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There is an opinion that haircuts for a full face are very difficult to pick up due to the “non-standard appearance”, but this is not at all the case: you just need to skillfully hide lush cheeks if there is a need for this. To do this, there are many professional techniques that can harmonize facial features, give expression to the image and hide the flaws. A good stylist will accurately determine which haircut will suit a full face, taking into account its individual characteristics and hair type.

What mistakes can not be made - the rules for choosing a haircut

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To transform your appearance, you only need to follow the simple advice of our instructions:

  • Female haircuts for a full face should not “lick” the head, because this hairstyle visually enlarges the facial features and adds volume to the cheeks.
  • It is not necessary to make a parting in the middle of the head. If you have a round face, then you need to avoid clear geometric divisions, it would be better to look at the side parting with bangs to the side.
  • Avoid excessive volume of hair, formed at the level of the widest part of the face - it will only emphasize the imbalance.
  • It is not recommended to lower the level of straight thick bangs below the eyebrows or, conversely, to make it very short. In the first version you will emphasize the volume of the cheeks, and in the second - the spherical shape of the outline. Straight thick bangs are possible only in the version to the middle of the forehead, in combination with a short haircut and additional volume in the area of ​​the crown.
  • Super-short hairy type "pixie" very rarely go pyshechkam. The exception may be girls with pretty features and a perfect outline of the hairstyle in the back of the head.
  • The level of cut hair should not coincide with the chin line: choose hairstyles of medium length with a cascade texture - this is what works in your variant without a win.
  • If you are a happy owner of curly hair, then there is no need for their constant straightening - it will be enough just to remove the volume of hair in the cheeks and cheekbones using cascade technique.
  • Haircut for a full face, regardless of the length of the hair, should visually stretch the face and hide the protruding cheeks.

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Short haircuts for a full face

Finding the right model for a short haircut for a full face is not an easy task.


  • Super-short haircuts for a full face, as we mentioned earlier, are not the most suitable option. Combing the hair back is also not suitable, since it only focuses attention on the protruding cheeks.
  • The best short haircut for a full face is “bob” or its various modifications. At the same time at home you can independently effectively style your hair using only a hairdryer and a round brush.
  • A short haircut for a full face should form a volume in the area of ​​the crown, so a cascading style is what you need. To do this, the strands are trimmed step by step with the thinning of the edge.
  • Also used is a hidden backup technique. In this case, the hair in certain places is cut almost at the base of the head, which allows you to lift the next (upper) layer of hair. This method can be used if the hair is naturally thick and heavy.
  • Another way to balance facial features is to properly position the parting. Haircut for a full face with short strands will look harmonious if the parting is located on an oblique line. This technique diverts attention from the roundness of the outline and provides the right balance.
  • It is possible not to emphasize the parting at all, in this version it is better to make torn strands, which will fall on one side with stylish carelessness. Short haircuts for a full face with torn ends are recommended to be laid with the help of foam or wax in order to maximally emphasize the structure of individual curls.

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Medium length haircuts for a full face

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  • Medium length full-length haircuts are a ladder or a cascade. They allow you to meet all the necessary conditions: they provide volume in the area of ​​the crown; front locks successfully mask plump cheeks. Such hairstyles allow you to visually stretch your face and remove unnecessary volume as much as possible. In this version of the hairstyle, you can change the angle of the bang, the designation of the parting, the length of the hair - thus, the appearance will acquire new images. For styling such a haircut will not have to make a lot of effort. It is enough to put foam or gel on wet hair with your own hands, then use a round brush and a hair dryer to fix the curls step by step in the right direction.
  • One more popular variant - a curl with elongated front curls - universal haircut for a full face. In this embodiment, the length of the hair should be slightly below the level of the chin in order to completely cover the cheeks.
  • Also not to mention the long haircut "bob." A fine addition to it will be a graduated slanting fringe on its side, stepwise flowing into the total volume of hair. This hairstyle can rejuvenate any woman and bring elegance to the image.

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The main condition for a successful hairstyle for hair of medium length will be its multi-layer, which will provide the desired shape and volume. And hair coloring in different shades (highlighting, coloring) will give the hair the necessary shine and fluffiness.

Long haircuts

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  • As mentioned earlier, cutting hair for a full face should not “lick” it, so smooth long strands are not suitable for full-fat ones. However, this does not mean that you are obliged to trim your curls. To give them volume, it is recommended to curl into curls, but to comply with certain conditions: the scheme is simple - if you have large facial features, then the curls should not be small. Thus, medium waves give volume at the roots, creating the right balance in appearance.
  • Although stylists urge to send curls inward with round face shapes, if the strands fall below the shoulders, you can turn the edge of the hair out. This will add to the image of ease and ease.
  • Pischechkam best to combine long hair with a multi-layered hairstyle: cut the top strands in a cascade style, leaving the total length. In this case, a haircut on a round full face perfectly matches with a slanting torn fringe, which covers half of the forehead.
  • In addition, lengthening the outline of the face can be achieved with the help of a slight hair weave in the upper zone. As a styling option, a neat “cocoon” fixed by invisible women will look very stylish.

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If you yourself do not dare to make a choice of hairstyle for your transformation, then fashionable haircuts for a full face will help you choose competent hairdressers-stylists, who will prompt the desired model and method of styling, based on the features of your appearance.

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