Folk remedies for dandruff

Folk remedies for dandruff

Many of us at least once inconvenience such a problem as dandruff (seborrhea).

The reason for its appearance is hard water, inappropriate cosmetics, lack of vitamins, stress, hormonal disorders, poor diet.

Get rid of it is quite difficult, but still quite real. Nowadays, folk dandruff treatments are considered the most effective and most affordable.

Seborrhea is divided into two types: oily and dry. Accordingly, the methods of its treatment are somewhat different.

Treatment methods for oily dandruff:

Before you start washing your hair, apply a composition of castor oil, sour cream, honey, garlic, aloe juice and lemon on the hair roots. The procedure should be carried out for half an hour before washing directly.

Chamomile is considered an excellent treatment for oily dandruff. In 1 liter of water, brew 20 g of chamomile, then strain the broth and rub it into the scalp for several months.

Healing properties of calamus, coltsfoot and nettle have healing properties.

All ingredients brew and insist about an hour. Rubbed into the scalp no more than twice a week.

Alcoholic extract of calendula diluted with 10 ml of castor (burdock) oil, then no more than twice a day, rubbed into the hair roots.

Fill the inflorescences of calendula with boiling water, let it brew. After that, apply on the scalp and cover it for half an hour with polyethylene. Three times a week will be enough for this procedure.

The most effective tool is considered to be a decoction of onion peel. Husk is poured with hot water (1 l) and after each wash is used as a rinsing agent. It is worth considering that this method is undesirable for owners of blond hair.

And finally, the most popular method is a mask made from onion juice (5 g) and vodka (10 g). The procedure is carried out for half an hour before washing.

Folk remedies for dandruff

Dry dandruff treatments:

Before the shampooing procedure (for 20 minutes), make a mask of lemon juice and olive (castor) oil.

The use of burdock oil, which can be freely purchased in the relevant institutions, gives excellent results. It is enough to follow the recommendations specified in the instructions.

Fermented milk products (sour milk, whey, kefir) have a good effect. This tool should be applied to the entire length of the hair, starting from the hair roots. Half an hour later, the mask is washed off with boiled water, after adding dry mustard.

10 g of dry nettle pour boiling water (1 l) and insist during the day. Ready broth after straining rubbed into the hair roots. It is desirable to carry out the procedure three times a week for the night, and to wash off the mask itself in the morning using medicated shampoos.

You can also get rid of dry dandruff using calendula tincture with the addition of castor oil. Apply the product 3 times a week.

Moreover, olive (vegetable) oil has healing properties.

And in conclusion, we would like to note that every washing of the head should be accompanied by a massage, due to which blood circulation improves, and therapeutic means penetrate the hair roots more effectively. Using the above methods, you will get rid of dandruff.

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