Gelatin hair masks

Hot summer sun, sudden changes in winter temperature, solariums, chlorine-added pools, salty sea water - how to protect your favorite hair from all these stresses? Help will come to you gelatin hair masks, which can be wonderfully done even at home. Women have long used gelatin for the beauty of their hair.

Gelatin hair masks

How is gelatin for hair useful?

You think you know a lot about gelatin? Did you know that gelatin is used by many cosmetic companies for the manufacture of masks, balms and shampoos for hair care?

The composition of the gelatin includes: collagen, dietary fiber, amino acids, iron, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, protein. They perfectly nourish the hair, keeping moisture inside.

Gelatin masks are very popular with lovely ladies. Gelatin, which is extracted from the protein of the connective tissues of animals, is composed of substances most useful to the hair.

Sometimes gelatin is called "animal glue." At its core, it is a colorless, odorless gel. Being absorbed into the hair, it makes them elastic, shiny and resilient. In this case, the hair remains supple to create a variety of hairstyles and pleasantly soft.

The effect of gelatin masks

Gelatin for hair can be easily equated to home "lamination".

Applying gelatin masks at home will make your hair elastic, smooth, healthy, thick and shiny. Protected gelatinous hair easily combed. Gelatin masks accelerate hair growth, remove a statistical charge from them.

After applying the gelatin mask thin hair becomes more voluminous. Gelatinous film, smoothing the surface of porous or damaged hair, reliably protects them from harmful external influences.

Gelatin Masks Great for any hair. But they are especially good for dull unruly thin and fragile, split and damaged hair.

What problems will gelatinous masks cope with?

Especially well gelatinous masks will help to successfully solve problems if you have:

• Mixed hair - dry at the ends of the hair.

• Long hair that unpleasantly whipped at the tips.

• Deprived of volume, very thin naturally hair.

• Unbreakable, difficult to comb unruly hair.

• Hair damaged by perm or frequent coloring.

• Hair lacking natural shine. ”

Gelatin masks magically turn problematic hair into thick, silky, they are less polluted. Hair is easy to style, get a radiant shine!

Gelatin hair masks

How to apply gelatin masks

To obtain the maximum effect from the masks, you should heed the advice of professionals. After all, for dry hair, some components are added to the mask, and for oily hair - completely different.

one. Pour gelatin with warm boiled water, in proportion: 3 tablespoons of water to 1 spoon of gelatin.

2 Gelatin is thoroughly stirred until a homogeneous mass and left to swell for half an hour.

3 Only after these procedures can additional components be added to the gelatin.

four. Egg white and lemon are added for oily hair, and milk oily products and egg yolk for dry hair.

five. Gelatin mask is applied to wet, clean washed hair. It is not necessary to put a mask on the hair roots!

6 Put a plastic hat on your head and wrap it with a towel to create a thermal effect.

7 Mask, depending on the added components, hold from 30-50 minutes.

It is imperative to comply with the listed conditions so that the mask of gelatin has the desired effect.

Gelatin hair masks - recipes

There are so many different recipes for gelatin masks that they are not surprising and confused. It is advisable to dwell on those recipes for which it is easy to choose the ingredients. And then, having tried several masks, choose the most comfortable one for your hair.

The simplest gelatin mask

On a water bath, warm the gelatin mask from one tablespoon of gelatin and 3 tbsp. spoons of water. Add 3 tbsp to it. spoons of any hair balsam. Apply the mixture evenly on pressed clean hair. Then wrap hair with cellophane and a terry towel for half an hour. The mask can be applied to any hair. The effect of the mask - shiny shiny hair!

Gelatin mask for any hair type

Gelatin mix with water and leave for 20 minutes. Add fresh, beaten egg to swollen gelatin. Apply over the entire length, avoiding the root zone and leave for 30 minutes. The mask is suitable for normal hair type, further strengthening them.

Hair Mask with gelatin for dry hair

- 1 yolk; - 1 tbsp. gelatin; - 3 tbsp. water;

Mix water with gelatin as in the previous recipe, then carefully rub fresh egg yolk with swollen gelatin. The mask moisturizes dry hair and protects them from damage.

Nourishing mask with honey and gelatin for hair

The mask with gelatin and honey is perfect for brittle and dull hair, even after the first application you will see that the condition of the hair has improved markedly. The mask is made very simple: add 1 tsp of honey to the pre-swollen gelatin and slightly heat it in a water bath. When your hair becomes smooth, apply it on slightly damp hair and wrap it up with a towel. Hold for 30 minutes.

Gelatin oily hair mask

Oily hair will be very attractive after applying mustard-gelatin mask. It is necessary to dilute in water 1 teaspoon of dry mustard to the state of gruel. Mix it with gelatin and apply to pre-washed wet hair.

Regenerating hair mask with gelatin and oils

To prepare a regenerating mask, you must add 1 tbsp to the gelatin. castor and burdock oil (if desired, oil can be replaced by others, for example, olive, almond, jojoba, etc.). Keep the mask for at least 40 minutes, hair dry naturally. The mask fills the hair with beauty and brilliance, and with regular use of brittleness and split ends, you can forget.

Gelatin mask for bleached hair

This recipe is suitable for oily hair. -1 tbsp gelatin; - 1 tbsp. lemon juice; - 1 tbsp. hair balm.

Gelatin mixed with water and add lemon juice, after the gelatin is completely dissolved, add balm and apply on hair, rinse off after half an hour.

Gelatinous mask with henna for thickening hair

Gelatin (1 tbsp.) Mix with water and allow to dissolve, then add 1 tbsp. colorless henna and 1 yolk, mix everything thoroughly. Apply to hair and leave for 30-50 minutes. This mask improves the hair structure and is suitable for damaged hair.

Gelatin mask with herbs decoction

For broth, take a few herbs, for example, nettle, oak bark, mint 1 tsp. and fill them with a glass of water, let it brew for 30 minutes and then strain it. In a warm decoction, add 1 tbsp. gelatin and 2 tbsp. shampoo (better to use children). Apply the mask on hair for 20-30 minutes and rinse with warm water. Depending on the hair color, you can use infusions of nettle, linden, Hypericum, burdock root or chamomile.

Applying at least once at home gelatinous mask competently, you will always be happy to use it only. Your hair will begin to flow a brilliant thick cascade! Remember that gelatin mask will be effective only with regular use. Regularly applying gelatin masks, you can achieve a noticeable noticeable increase in the volume and thickness of the hair. However, everything is good in moderation. If the hair is too saturated with gelatin, it can become heavy, and will look lousy and untidy. Therefore, 1 time per week is enough.

If the mixture is uniform in composition, each hair is carefully wrapped with it, evenly lying on the strands. In the form of heat, all components of the mask act much more efficiently, penetrating deeply into the hair.

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