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To choose a hairstyle for yourself that will perfectly fit your face, emphasize its beautiful features and hide flaws, isn’t this the dream of every woman? And here it does not matter, you have a perfect oval face or a plump one. But for some reason there is an opinion that women with a full face find it harder to choose a styling for themselves. In this article we will try to reveal to you the secrets of selecting a hairstyle for a full face, and you can choose one of the options and recreate the styling yourself using step-by-step schemes.

Basic rules for the selection of hairstyles for the full person

To pick up female hairstyles for a full face is actually not simpler and not more complicated than for thin, square or triangular: everywhere there are subtleties. The result depends on your sense of harmony and fantasy. Based on the following tips, you will understand which hairstyle will suit a full face:

  • Bang. Oblique bangs or laid on its side will help make the face softer. As for smooth bangs, ladies with a full face is better to avoid it. Such bangs will give off cheeks even more.
  • Length. There is a mistaken opinion that a short hairstyle for a full face is not a suitable option. If you want to wear short hair, just prefer asymmetry and oblique bangs. The ban on short hairstyles applies only to women who have a second chin. The length of hair in women with a plump face can absolutely anyone.
  • Volume Hairstyles for plump faces should divert attention from deficiencies in the physiognomy. They should be light and moderately voluminous. Give up licked hair. Choosing between smooth hair and soft curls, give preference to the second option. Stylists recommend women with a plump face to use different methods of curling hair. To soften facial features will help multi-layer haircuts, which will give volume even to thin hair.
  • Colour. The hue of your strands greatly affects the perception of the face as a whole. You should not experiment with extreme staining, especially if you are a mature woman. Too dark shades can add to your age, choose a middle ground: soft natural brown or light brown shades will give your face freshness.

631-Hairstyles for a full face

Star example - Adele

Among the star beauties there are women with a plump face. Charming singer Adele can be a role model for many women who are looking for their image and perfect hair. She almost always chooses the right hairstyle for a full round face: bangs to the side and moderately curvaceous curls make Adele's plump face graceful. The following instructions will help you gradually create daily and evening hairstyles for a full face. They are all lightweight with their own hands at home, just repeat for Adele.

Option 1. Volumetric curls

Laying Adele at the Grammy Awards could be a good option for an evening look. It can be carried out both on long locks, and on average length. To create it does not need too much effort:

  1. Apply styling mousse to clean hair.
  2. Separate the hair on the side parting.
  3. Stir the back of your head slightly.
  4. Scroll the curls on a large curling, strengthening curl to the tips.
  5. Bangs put on one side.
  6. Secure the result with varnish.

Adele with voluminous curls

Curls are the simplest and versatile hairstyle for a large person. Such styling will complement almost any look.

Option 2. Babette

Any babette in combination with strands released on the sides will make the face visually thinner. Babette is one of the most beloved Adele hairpieces and a good hairstyle for a large face. Why not take advantage of these techniques, creating a styling for a romantic evening or a solemn reception? Let's start:

  1. Apply the styling agent to the clean wet strands and blow-dry the hair so that it becomes even.
  2. Divide the strands on the central parting, and then separate the 2 strands of medium thickness from the face.
  3. Separate the hair from the top and pinch them with a clip. These curls will lie on top of the pile.
  4. On the top, make a volumetric bouffant.
  5. Fasten the combed strands of stealth to form the base of the babette.
  6. Remove the clamp and evenly distribute the strands by closing the comb. Invisible fasten hair ends under the pile.
  7. Side strands slightly down on the face and wind up sideways, fixing them invisible under Babette.
  8. A little hairspray and styling is ready!

Adele with babette on her head

Hairstyles for a fat face with babette may have different variations: leave the curls free, and at the top make a small babette. Do you want the styling to become more original? Use hair ornaments or braid a French braid as a bezel.

Option 3. Bundle

This practical styling, as the beam should be in the arsenal of every woman. But owners of plump cheeks should pay attention to small nuances, making it to itself: oblique bangs or loose strands on the sides must be present, and the hair in the bundle should be voluminous, not strained. The node itself is best positioned lower, you can move it sideways. Adele quite often chooses styling with a retro bundle. Creating it yourself is very simple:

  1. If you have even hair, pre-wind it on a curling iron or large curlers to get a light natural wave.
  2. Divide the hair on the oblique parting.
  3. Collect the strands on the back of the head and with a thin elastic band collect them into a sloppy volumetric bundle.
  4. With the help of Invisibles, give the beam a rounded shape, with the tips of the strands protruding from the knot.
  5. Straighten your hair to get the volume at the roots.
  6. If several curls break out of the beam, the result will be just perfect!

Adele with a magnificent beam

This simple casual hairstyle for puffy cheeks can be performed for medium hair length and long strands.

Creating a hairstyle for a full round face does not require much experience and time costs. A minimum of styling tools, a pair of styling tools and a step-by-step styling scheme will help you to be always on top.

Video: creating styling "Babette" in the style of singer Adele

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