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Filirovka hair is thinning strands in order to reduce their density, in which straight, thinning shears or thinning razors are used. With this technique, you can add volume where it is needed, or remove the extra mass of hair where you can not do without it. However, deciding on thinning strands, it should be remembered that only a professional needs to trust his hair, as an inept hairdresser can spoil everything. And, of course, very carefully you need to use this technique at home, so as not to bring your hair to a terrible state with your own hands.

Why filing is needed

The main function of filing can be called a visual improvement in the shape of hair. Depending on the type of hair, the technique of hair filing can be used in different ways.

filing before and after

  • For example, in the case of curly, naturally curly hair or biowaves, you can remove excess weight with the help of filleting, due to which curls will be beautifully formed along the entire length.
  • If they are thick and thick, filleting hair helps to remove excess volume in a short haircut or extra weight in the neck area in the case of a long hairstyle. In addition, thanks to this method of hairstyle, you can give a beautiful shape, add volume in the right places. The only exception is a haircut on thin, weakened hair, which due to thinning will visually seem even less thick.

Types of hair filming

In hairdressing, there are three types of such a technique:

  • fine-tuning the ends of the hair - with its help, the transitions in the haircut are smooth, and the whole hairstyle acquires some lightness;
  • Radical filming - due to the creation of supporting short strands, adds volume to the hairstyle, but this type of filing should be used carefully, since if done incorrectly, short hairs will break through the total weight of the hair and stick ugly in different directions;
  • full length hair filing is a frequently used technique for creating torn haircuts, as well as for giving lightness to very thick hair.

hairdresser's work

By the way, thinning of the tips of the hair is often used to create different haircuts. Since the thinning of the tips allows you to make a neat, smooth edge, then you can often find a filleting of a bang, which with some skills you can do yourself at home. Depending on the task, in the process of thinning, the strands can be cut at different heights, processed from the inside and outside of them, or in a circle, or only at the tips.

Filing tools

Since the filleting of hair can be carried out in the most diverse manner, different tools can also be used in the process. Most often, hairdressers use these:

  • special one-sided scissors for hair filing;
  • special double-sided thinning scissors;
  • simple scissors;
  • scissors specially sharpened for the thinning of the line;
  • simple and thinning razors;
  • hair clippers with special nozzles, using them to make hair filing using a hair clipper.

Filigree techniques throughout the length of the hair

Filirovka long hair along their entire length adds shear plasticity, texture, and also facilitates the subsequent process of styling. Such a procedure can be carried out by cutting, slicing or using the “mush” technique.

hairdressing receptions

With the help of a sliding slice of “slicing” in the section of a hair, it is not a circle, but an oval, due to which the curls are better heard and more beautifully lay down. The “slicing” technique is used to connect zones, modify the finished haircut and give it texture. In addition, it helps to emphasize the lines of hair. This technique is performed by special, without notches, sharply sharpened scissors on slightly wet locks.

With the help of filing using the “mush” technique, you can texture individual hair segments or you can perform the entire haircut completely. After this treatment, the hair will be beautifully divided into separate strands and slightly curled up.

Tip filing techniques

trimming scheme

To make a haircut textural, easy, with soft contours, you can use several techniques of thinning the tips of the tips, namely, vychipp, pointkat, pointing and picket.

  • With the help of the tool you can step by step make a correction of the volume of the hair. As a result, the tips of the hair will naturally fit beautifully. The scheme of such thinning is cutting strands at different levels.
  • A pointcall is also called a point cut. This technique is used if you need to create accurate geometric shapes. The haircut is performed simultaneously with the filing. Strands are obtained with a textured edge.
  • Using the technique of pointing, shearing is done with the tips of simple scissors, but at the same time filing is done with a deep toothed cut. The result is a very neat hairstyle with the effect of smoothly combing curls into each other or “hair to hair”.
  • The hairdressers use the technique to create short haircuts, not only for women, but also for men, in order to give a texture to the tips. To do this, hair using a modeling comb combed against growth, and on the strands, protruding through the tool, is held toothed thinning at a 45-degree angle.

prostriganie tips

Harness Method

Another interesting filing method is the harness method. With its help, hair filing at home is possible, as the instruction is very simple and is carried out in stages:

  1. highlight a small strand;
  2. twist it into a bundle;
  3. scissors very carefully make short notches along the entire length of the harness.

Thanks to this method, you can add additional volume to the hairstyle.

lush head of hair

At first glance, it seems that filing is a simple technique that can be performed independently. However, it should be remembered that the real master will take into account the type of hair, and their thickness, and the type of hair, and some other nuances, known only to professionals. Therefore, in order to make hair thinning after a haircut become a guarantee of its beauty and attractiveness, only a proven and experienced hairdresser needs to be trusted to perform it.

Video: correct hair filing

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