Eyebrow correction

Eyebrow correction

It is rare to find a woman with the perfect shape of eyebrows. In most cases, eyebrows require regular correction, so every woman needs to know how to properly carry out this procedure, what tools to use and much more.

Before proceeding directly to the procedure of correction, it is necessary to determine the ideal shape of the eyebrows, that is, a form that best matches the shape of the face, and also think about the color of the eyebrows, which should ideally be combined with the hair color.

In the process of eyebrow correction, the main thing is to take into account the fact that in no case can one violate or in any way change the natural shape of the eyebrows.

How eyebrow correction is performed

So, if selected as a tool for eyebrow correction tweezers, then it is important to consider some principles of working with him.

First of all, you can not pluck the eyebrows along the upper line of the eyebrows; here you can only remove the protruding hairs with tweezers.

Secondly, you can not show initiative and invent unusual forms of eyebrows, as only those eyebrows that perfectly harmonize with the shape of the rest of the face will look great.

To determine your eyebrow shape, you should take a pencil and attach one end to the wing of the nose, then direct the pencil to the inner corner of the eye.

That part of the pencil that rests on the eyebrow, will show the limit of growth of the eyebrow. Accordingly, all the hairs that will be beyond this boundary should be plucked.

Highest eyebrow point is defined as follows. Pencil should be placed vertically in the center of the lower lip, and then turn it to the pupil of the eye. The part of the pencil that touched the brow at the same time will show its highest point.

The outer edge of the eyebrow is determined in the same way as its border, only from the wing of the nose the pencil should be directed not toward the inner corner of the eye, but toward the outer corner. Accordingly, the tip of the pencil will indicate the outer edge of the eyebrow.

Make eyebrow correction is necessary strictly on the specified lines. All manipulations that do not comply with this rule usually make the face unnatural.

Thirdly, It is imperative to pull out eyebrow hairs that grow on the nose, as they make the look stern.

Eyebrow correction

Fourth, with particular care, you should pull out the hairs located at the outer edge of the eyebrow, because if you make the edge too short, the eyebrows will look inaccurate. If you leave the edge of your eyebrow too long, your expression will become sad.

Getting started to remove hairs, you need wash hands thoroughly, to avoid infection in open wounds. Eyebrow correction is performed with skin taut, as this allows for a better look at the eyebrow lines, and also contributes to a more comfortable use of tweezers.

Start pulling out extra hairs need to those areas that do not belong to the line of the eyebrows, for example, with the nose. After that, you can proceed to the removal of hairs from the lower part of the eyebrows, trying to pull them as close as possible to the pre-defined mental line.

As soon as the eyebrow correction is finished, it is recommended to wipe the skin with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol solution. This is also done in order to avoid infection.

Only then can you think about the color of the eyebrows. Brunettes and brown-haired women are more dark eyebrows, blondes - light.

You need to know that, as a rule, the color of the eyebrows is determined based on the color of the hair: eyebrows should be one or two tones lighter than the hair. Obtain the desired color eyebrows, you can use special shadows, mascara or pencil.

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