Evening hairstyles for medium hair

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At today's pace of life, women often choose a medium-length haircut. This can be explained by the fact that too short hair can look disheveled without proper daily styling, and for long hair need constant care. The average length is optimal in order to create fashionable evening hairstyles.

Choosing the right hairstyle for the evening for medium-length hair

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Every girl should choose a hairstyle based on the characteristics of the structure of their hair and their haircuts. Cascading haircuts will look good in retro styling with waves. The volume can be evenly cut with a bang by stabbing back short hair. When medium-length hair is curled, loose curls with the effect of wet hair will do. Also on the curly curls will be easy to make yourself a low beam, decorated with flowers.

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Evening hairstyle for medium hair, if they are straight, requires a perm to give volume. It is not necessary to do a small perm, it is enough to use 8-10 curlers of large diameter. They will raise the curls at the roots, adding the desired volume.

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Any hairstyle begins with shampooing. To reduce irritation and itching of the scalp from the use of varnishes and foams, after washing it can be used to rinse infusions of various herbs. They will pack the skin and hairstyle will fall more harmoniously for the whole evening.

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Tricks used in evening hair for medium length hair

Hairstyles for the evening can be done with the help of styling, weaving braids, gathering beams, creating waves or curly curls. All the elements used in hairstyles are quite simple and with some experience they can be performed by any girl on their own.

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Evening hairstyles for medium hair can contain many different elements, the combining detail is always a bouffant. It gives the usual everyday hairstyle solemnity and makes it suitable for any evening. The combing can be created with the help of a usual comb with small frequent teeth, but it is desirable to use a special brush, which evenly collects the strands at the roots. It should be remembered that when the hairstyles are evening, then correctly performed bouffant should be easy to comb when blooming.

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For several seasons, fashionable braids have remained popular. There is a wide variety of them. Interesting French braids can be woven both inwards and outwards. The volume of this hairstyle added bouffant and perms.

Volumetric braids are fairly easy to create on the hair of medium length. To create them will need gum and studs. Hairstyle with a volume braid should be performed step by step.

  • To begin with, a high tail should be gathered on the top of the head, then three thin strands should be separated from its upper part and the netted braid should be braided, gradually taking all the hair into it.
  • Next, pull the outer strands out of the weave and pin the braid with a pin so that the gum holding the tail is not visible.
  • The lower part of the braid can be hidden with a hairpin or hairpin, bending it into the inside of the styling.

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Simple evening hairstyles for medium hair lengths can be made in the form of bunches on the basis of a fishtail braid. Additional volume, which can be created with the help of forceps, will make such a bundle a real hairstyle for the evening.

  • The fish tail is braided to one side, then strands are pulled out of it, similar to the previous version of the hairstyle, this action will add a volume to the braided spit.
  • When it is lush enough, you need to start laying it in a bun on its side.
  • It is advisable to gently hide the tips inside the hairstyle.
  • Studs need to be pinned so that they are not visible.
  • If the girl doing this styling has a bang, then this part of the hair is also desirable to give pomp with curling.
  • Means for fixing are used here to a minimum.

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To create the next version of the beam from the braid it is necessary:

  • Separate part of the hair, parting from the crown to the temples.
  • Strands from the back of the head need to be collected in the tail and braid from it the usual three-strand braid.
  • Then tighten it into a free bundle and secure with studs.
  • Strands that are left in front, you need to slightly comb, twist in loosely flagella, twist them around the beam and secure with hairpins.

This evening hairstyle for medium hair does not require much time. When fixing it also do not use a large amount of foam and varnish. Without them, simple styling elements look more natural.

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Very often evening hairstyles for medium hair contain an element such as weaving. This allows you to create around the face of the so-called frame, which emphasizes only the dignity of the girl. Beautiful fashionable weaving can be made on the entire length of the hair, in this case, the styling looks very difficult and elegant. This type of weaving is not possible for every hairdresser and it takes a lot of time to create it. A more accessible type of weaving is the creation of a rim around the face; this element can even be created by the girl herself.

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Evening hairstyles for medium hair, having as a part of weaving, usually combine loose hair at the back of the head. When the weaving creates a crown on the head, the hairs from the crown of the head are also loose. It is desirable to curl such a hair with the help of forceps, having made preliminary basal bouffant.

Retro style is an excellent option to get a wonderful evening hairstyle for medium hair. This season's fashionable Greek beams are done step by step.

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  • First, we perform bouffant at the crown, as thanks to it, the styling will retain its solemn look for the whole evening.
  • Next, you need to collect the hair in a dry tail and pull the gum down almost to the tips.
  • Then bend the remaining tail in the opposite direction and wind all hair around the elastic.
  • By the time the resulting bundle reaches the head, it will already be large enough and it will only remain to be carefully secured with long pins.

Beautiful and fashionable. Greek hairstyles can also be wound on a special bandage - the base, its use greatly simplifies the process.

Hairdressers claim that evening hairstyle on medium hair is a great way for a girl to show her personality.

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