Eyelash care oils

Eyelash Care Oils

Expressive eyes with a share of coquetry give long well-groomed eyelashes. If they are short and rare, then how to be a woman in this case? Coloring and lengthening them with the help of mascara is not enough for a long time, the build-up with the help of false eyelashes weak hairs simply do not stand up, break down and fall out even more.

To keep your natural lush and long eyelashes and grow new and beautiful, you need to properly care for them, as well as the hair on your head, with the help of natural and folk remedies that nourish, strengthen and increase their growth, providing density and volume.

Back in the times of Cleopatra and the Greek beauties, they used body, face, hands and hair, including eyelashes, olive oil.

Modern women of fashion apply olive oil for eyelashes of a cold extraction, greasing them for the night by means of a brush of ideal purity. This oil contains a large amount of of vitamins and beneficial substances, to ensure water, fat and vitamin balance of cilia.

A drop of oil is applied to the tip of the eyelashes and spread with a brush to the roots. You can put a thin layer of oil on the eyelids, around the eyes, starting from the inner corner of the eye along the upper eyelid to the outer corner, continuing along the lower eyelid.

You can make a mask and perform the same procedure: to 4 parts of olive oil add 1 part of lime juice. Masks can be alternated with lubrication with natural oil for a month. Russian beauties used castor and burdock oil to ensure the growth of hair on the head.

Modern cosmetologists recommend using these oils for the growth of eyelashes and the beauty of eyebrows, provided careful use.

Castor oil Do not get in eyes to avoid irritation and swelling. After application, it is washed off after 15 -25 minutes. A mixture of castor oil and aloe juice (2.5: 1) you can grow lush eyelashes and remove irritation from the eyelids, subject to regular care for them for a month.

Eyelash Care Oils

Burr oil can be applied without additives, include it in oil mixtures and masks. You can use the oil of peach, coconut, rosehip, extracts on calendula oil, chamomile or fish oil, both separately and in the mixture.

In almond oil contains a huge amount of vitamins B, A, F, E and proteins to strengthen and grow eyelashes. In terms of composition and quality, peach oil is not inferior, which contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements that can restore the structure of eyelashes and accelerate their growth.

With this oil, you can perform warm compresses on cotton pads, which is applied to the eyes, covered with paper for compresses and fixed with a bandage. Keep the compress for 15-20 minutes.

Recipes oils for the growth of eyelashes:

• Mix almond oil (5 g) with petroleum jelly (8 g), Peruvian balsam (0.2 g), apply on eyelashes, eyelids and face for 10 minutes.

• Mix almond oil (1 teaspoon) with a drop of rosemary or tea tree essential oil. Apply gently, avoiding contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes, for half an hour.

• Mix almond, flax, castor oil, grape seed and wheat germ in equal amounts in glassware. After leaving such a mixture, you can count on strong and long eyelashes enriched with useful substances.

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