Extend magic or micro hair spread

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The extend magic micro-hair extension is another type of technology that allows both women and men to become owners of long and luxurious hair, no matter how thick and beautiful your own hair is. Magic - magic, that says it all. Just a few hours and you are full of chocolate! In the opinion of many hairstyling specialists, micro-hair extensions are indeed the highest quality and safest technology among the existing ones, but unfortunately the price remains the most expensive. Sometimes, in some stores, the cost of such an innovative method comes to $ 1,000. But believe, you will be satisfied with the result. Yes, and feedback from young people who have preferred this type of building to the rest of this is confirmed.

Features of microcapsule hair extensions

The name itself suggests that as a hair extensions can be used strands of smaller size than with other known methods. Such thin strands can be used to build up in problem areas, the area of ​​the crown and frontal part of men or girls with thin and brittle hair, to give them thickness and volume. For example, making a tape extension, the master selects strands of exactly the same size as their own. In this case, micro-hair spreading involves the use of strands of a much smaller size and therefore this kind of method was also called microcapsular hair extensions. But no matter how hard the masters tried, using traditional methods in their work, to achieve small sizes of strands with the safest processing and to make the attachment points of the strands invisible to others - nothing worked. And once a tool was invented that blew up the entire hairdressing world - the extend magic device.

Extend Magic

The essence of microcapsule hair extension extend magic

If earlier, with a hot extension technology using bulky thermal tongs and glue guns, the master hardly managed to make the capsule less visible, and it took too much time, and as a result, patients still felt the capsules were at hand, which caused considerable discomfort. during sleep, now that the masters are using the extend magic machine, these problems have faded into the background. Instead of keratin capsules, which were used earlier, with the help of extend magic they began to use colorless wax, which, when cured, gives an imperceptible and, most importantly, flexible connection. Micro magic hair extender is somewhat like a cold effect on hair due to its low temperature. Let's compare. Italian or any other technology heats up thermoscalers to 200 degrees, and extend magic melts wax only at a temperature of about 90 degrees.

 The principle of the procedure

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As a rule, the procedure itself takes 5-6 hours and depends on the number of attached strands. The technology is quite time consuming and lengthy. The essence of the method lies in the fact that extensible strands are applied to the own, natural hair in the root zone, and then using the apparatus, this junction is held together with a microcapsule. After the wax cools, the capsule becomes the same color as your own hair. At the same time, the capsules are small and neat - like a rice grain with a size of 1 x 3 millimeters, which allows the extend magic microcapsule hair extensions to be made even on one hair. Full microlining will require about 200 strands, using only natural hair. Curls for this extension can be any- Asian, Slavic, synthetic, European. Buy, choose their length and volume, you can do it yourself. The cost of one strand length of 50 centimeters is 60 rubles.

Pros and cons of this event

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If we talk about the advantages of this method, it is first of all:

  •  Extensive hair looks natural.
  • An opportunity to choose a hair style for any type of hair: thin, sparse, short.
  • Durability and the ability to do with your hair different hairstyles, without fear that hair extensions can be combed out.
  • The tiny size of the capsules does not cause any harm to live hair.
  • It is possible to do microlining on a very short haircut - lengthen the short bang, remove the bald patch, disguise the parting.
  • Easily removed and do not leave behind ugly creases.
  • Microcapsules and strands easily tolerate changes in temperature, seawater, sauna and even a Russian bath.
  • No temperature exposure
  • Increased curls can curl and dye
  • The procedure is allowed even with baldness.
  • Hair extensions are worn long enough


  • Cost Due to the fact that the price of the extend magic device is quite high, naturally, and the cost of the procedure is also not cheap. But the result, which in the history of building has not yet been, will not disappoint you.
  • Correction. The period of wearing of hair extensions is caused by a time interval of 2 - 3 months, after which it is necessary to carry out the correction procedure, or to get rid of the strands. Only it is not recommended to do it yourself, because without certain skills you can damage your own hair.
  • Contraindications. It is not recommended to do microcapsule hair extensions for people suffering from serious dermatological diseases, as well as undergoing chemotherapy.

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Care of the strands after the procedure

Care for hair extensions on capsule technology does not pose any particular difficulties. After the procedure, you will be able to lead a normal life inherent to you. Most importantly, consider some basic recommendations and then your hair will delight you for a long time, and perhaps will become an integral part of an individual image:

  1. Do not use shampoos for dry and brittle hair. They contain substances that can spoil the appearance of the hair.
  2. Do not go to bed with a dead head. Use a hair dryer after washing your hair.
  3. Before bed, be sure to lay your hair in a ponytail or braid it in a braid. This will protect your hair from mechanical damage.
  4. Wash your head upright without tilting it forward.
  5. Do not rub into the head cosmetics on a greasy basis: masks, balsams, lotions, etc.

blonde after the procedure


Extend Magic hair extensions do not require frequent adjustments. Since the accrued strands are not combed out, and the capsules on the regrown locks are almost invisible, it is worth noting the lack of overloading your own hair, all this explains the needlessness to adjust the build-up often. With microcapsule hair extensions, you can go from 3 to 6 months. Correction is carried out in the same way as in the Italian method.

Summing up, we can draw the following conclusion: considering all the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, you yourself must determine your individual method of hair extension, which is right for you. But whatever method you choose, it is important to remember that any hair should always be well-groomed and naturally natural.

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