Fish oil for hair is a miracle remedy for beautiful hair

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Not everyone knows how useful fish oil is for hair. In the Soviet Union, he was very popular with mothers and grandmothers, who wanted to see their children and grandchildren healthy. Probably, many people remember his unpleasant taste, but now you can buy it in capsules in a pharmacy, so the time when fish oil caused negative emotions in the past. All the girls who want to solve the problem of brittle hair, improve their appearance and stop the loss, just can not do without this wonderful tool. To improve the condition of the strands, this tool must be used in a comprehensive way: drink capsules and apply hair masks with fish oil. Subject to the following recommendations, the effect will appear very soon.

The benefits of hair in a unique composition of fish oil

First of all, you should pay attention to the composition of fish oil and understand why it is so useful for the beauty of hair:

  • The role of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the human body is difficult to underestimate. Everyone knows that they are not synthesized by the human body, and therefore we can receive them only from the outside. In order for your hair to please you with elasticity and shine, there should be a sufficient amount of these fatty acids in your body. Then you will forget about the dryness and the feeling of tight scalp.
  • Palmitic acid in the composition of this product helps to improve the condition of the curls, nourishing them from the inside.
  • Vitamin A fights against brittle hair, vitamin D helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus, ensuring healthy strands.
  • Iron in the product transports oxygen to the hair follicles.

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Now there is no doubt that the use of this natural source of vitamins and microelements will make the hair beautiful, and most importantly, healthy.

Instructions for use of fish oil

How to drink fish oil

It is recommended to drink fish oil 1 capsule 3 times a day, if you are not confused by its smell in liquid form, you can drink 2 tablespoons per day. But even such a natural product must be treated with caution. It is not recommended for people with abnormal thyroid function, intolerance to the product, allergies to fish, or excess calcium. It is undesirable to drink it on an empty stomach, it is better to take it while eating. To receive this source of health gave the result, you need to use it for at least a month.

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How to use fish oil for external use

If you want to use fish oil for hair growth and watch the results as quickly as possible, you need to combine the intake of capsules and a variety of hair masks with fish oil. These masks can be quickly prepared at home and applied independently. The main component is pure fish oil, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. A 100 ml vial will cost an average of 100 rubles. And as additional components, different oils and products are used, which are always in the fridge of each hostess. Having liquid fish oil, you can choose the mask that suits you.

Mask for the prevention of hair loss

Many people help fish oil from hair loss, but if you do not have this problem, you can do this mask as a prevention:

  1. Take 2 large spoons of this liquid product and 2 egg yolks.
  2. Mix the ingredients and step by step apply the tool with your hands on the strands from the roots to the ends.
  3. After that, you need to put a shower cap on your head or wrap it with cellophane.
  4. If you are not confused by the smell of fish, you can go with the mask for an hour, but you need to keep it for at least 20 minutes. Rinse better without shampoo.

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Try to use fish oil against hair loss at least twice a week. Then you can soon be proud of your thick hair.

Nutritious mask for damaged strands

Fish oil for hair is also used as a nutrient. In order for your strands to recover from damage by a hairdryer, irons, paints or perm, use the following step-by-step instruction:

  1. Get at the pharmacy burdock oil, fish oil, castor oil. If you have coconut oil or olive oil at home, you can use them.
  2. Combine a tablespoon of fish oil and 1 teaspoon of each oil.
  3. Mix thoroughly, apply the mixture to the roots. Since the oil mixture is very easily and evenly distributed over the skin and strands, it will be easy to do it yourself.
  4. Put on the shower cap and wrap the head with a towel on top so that the oil warms well and soaks into the skin.
  5. After half an hour, rinse with warm water and shampoo.

You can repeat the procedure a couple of times a week until you see soft and live hair instead of damaged strands.

How to apply fish oil so that hair grows fast

Fish oil for hair growth can be used as one of the components of the mask. For its preparation, take a couple of tablespoons of the main ingredient and a teaspoon of honey and almond oil. After mixing all the ingredients, apply the product according to the standard scheme: over the entire length of the strands and roots for at least half an hour, wrapping the head with cellophane. In combination with taking capsules, this mask will help you quickly grow the head of your dreams.

How to remove the smell of fish from the hair

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If you decide to use a fish oil hair mask, you should keep in mind that after washing off, your strands will have a distinctive delicate smell for a long time. Of course, this is not like any beauty. In order not to stop using this natural source of strength and health, you will need a couple of tips on how to eliminate odor from the head of hair:

  • Use after masks as a rinse for strands rose water. It can be purchased at cosmetic stores. The cost of the bottle is about 200 rubles. A little bit of rose water should be added to the water with which you wash the strands. The rose water contains rose essential oil, which will give your hair a pleasant aroma.
  • You can use lemon water, to do this, mix with a liter of water the juice of one lemon. The smell of fish on the strands will not remain.
  • Make a decoction of rosemary, pour 2 teaspoons of dry plant with a glass of boiling water. This decoction will not only eliminate the unpleasant smell with the strands, but also have a tonic effect on the scalp.

If you use these secrets to eliminate the unpleasant smell from curls, you can regularly use fish oil for hair loss and have a gorgeous head of hair.

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