Gel lamination with gelatin

Gel lamination with gelatin

Surely all the girls have encountered or heard about such a salon procedure as lamination hair. But not everyone knows that lamination can be done with gelatin completely for a ridiculous price!

Many girls have already tried this method and claim that the effect exceeded all expectations, and lamination with gelatin is no worse than salon lamination. It’s difficult to say exactly how this procedure will affect you, because everyone’s hair is different.

Act: gelatin is pure collagen, so there’s no doubt about its benefits.

The effect is especially noticeable on thin hair, they acquire a noticeable volume and shine.

Gelatin covers the hair with a thin film and thereby protects the hair from damage, so the procedure with gelatin is called home or natural lamination.

Composition for lamination:

1 tbsp. l dry gelatin pour 3-4 tbsp. l water, leave the mixture for half an hour, with a good mix. Then add your hair conditioner, the mixture should get the consistency of sour cream. Then the mixture is heated in a water bath until the gelatin is completely dissolved, and allow to cool.

How to spend gelatinous lamination at home:

one. Wash hair with shampoo, apply a balm or a mask on them. After that, rinse hair and leave to dry a little. Do not blow dry your hair, they should be wet, but not wet.

2 Apply the prepared mixture to the hair, evenly distributing to all the hair. At the same time, it is not recommended to rub into the scalp, as gelatin will tighten it and an itching sensation may appear.

3 Then we wrap the hair in plastic, on top of a towel and heat the hair dryer for 15 minutes. After waiting another 15-20 minutes and then wash off with warm water. Hair dry naturally.

It is recommended to repeat the procedure once a week.

Video of hair gel lamination

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