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One of the most universal and at the same time creative haircut is considered feathers. Initially, the haircut assumed thick bangs and torn locks of medium length, but today the masters of hairdressing do not intend to adhere to the established rules, they boldly experiment with the head of hair of the young ladies, using the feather technique for any model. Haircut feathers make hair volume, give freedom of choice of styling and facilitate this process. We will tell you about fashionable variations of haircuts with feathers in 2015 and show the best photos.

Equipment "feathers", what it is?

In order to get the hair cut for feathers, the master does not make an even cut of the strand, but each curl cuts like a V-shaped teeth. Some craftsmen make feathers with a razor, but most prefer to use scissors. The final result of the master's work depends on the size of the tooth itself: the larger the feathers, the more creative the hairstyle can be, the finer the teeth, the quieter and smoother the transition. The optimal size is 3-4 mm, as a result you get a volumetric torn head of hair with a beautiful texture of the strands.

We select a fashionable model with feathers

Haircut feathers is considered universal, it is suitable for any type of hair, thickness and length. Moreover, ragged haircuts are known for their ability to smooth out a non-ideal face shape, and therefore such models are undemanding to the appearance of their mistress. We offer you the most current versions of 2015 for different hair lengths and their photos.

careless strands

Feathers in short models

The short length of the hair keeps its popularity in the current year. If you want to choose an original model that will emphasize your individuality, you need a short feathering. This technique will make even the most boring classic model, such as the page or garcon, daring and showy. The most popular models in 2015 with feathers:

  • Ultrashort Pixie. Technique feathers gives the head of airiness and lightness.
  • Short bob car. This model, made in the technique of feathers, can have many options for styling, including the actual styling in the style of grunge.
  • Short bob with elongated side strands. This short feathering is one of the creative ones. Feathers give this model a fashionable negligent effect.

short strands

Any familiar hairstyle will play in a new way, if the master performs it in this technique. And although the work is more laborious and will take more time, you will certainly like the result, especially it will be noticeable in daily installation with your own hands.

short length

The most current options with feathers for medium hair

If you are used to wearing an average length of hair and do not want to change it, but are looking for new ideas for yourself, cutting hair with feathers on medium hair is what you need. Even having executed your usual model in this technique, you will be surprised at the difference in the result: the curls will be mobile, lively, and dynamic. For medium length, the most successful options in this technique are as follows:

  • Cascade on medium hair. Feathers in a cascade can start from the middle of the length, as well as from the crown itself, depending on the desired volume. In 2015, the most relevant option: the shortest strand is an elongated bang. If your curls curl a little, these feathers will look very romantic.
  • Kare on the average length with feathers. This haircut with feathers on medium hair in combination with torn bangs will make around the face the correct frame with soft contours.

V-technology at medium length

The technique of feathers will give each hair a plastic volume. With a texturing mousse in your arsenal, you can do the airy, careless styling that looks relevant this year with your own hands.

What could be a haircut feathers for long hair

Owners of long strands will also like this hairdressing technique:

  • If the usual and already rejuvenated Cascade is performed with large V-shaped teeth, such a haircut with feathers for long hair will look very impressive. Curls will get a beautiful pattern along the entire length.
  • Haircut fox tail, beloved by modern women of fashion, will look even more interesting if you run it from head to tip.

long curls

If you venture on such an experiment, take a look at the unusual staining. Reinforce the effect of tinkering tips will help booking. The most courageous girls will enjoy the creative coloring of individual strands in bright colors. If you like this idea, but you are not ready for such cardinal measures as bright dyeing, you can use hair chalk.

Create styling with feathers

The main advantage of haircuts in the technique with V-shaped teeth can be considered that creating their own styling will be much easier. Hairstyles with feathers are pliable, and locks correctly fit without much effort:

  • To lay any length and model, it is enough to take a little texturing mousse and beat the dried curls with your fingers, and then use wax to select the tips. This will give you a casual grunge look, perfect for a casual look.
  • Hairstyles with feathers can have a classic look: using a brushing and a hairdryer, pull it strand by strand. Both perfectly smooth and wavy curls look equally beautiful.

long hair

Look for hair ornaments made from real feathers. Having added laying by such accessory, you definitely will not remain unnoticed. Feathers in the hair have already tried on many stars, you should definitely try it for you.

hair decoration feathers

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