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Long long braided hair served as a sign of female beauty. Some women still choose such a method of creating an image, considering that it is simply impossible to make evening hairstyles for short hair. But modern hair styling and care products are capable of creating many interesting hairstyles that will be easy to perform. Moreover, evening hairstyles for short hair are created much faster than for long ones.

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It is believed that women with short hair are always strong-willed and tend to manifest masculine qualities. But numerous shows, in which evening hairstyles for short hair are made in a very feminine and romantic version, prove the opposite. The length of the strands is not decisive in the female image, it is mostly created by small details.

The versatility of short haircuts is that you can create simple, easy styling for a business meeting, and add liberty elements to your hairstyle for the evening.

Face shape and hairstyle

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When choosing a hairstyle it is necessary to take into account the shape of the face. Chubby girls fit elongated front strands, it will visually bring the shape of the face to the oval. Owners of an elongated face, it is desirable to have playful strands that will look in different directions. Regardless of the shape of the face when creating a hairstyle for a party, you can experiment with the amount of hair on the back of the head.

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High forehead will help to hide evening hairstyles with bangs. But if it is low and small, then with a bang it is worth being careful, as it will further reduce it. In general, an evening hairstyle for short hair with bangs will not be much different from the version without it. The only difference will be a variety of options for laying hair on the face. You can experiment with a bang: combing it back or laying it on its side. Its tips are easy to make sharp, for this you need to wet your fingers in the skin for styling. A hairstyle with a bang to the side is suitable for women of different ages, as both beautiful curls and simple styling of straight hair for every day are equally good for her.

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Ways to create curls

Evening hairstyles for short hair are performed only on a clean head. If you do styling at a barbershop, then it is advisable to wash your head there, as some techniques, such as creating the effect of wet hair, should be started on wet curls. This effect can be achieved at home. To do this, apply a special foam on the wet strands, then wind the small strands on the curlers. After complete drying of the hair curlers, remove the resulting curls and fix them with varnish. If the strands tend to curl from nature, then curling on the curler is not required, under the influence of the foam curls themselves formed. It is important to remember that after fixing the laying varnish, you can not immediately go out.

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Festive evening hairstyles for short hair can consist of curls, laid in different ways. They can be made with a curling iron or hair curlers of different diameters. Curls will be better if you do not use a comb when separating them, but do everything gently with your hands. Curls look more natural when they are almost not burdened with lacquer. Therefore, it is desirable to use it at a minimum. Another secret to creating beautiful curls for the evening is that the curlers are wound on slightly wet strands, and after a few hours they are finally dried with a hairdryer in a wound state. After removing the curlers, beautiful volume strands are obtained.

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Simple classic evening hairstyles for short hair with fully curled back curls were invented before the appearance of strong hold lacquers. This suggests that it is not necessary to make them heavier now with an abundance of means for fixing. It is enough to use simple techniques and slightly treat the hair with lacquer. Another option with combing hair is a deep side parting and strands falling on the sides. The parting in this variant can be straight or zigzag, with a bang or without it.

Any evening hairstyle for short hair should have a volume. This can be easily achieved at home. The simplest options for increasing the volume in the hair comb.

  • It is better to start it from the back of the head, gradually moving to the front.
  • Each small strand must be carefully combed and fastened with varnish.
  • When all the hair will be combed, you can begin to create a form of styling. For this comb-tail, or a special brush for ruffles, you must move the strands from the face to the back of the head, evenly leveling all the hairs.
  • With a bang in this hairstyle can do differently. Depending on the shape of the face, it is better to leave it on the forehead or comb it sideways. Both of these options are fairly simple in execution and with little experience, any girl can complement these trendy options with ribbons, rims or hairpins every evening.

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Hair accessories for short hair

There is a huge amount of jewelry that can be picked up in evening hairstyles for short hair. When the simple headbands are already fed up, beads, feathers and even live flowers come to the rescue to help create the hairstyle. The main condition for the use of all the unusual additions is to combine them with the image of the girl, otherwise the styling will seem only a bright inappropriate spot.

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Fashionable hair accessories should not damage their structure. Evening hairstyles for short hair often contain hairpins and clips that can provoke creases on the strands under them. Damage to not only the hair, but also the health of the wrong selected rims. In the example of the rim, he should not push too hard on the head.

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The undoubted advantage of short hair is the ease of styling. Minimal time costs for the creation of styling allow every evening to experiment with hair, creating a new image, without contacting the salon. Fashion magazines now publish a lot of different images for women, so the evening hairstyle for short hair is not something difficult. As a further experiment with the image, you can add styling with an asymmetrical bang or colored strands.

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