Folk remedies for the growth of eyelashes

Folk remedies for the growth of eyelashes
Long thick eyelashes, giving a special charm to the female look, at all times glorified by poets and admired the stronger sex.

The presence of beautiful eyelashes eliminates the need to daily tint the eye contour to give them greater expressiveness. But what to do if nature has not endowed you with such a wonderful property, and you so want to, so that the eyelashes become thicker and longer.

The problem is completely solved, because for several centuries, during which the beautiful women were striving to become more beautiful, a lot of means were invented to help correct the flaws of nature and make your look seductive, deeper and more attractive.

Folk remedies for the growth of eyelashes

Making your look irresistible on your own, right at home is not such a difficult task. It is only necessary to carve out of the dense daily rhythm some free time for yourself.

Of all the tested means to improve the growth and condition of the eyelashes, we will try to consider the most simple ones that do not require special preparations and are time consuming:

one. Make the lashes fluffy and thick will help the composition consisting of brandy, vaseline and burdock oil, which should be applied with a special brush or brush.

2 For food and eyelash growth it is necessary for 30 days to apply on them the composition of the oil solution of vitamin E, fish oil and olive oil in equal quantities.

3 Almond oil has a beneficial effect on the growth and condition of the eyelashes, if applied to the ciliary hairs every evening.

four. You can prepare the healing composition of carrot juice, rosehip, sea buckthorn and castor oil, which will help make your eyelashes more beautiful.

five. If your eyelashes are too light, which makes your eyes less expressive, then you can give them a darker shade if lubricated with a mixture of castor oil and rum (1/1). Apply this compound should be very careful not to damage the skin of the eyelids and not get on the mucous membrane of the eye.

6 Folk healers also recommend preparing an infusion on the flowers of calendula and cornflower. Flowers pour boiling water and allow the composition to settle for three days, and then put it on the ciliary hairs daily for 15-20 minutes, then simply wash off with warm water.

Folk remedies for the growth of eyelashes

7 From the intensive loss of eyelashes will help the infusion of birch leaves, which should be applied twice a day, morning and evening, directly on the ciliary zone.

eight. For faster growth and renewal of eyelashes, you can use a mixture of Peruvian balsam, castorca and vaseline. Apply it should be extremely careful that the composition does not get into the eyes twice during the day, morning and evening.

9. Very easy to prepare means for the growth of eyelashes from oatmeal, which is obtained by soaking them in boiling water. With this composition, you just need to wipe your eyelashes after removing cosmetics.

ten. Much increase eyelash growth The burdock and nettle juices that are rubbed into the skin of the eyelids help.

eleven. If you want to add extra shine to your eyelashes, then you should apply a composition of a couple of drops of tannin, castor oil and petroleum jelly on them.

12. It is recommended to periodically make a mask for eyelashes, which can be prepared from a few drops of vitamin A, aloe juice and castor oil. The mask is applied a few hours before sleep with a cotton pad.

13. Improving the condition of the eyelashes also helps massage the ciliary area with a small amount of vegetable oil mixed with parsley juice.

14. Peach oil helps to prevent hair loss and improve the growth of eyelashes. It is simply applied to the hairs with a brush.

15. No less valuable tool is sea buckthorn oil, which is able to work a miracle with your eyelashes, if applied daily to the hairs before bedtime.

Using folk remedies for the growth of eyelashes, Do not forget about one of the main rules that beauty largely depends on the internal state of the body. Make sure that your diet is rich enough in trace elements, proteins and vitamins of healthy food. Do not forget to always remove the mascara before bedtime, which can be removed with the help of lanolin, which helps your eyelashes to become healthier.

Be attentive to the choice of mascara for eyelashes, which may include components that improve their growth and condition.

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