Fashionable hairstyles 2015

models with light brown hair

If you choose a hairstyle for a special occasion, for example, for a wedding or just a daily styling option, you will need information about what hairstyles are fashionable in 2015. Every year there are new trends in the world of beauty, but the classic options remain relevant. How to make the right choice, more on that later.

Basic hairdressing techniques

Fashionable hairstyles in 2015, according to stylists and hairdressers should comply with the following principles:

  • Fashionable hairstyles of 2015 strive to make girls as natural as possible and emphasize their natural data, therefore grunge becomes the most relevant styling style.
  • In the color of the hair, preference is given to naturalness.
  • Asymmetry fades into the background.
  • Clarity and smooth lines of the ends, bangs, even parting are encouraged.
  • Retro style is gaining popularity, lightly padded hairs are actively used.
  • The main decoration of the hair - beautiful shiny hair of a rich shade.

Fashionable hairstyles for 2015 short hair

Despite the fact that the short length of the strands does not give too much opportunity when creating styling, this year girls with short hair have something to choose from.

three different models

  • Departing from the asymmetry, stylists offer the most courageous beauties clear contours, daring “hedgehogs” with an extremely short length, a smooth parting and straight bangs.
  • Trendy hairstyles for 2015 on short hair continue the theme of retro, relevant at the end of 2014. As a more restrained traditional option for a short length, stylists recommend choosing a classic smooth bean with a straight thick bang. It can be supplemented with still fashionable ombre staining. The color transition effect created by various shades of colors will make even the simplest short styling unique and creative.
  • Such fashionable hairstyles in 2015 for short hair, like bob and bob are perfect for even and curly strands.
  • Curls this season will be especially relevant. Owners of even hair can resort to biowave, and girls with wavy curls are already in the trend. Original looks short length of hair with even roots and curled tips. This will give the hair a carelessness and naturalness.
  • Choosing fashionable short hairstyles 2015, pay attention to the textured bean in grunge style. This model looks very fresh and stylish. Soft contours of such styling will make your image tender. This model is universal, ideally combined with different images and styles of clothing.

short-haired girls

Fashionable hairstyles of 2015 for medium hair

Choosing fashionable hairstyles in 2015 for medium hair, pay attention to the particularly relevant styling in the grunge style. This option can be made for any length of strands, but most successfully it looks at the average length. If you like the style of grunge in styling, you can independently recreate it on your hair step by step. As a result, you get a feminine, casual and sexy image. It is perfect for an evening with friends or a party in a noisy company.

grunge styling

To create a hairstyle with the effect of "after the party" with your own hands at home, use the step-by-step instruction:

  1. Apply the styling mousse and emulsion to clean hairs to protect the strands from the effects of hot air from the dryer.
  2. Using a diffuser, dry the curls, giving them light broken lines. During the drying process, lightly squeeze the strands with your hands to enhance the effect.
  3. Wavy strands need to be sprayed with a spray that neutralizes static electricity.
  4. Separate the strands with your fingers and fix the effect with fixing varnish.
  5. Fashionable styling ready. She does not need hair accessories and looks very stylish and self-sufficient.

Fashionable hairstyles for 2015 on medium hair in a grunge style are very diverse. Another striking option for laying in the same casual style is the fishtail.

girls with tails

Incredible popularity continues to use a variety of beams, collected both at the back of the head and at the crown. Ideal for hair of medium length looks “horse tail” and its fashionable variations with the imposition of strands in a chaotic manner on the head.

Fashionable hairstyles for 2015 long hair

With long strands and good imagination, you can make yourself incredible styling. Fashionable hairstyles of 2015 for long hair are different - it is both curl tails or buns, and retro styling with fleece, and ruffled curls with the effect of creative disorder. When choosing fashionable hairstyles of 2015 for long hair, be guided by your own taste and the occasion for which you choose styling.

cold waves

Creating a daily hairstyle or a youth evening version, you can use the scheme described above for medium hair and recreate it for long strands. It will look natural and natural, and this season, it is this effect that stylists recommend.

For an evening, more formal occasion, retro styling is perfect for long-haired babet girls. Make it yourself under the force of almost any girl. The scheme is as follows:

  1. Apply volume to pure strands.
  2. Horizontally at the back, divide the head of hair into 2 parts at the level of the ears. Remove the lower part of the hair back. It can be twisted into a shell and make the hair as neat as possible, or you can leave the curls free, giving the image ease.
  3. The main stage is the creation of volume on the crown with the help of a pile and the formation of a babette. Brush your hair from the roots to 10-12 cm. Start with the strands located closer to the back of the head, and go step by step to the strands at the crown.
  4. Separate a pair of strands, twist them into a tight bundle. Twist the crook out of the rope and fix it with stealth stems just below the crown.
  5. With the rest of the volume strands, gently cover the bun and fix them under the babette. Fix the result with varnish.

babette with curls

If you have very thick hair, you can do without strands and goule. Simply collect the combed curls on the top of the head and fix the invisible.

Fashionable wedding hairstyles 2015

lovely bride

Choosing fashionable wedding hairstyles in 2015, decide which accessories you would like to see on your head. Will there be a veil, and maybe you prefer alternative accessories such as flowers, hats, wreaths or headbands. Fashionable wedding hairstyles of 2015 are just characterized by the abandonment of the traditional veil, and this dictates its own hairstyle rules:

  • For short strands, you can make curls and decorate your head with a wreath of thin twigs and beads.
  • For a long head of hair options, of course, much more. These are babets, high beams, and braid weaving that does not lose relevance. The use of weaving will make the image original and romantic. Babette and the beam, on the contrary, will give the image solemnity and classical rigor.
  • If you want your head to be decorated with a veil or a cap, give preference to the trend winding of the strands - the “cold wave”.

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