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principle of action thickener for hair

Hair thickener - a tool that is on hearing at all, whose hair thinned out prematurely. Products under the common name thickener for hair will not help grow new hair. But they are able to mask the translucent skin with the help of pigment and “build up” the volume of existing curls to hide the places of active loss. Outsiders should not suspect that a person has problems, and for this, a thickener for hair must meet several important criteria.

Properties of thickeners for hair

When deciding which concealer cosmetics to choose and try yourself, look for the following characteristics:

  • The tool should not dirty clothes (face, bed);
  • The thickener should not cause allergic reactions (pruritus, urticaria, dandruff and burning);
  • As a rule, a powder product is easier to shade than a concealer or a stick;
  • The coating must be resistant to environmental factors;
  • The color palette - the more shades, the higher the chances of finding your own.

after and before use

Popular manufacturers

Companies that manufacture camouflage cosmetics for hair, on the hearing:

  • caboki hair thickener made in the United States;
  • fully hair thickener (made in China);
  • hair thickener toppik (USA);
  • keralux hair thickener (made in China).

On the forums, you can still find information about manufacturers such as Nanogen (a dry product originally from Britain), DermMatch (a solid concealer made in the USA).

Nanogen and DermMatch

All the means of this spectrum of action are created according to one principle: after use, thin hair becomes visually thicker and thicker. And then wide partings, “bald spots”, scars and skin just peeking through hair cover noticeably camouflaged to others.

Kabuki - effective and safe thickener

The popular camouflage for thinning strands of kabuki was originally invented for men, but women can also use it - with the same guaranteed effect and quite safe.


It is known that at first the “concealer of loss” was in use only at the Dream Factory. Then the product was popularized, several competing firms in different countries were involved in its production, thanks to which we now have something to choose from.

  • The composition of kabuki includes only compounds of natural origin. This microfiber cotton hails come from Morocco. After applying the microparticles of the kabuki powder under the influence of the electromagnetic field, they are reliably fixed on the hair and give it volume.
  • The scheme of action is based on the fact that even the thinnest and shortest hairs that are imperceptible on the head immediately become visible. But the thinning zone is carefully masked.
  • Regarding the color palette, the instruction advises choosing a shade to tone that is darker than your own color. Eight colors are offered: white, black, and also blond, blond and variations of red and ashen. The probability of finding one of them is quite high.
  • Caboki hair thickener is recommended to be used in conjunction with oil to activate the growth of the same company. Then your problem will not only remain hidden from prying eyes, but will also be solved in stages.

Buy products can be online at a price of 990r.

Fully– proven quality

The thicker hair thickener is also a dry powder, and the principle of the particles is no different from the previous description. Negatively charged elements of the substance are attracted to the hair, which has a positive charge, and you can wash them off only with a large amount of water. Neither a hairbrush nor a moderate weathering effect can destroy a carefully thought out image.


Manufacturers have included keratin molecules in hair thickener. This is a protein that can really restore the structure of damaged hair. The tool does not contain preservatives and bactericidal component, therefore should not cause irritation of the scalp.

Keratin particles are good because:

  •  Resistant to moisture and wind, very securely attached to the hair;
  • The skin does not risk clogging;
  • Since the light passes and is reflected from the particles in the same way as from natural hairs, then they look natural after applying the powder;
  • Pigment of plant origin in the composition of Fully Hair is quite resistant, does not dissolve in water, does not stain the skin. The likelihood of dirty clothes and bed linen is also small.

pale hair color palette

The cost of Fully Hare starts from 1 thousand rubles.

Toppik- solution to the problem of thinning hair

Another powdery remedy of colored keratin particles is toppik hair thickener. Manufacturer - a large company from the United States with 33 years of experience in this market. As a plus, the distributor emphasizes the natural origin of all the substances in the product (low probability of developing allergies), and promises step-by-step deliverance from the bald areas for men, and for the ladies - a victory over the areas of early thinning of hair. The price of this miracle is from 2 thousand rubles.

The company explains such high cost with an innovative composition, absolute safety of particles for the skin and respiratory organs. Also included are a special applicator and a wonder comb to shape the treated strands.

camouflage cosmetics Toppik

Keralux - Chinese cheap analogue

Based on the same natural keratin, keralux hair thickener is also made. This product is made in China. Its price is the most democratic and starts from 500 rubles, depending on the distributor.


Secrets of the application of thickeners

Here are some general recommendations that are useful for "thickening" hair at home.

  1. Powder applied only to freshly dried strands. This ensures good adhesion of particles to the hair;
  2. On top of the powder-thickener you need to sprinkle the hair with a fixing spray (or just a varnish-spray);
  3. Despite the promises of manufacturers that the tool is resistant to weather conditions, you should not go without a hood in the snow or rain, in a strong wind. This is what real feedback warns us about;
  4. After applying the powder-camouflage should refrain from swimming in ponds, visiting the pool and sauna, playing sports;
  5. To remove the product from the hairstyle, you just need to thoroughly wash your hair with warm water and shampoo.

hiding the bald spot

What to prefer: study reviews

Charged particle camouflage is applicable not only to men in age. Women, as well as patients of both sexes, who have undergone potent radiation or drug therapy, suffer from baldness. Serious illness or age is not a reason to refuse personal care.

Here are some reviews left by real people who tested camouflage cosmetics on themselves:

The effect is always there. “After” usually looks more attractive than “before”. Dark powder well masks areas that are not sufficiently hidden hair. In addition, particles from cosmetics thicken hairs, giving the entire hairstyle volume;

However, there are side effects. For example, irritation, shedding, spreading pigment in contact with water or sweat.

In this regard, everything is individual, and by buying a Chinese counterpart, you can also help yourself as effectively as after purchasing expensive money from the States.

before and after using the powder

Perhaps the most important thing for a person’s self-esteem is to please yourself. It is impossible to know how other people perceive us. Do they notice our tricks in the pursuit of beauty, or do we manage to "deceive" someone else's look.

It is important to enjoy the reflection in the mirror. And if a spray of tinted aerosol or a jar of powder gives confidence, you need to buy them without hesitation. Psychological comfort is worth paying for.

Video: How Toppik Hair Thickener Works on Men and Women

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