Flaxseed oil for hair

Flaxseed oil for hair

Due to its unique healing properties, flaxseed oil is widely used not only for culinary purposes, but equally important in cosmetology and as a means of treating certain diseases. Especially these qualities of oil are valuable for women, as they help to restore and improve the condition of hair and skin.

Linseed oil refers to base oils and may be essential for masks with essential oils.

Properties of flaxseed oil

The oil obtained from flax seeds, in its biological activity significantly leads among the other edible oils. To the attention of the owners of problem skin and weak hair in flaxseed oil content needed by the body vitamin E is about 46%, and the presence in the oil composition of the most valuable unsaturated acids and vitamin a makes it an indispensable tool in the process of skin and hair care.

According to its healing properties, flaxseed oil is comparable only with fish oil due to the presence of unsaturated fatty acid in it. Omega-3, which is no longer found in any vegetable oil. Linseed oil, like a few fatty oils, it has been used successfully to heal and cleanse small wounds and burns.

How to use flaxseed oil for hair

Has the greatest effect flax oil mask. A small amount of warmed oil in its pure form is applied to the scalp and carefully rubbed with soft movements and then distributed to all the hair. Mask hold for at least 2 hours. Heated linseed oil is needed to improve its absorption, and for greater effect, the hair with the applied oil should be held over the steam.

A similar procedure can be done both at home and in a sauna. After the set time, the hair should be thoroughly rinsed.

Works great flax oil and in the treatment of such diseases as dry seborrhea. The treatment is carried out using the described mask used up to 3 times a week. The procedure is repeated for one month, followed by a break of 2 weeks.

In order to care for hair and restore their vitality, you can use a fat-free remedy in the form of infusion or decoction of flax seeds. By the way, such an infusion can be successfully used to preserve styling when using conventional hair curlers.

For dry and brittle hair, experts advise you to use flaxseed oil, which should be rubbed into the scalp before each wash and carried out the procedure for two or three months. Proper and regular use of flax oil can make even the most weakened hair healthy and strong.

Flax oil hair masks will help even with such troubles as damage to the hair during lightening, styling and perm. Hair that has become lifeless and dull when using flax oil will restore its brilliance and strength.

Recipes hair products with linseed oil

Flaxseed oil for hair
If you have dry or damaged hair, the following mask with linseed oil will help you:- 2 tsp linseed oil; - 15 drops of castor oil; - a couple of drops of camphor oil.

Mix and rub into the scalp, and then distribute through the hair. This mask will protect your hair from damage, heat and wind.

Head massage with linseed oil very useful for hair growth and health. Just dip your fingertips in the oil and start massaging your head. This massage is desirable to do within 10-15 minutes. Then comb the hair, so that the oil spreads through the hair. If desired, the head can be covered with plastic and a warm towel, and after 20-30 minutes, wash off.

Flaxseed Infusion can be used to facilitate combing and styling hair. You can prepare the infusion yourself (for laying): for this, take 1 tsp. flaxseeds and pour 1/3 cup of hot water. For 15 minutes, shake the infusion. Then the infusion can be used before twirling your hair or styling, slightly moisten it with this infusion.

Infusion to facilitate combing: 1 tsp flax seed pour 100 ml. water and boil for a minute. Then leave the infusion for 3 hours, while constantly stirring it. When the infusion is infused, it needs to be drained, and then used as intended.

Flaxseed oil selection

Linseed oil on sale is not uncommon and can be of two types: liquid and in capsules. The shelf life of the oil at a temperature of up to 10 ° is one year, and the opened bottle of linseed oil must be used within one month. Store the oil in a cool and dry place.

If stored improperly, the oil may deteriorate and lose all of its medicinal properties.

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