Fast hair straightener smoothing comb - innovation or myth

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Not so long ago, a device such as the Fast hair straightener appeared on the market - a comb that straightens and smoothes hair. Manufacturer and distributors position fast hair straightener as a less traumatic analog of electric hair iron. So whether they are right, praising the dignity and novelty of the properties attributed to the product - let's try to figure it out.

How does the household iron?

Electro-tongs with a flat surface, or a thermal hair straightener, operates according to the principle of “evaporate and smooth”. We literally see moisture coming out of the hair; the strand becomes flat, unnaturally smooth and suspiciously shiny.

We all have heard about how harmful it is to regularly straighten hair with a flat iron at home, especially without using special means for moisturizing and thermal protection of the hair. Surface temperature ironing often rises to 220 degrees, it can not affect the state of the hair.

Metal “instruments of torture” for fluffy curls are a thing of the past. They were replaced by heating elements, sealed in ceramics and tourmaline. The object of our research is the electric comb fast hair straightener.

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Alternative from Fast Hair Streytner

The novelty from hardworking Chinese, as they say, has already struck Europe and is now gaining popularity among Russian women. The amazing fast hair comb can seem to work wonders: smooth the hair without damaging its fragile structure and making it softer, more docile and well-groomed.

Ionization of hair and scalp

How is this super-effect expected to be achieved? The manufacturer of the model fast hair straightener 906 declares: the device implements the ionization function. It is understood that hair straightening with a fast hair straightener occurs when the tourmaline plate is seriously heated. And this, in turn, leads to the synthesis of negative ions. Light charged particles are produced even more than when using irons with a ceramic sole.

As you know, the main problem of disobedient, poorly fitting styling curls is their electrification. Static electricity is effectively removed by ionization, and in this fast hair straightener can really help.

Naughty hair decoration

On the other hand, the positive effect of ionic particles on the body and, in particular, on the scalp, where the active hair follicles are located, has long been proven. So in a broad sense, with regular exposure to hair, fast hair really heals and cares for them.

Fast straightening for long

According to the principles of its work, the fast hair comb is similar to other rectifiers, with one fundamental difference - it does not burn or overheat the strands. With the help of the action of charged particles, the device distributes moisture throughout the entire mass of hair, maintaining its natural volume and healthy appearance. You just brush your hair as usual, and fast hair makes curly hair smooth, sticking and naughty silky. Even overdried strands may look better after you perform this procedure on your own.

Fast hair straightener combo guide

The instructions included with the package include the following steps:

  1. Connect the device fast Heir to the network 220V;
  2. Set the exposure temperature on the panel Fast hair straightener. It must be remembered that by nature thin, damaged and dyed hair requires a delicate temperature of 180 degrees. For normal healthy hair fit 200 degrees or a little more. And for curly curls that need to be “tamed” and noticeably smoothed, it is better to choose a temperature of 210-230 degrees;
  3. Divide the mass of hair into strands and each carefully, slowly comb through. With a sufficiently long hair to avoid damage and tangling, it is better to start from the tips and gradually move up to the roots;
  4. Apply a spray varnish or other fixative, if there is a need to fix the effect.

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Advantages of the device Fast Heir

  • The advantage of the innovative model of fast hair is a digital liquid crystal panel - LCD temperature regulator. In addition, the body of the original massage brush Fast Hair is very durable, heat-resistant and strong. This should protect the fast hair straightener from accidental drops and bumps, which often occur when you style your hair yourself;
  • Tourmaline surface coating fast hair straightener 906 - namely the soles and bristles. In addition, each clover of the miracle comb is equipped with a silicone cap. This is done to protect the scalp from high temperatures, as well as for a more pleasant sensation when massaging the scalp;
  • Prolonged mechanical action of the bristles on the head stimulates blood circulation and nutrition of the hair follicles. Let us recall the secrets of our grandmothers — before going to bed a hundred times with a comb through your hair, it really works;
  • Long power cable (one and a half meters), the base of which rotates around its axis by 360 degrees. That is, the fast hair comb can spin and twist in the hands, without forming a crease on the cord;
  • Stylish color scheme. Classic white and cool pink, topical this season, will delight the lovely ladies.

Where to look for a comb hair straightener Fast hair straightener ?!

And you can buy this device in many online stores. To them, in turn, fast hair comb rectifier travels from the original manufacturer, either in the form of counterfeit. All electrical brushes - both branded and counterfeit - are made in the Middle Kingdom, but products from China are very different in appearance, assembly, consumer properties.

We mention the cost - it ranges from 300-800 rubles. per unit on Chinese sites, up to 2 thousand rubles. in online stores of Russia. Most often, an electric hairbrush fast hair straightener costs 1200-1400 p. This is the price for which really get a good quality comb. The so-called “joint purchases” are often disguised deliveries of shipments from Aliexpress, and the enterprising organizer will not be liable for the origin of the goods.

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How to distinguish a fake

Order this hair straightener from a well-known site in the pursuit of cheapness is not recommended. And when paying for delivery or pickup, you should carefully examine the body comb.

  • If the buttons are made with high quality, they are gently pressed, and the paint keeps on them flawlessly - most likely, you have a good quality product.
  • Another sign of fake - silicone tips on the teeth of the appliance. If they are simply glued to the bristles on top, it is better to immediately abandon the purchase. After all, the fast hair comb is different in that these parts are mounted in the teeth from the inside.
  • There should be no traces of glue or detachment of accessories.

Reviews of fast hair: reality contrary to expectations

We give real reviews about comb hair straightener fast hair. It has to be noted that there are many negative comments that:

  • The device was faulty, which quickly failed, that the build quality is unsatisfactory.
  • There are references to uneven plastic molding, burrs and streaks of plastic on the product.
  • The fact that silicone or even rubber tips fall away from the teeth of the comb.
  • There are references to a sharp chemical smell when the device is heated; that the edges of the brush leave burns on the skin.

This is likely to indicate that fake was acquired. Poor fake, even on photos attached to reviews, differs from the original. Therefore, we remind you - before paying you should carefully inspect and check the product.

As for the reviews of good-quality products from the manufacturer, then opinions are divided.

  • One part of the respondents (mostly girls with thin long hair, disobedient or slightly curly) responds that the fast hair acts. This is evidenced by the photo before and after the home procedure. Hair is still voluminous, but does not curl, and there is a pleasant shine.
  • As for the happy owners of a magnificent rebellious mane, very curly, very fluffy hair, small curls - they write that they expected more from the purchase. These women would like the temperature transition to be not so delicate, and the curls smoothed from the first rather than the tenth touch. They would like to have less time for combing, because at the same time part of the hair will inevitably remain on the tool.

use straightening comb

Both categories of customers agree that straightening hair with a fast hair straightener is a safe procedure, and if you follow the instructions and temperature limits step by step, your hair will not suffer from overheating. The main indicator - there is no steam coming from straightened strands, which is always observed under the influence of an ironing device. A simple instruction - in any case, use a heat protection agent for curls before straightening - will help prolong the life and keep your hair healthy.

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