraying on the affected area, starting from its center;
  • The recommended daily dose of the solution is 1 ml (7 taps);
  • upon completion of therapeutic procedures do not wet the skin for 4 hours;
  • during spraying means to avoid contact with mucous membranes;
  • wash your hands thoroughly after the procedure.

The duration of the therapeutic course is 12 months. In the absence of positive results after 16 weeks of applying the spray, treatment tactics should be changed.

Generolon Spray - effective hair growth


The drug is prescribed to persons suffering from androgenic alopecia. Now Generolon Spray is prescribed to activate hair growth.


It is not recommended to use the product in the presence of hypersensitivity to the individual components and dermatological skin diseases. In addition, it is forbidden to spray treatment during pregnancy and lactation, as well as to persons under the age of 18 years.

Side effects

Negative reactions during remedial measures may manifest themselves in the form of pruritus, rash, geperemia of the treated areas, desquamation. In some cases, the occurrence of headaches, palpitations, nausea, vomiting episodes may occur.

If any disturbing symptoms occur, you should seek medical attention.


We offer to watch the video from the manufacturer's official channel on how to use Generolon. In this video, Minoxidil review is the active substance of the drug in question. “Minoxidil works as a stimulant. And if it is used for other purposes, after the cancellation is the resumption of hair loss, “- says the author of the video.

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