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Our hair goes through many tests. They are dried with a hairdryer, straightened with a flat iron, curled with a curling iron, dye, tint, and highlight. All this leaves its unpleasant consequences, curls spoil, lose their health and luster. Faced with these problems, the girls begin to think about how to get them back their old strength ?! Laminating gelatin comes to the rescue, which will help you get rid of these troubles!

Usually this event is held in the cabin. The master impregnates your curls with a special composition, under the influence of which they acquire a healthy sheen and beauty. After lamination, you immediately notice that your hair has become thicker, more voluminous and easy to style. Such a tremendous effect is obtained due to the presence of cellulose in the laminating composition. Despite all these effects, not many girls go to the salon, because this service has a considerable price. How to be if you really want to have such hair? The answer is simple, lamination of hair with gelatin at home! Gelatin lamination of hair at home is not much inferior to the salon, and will cost you a pittance.

What is the secret of gelatin use for hair?

  • The protein contained in it envelops the hair, forming a dense protective film on them. But with each shampooing procedure, the gelatinous film begins to thin.
  • As part of gelatin is a protein that compensates for the lack of moisture in the structure of the hair.
  • Gelatin consists of pure protein, as it is obtained from the connective tissue of animals.
  • It contains no chemistry, so this procedure can be called biolamination.


Lamination procedure with gelatin

How to make lamination hair at home? To achieve the desired effect, you must prepare the mixture in compliance with all the rules, as well as properly distribute it on the hair. How to prepare the desired composition?

  1. You will need 1 tbsp. l gelatin, 3 tbsp. hot water, 0.5 t. any hair mask and shower cap. Such proportions are suitable for short-haired girls. If you have long curls, then the number of ingredients must be adjusted.
  2. Take the glass pan and pour the gelatin into it.
  3. There also add water, it is necessary to pour it gradually, making sure that the gelatin does not go lumpy. The diluted mass should be thick in consistency.
  4. If the lumps are formed, then you can melt them by placing the bowl in the microwave for 20 seconds.
  5. Dissolved gelatin must be allowed to cool.
  6. At the time when the mass cools, wash your hair and apply balsam on the curls. After standing for 3-5 minutes, wash off the balm and wipe the hair with a towel, it should be slightly damp.
  7. Take half a teaspoon of hair mask and mix it with a gelatinous mass, mix until a homogeneous mass. The mixture is ready for application.
  8. Before applying the composition of the curls do not need to be combed. Having retreated 2 centimeters from the roots, proceed to the distribution of mass.
  9. When finished, put the shower cap on your head and wrap it in a towel.
  10. Laminating mass must be kept for at least 40 minutes. After wash it off your head, without using shampoo.

In order not to spoil the result, do not dry your hair with a hairdryer! Leave hair alone to dry completely. After they are dry, you will see amazing results. They will shine with healthy shine, they will become more dense and voluminous. The effect of lamination lasts 1-2 weeks, and then you need to repeat the procedure again.

Positive and negative sides of hair lamination

Pluses gelatin lamination

  • You protect your hair from many of the harmful effects of the environment: bad weather, sudden changes in temperature, exhaust gases, scorching sun, etc;
  • If you carry out home lamination of hair with gelatin on a regular basis, then you will provide the head of hair with an important building material, protein, it helps prevent hair section, as well as with such elements as: collagen, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements;
  • Your hair will get shine, health, smoothness and thickness;
  • Your costs for this procedure are minimal, and you are responsible for the effect of lamination. Indeed, in the cabin you can get into the hands of a bad master.

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Cons lamination gelatin

  • If you incorrectly prepare the laminating compound, then all your efforts and time spent may be in vain;
  • The structure of the hair is different for everyone and how the composition will behave, no one can guess. He can either improve the condition of the hair and cause her harm, and may not have any effect at all;
  • Few people have allergic reactions to gelatin and gelatin lamination of hair at home may be unacceptable for you. Therefore, before the session, check your skin, apply gelatin on it for 10 minutes. If you begin to worry about a burning sensation or itching, then it is better to refuse the procedure;
  • If you are the owner of very long curls, then home lamination of hair with gelatin will be very difficult for you;
  • After the lamination procedure, you will encounter the fact that strands will begin to get dirty faster than before;
  • Another nuance, you can meet with the dryness of the tips of the hair.

Reviews gelatin hair lamination

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A wave of popularity has covered this procedure. Many girls rushed to buy gelatin from store shelves in order to try out its miracle effect. For some, this procedure caused delight, while others were disappointed by dividing the girls into 2 camps. Some talked about the fact that their hair acquired elasticity, shine, silkiness, became stronger and more resilient. Owners of colored strands noted higher brightness and color fastness. Others, on the contrary, did not see any improvements, the curls remained in the same condition, and some became more rigid, resembling straw.

How to make hair lamination at home using professional tools?

In specialized stores, you can purchase hair lamination products at home with detailed instructions. The use of such cosmetics will allow you to get a salon effect without leaving your home. The most popular brands of such cosmetics are (America) Paul Mitchel, (Japan) Lebel Cosmetics and the joint work of Germany and Japan Goldwell.

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It must be said that such lamination is both colorless and tint, so be careful in your choice.

goldwell set

It is included in the kit?

The kit includes a composition for thorough cleansing of hair, a mask, a laminating compound (if you choose a shading kit, then there is a dye in it).

How to apply?

  1. First you need to wash your hair with a special shampoo from the set. It will help remove all contaminants, packing materials, silicone.
  2. If you choose a tint kit, then the next step is to apply a tinting agent. When choosing a colorless set, you skip this item.
  3. Then you need to put a mask, it nourishes your curls with moisture.
  4. Now you can apply a lamination compound. When finished applying, leave it for half an hour. Perform all actions with strict observance of instructions.
  5. Having sustained necessary time wash off all warm water, without using shampoo when washing. Then dry your hair like you used to using a hair dryer or just wetting them with a towel.

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