Evening hairstyles for long hair

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Long, well-groomed hair, laid in a neat evening hair, always attract attention. Back in ancient times, women experimented with their hair, putting them into beautiful evening hairstyles. Currently, there are many interesting options for how to quickly and easily create evening hairstyles for long hair, all this is possible thanks to the large selection of fixation tools that allow you to create and securely fasten even complex elements.

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It is no secret that the hairstyle should be chosen under the shape of the face. For girls with an oval face shape, any styling will do; they can be loose curls or a long hair pulled in a high bun. Holders of a round face can vary the styling of asymmetric bangs or oblique parting. They also fit curvy curls curled from the roots. It is good if evening hairstyles for a round face will be supplemented with loose strands around the face. The square shape of the face does not allow for smoothly combed back hair. For girls with such a face shape, it is better to choose oblique bangs and partings.

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Evening hairstyles for long hair do most often in the barbershop. They offer various options for beams, weaves and curls. The simplest methods of weaving will be created on long hair from two hours. Fashionable beams can be made a little faster, but in any case, you need to have some time to not be late for the evening. The longest curls will be created on longer curls. This time-consuming process will take at least three to four hours.

Simple evening hairstyles for long hair at home

For girls who are just starting to grow hair, it seems that making a haircut for an evening of long strands is unrealistic. But they do not take into account that their hair grows slowly and, if they regularly practice their skills, by the time they reach the desired length, the young ladies will be able to handle it. Evening hairstyles for long hair at home - it is not difficult. You must stock up with a set of hairbrushes, hairspray, foam and wax. You can also add topical openwork headbands, studs with beads, hairpins and even live flowers.

flower-barrette on the head

When you want to emphasize the length of the neck and focus on the chic jewelry, it is better to choose a styling with the collected hair in the form of a bundle of individual curls.

  • Any styling begins with shampooing and drying.
  • After that, the hair is better to apply a spray for easy combing, it will make the hair more docile.
  • After that, braid a loose French braid on slightly damp hair and at the base of the neck finish it with a rubber band in the color of the head of hair.
  • The remaining length of the strands must be curled with a curling iron, forceps, or curlers.
  • The cooled locks are divided into thinner strands with the help of a comb tip, the elastic band is lifted and secured with a pin on the back of the head, strands can be laid around it, also securing them.
  • When all the strands are laid, you get a volume beam, it needs to be fixed with varnish.

stages of creation

This evening styling will look better if you make a pile before weaving a French braid under it. The braid itself can be weaved diagonally or zigzag across the head.

The bundle can be done in a more classical way. This option is suitable as a hairstyle for a party for low girls. Step by step to do it completely easy.

how to create an unusual shell

  • To begin with, you need to give a long hair a volume by winding them on large curlers.
  • After that, at will, you can separate the strands that will surround the face in the finished styling.
  • The remaining large curls must be collected in a high taut tail and put on it a special pad that will make the finished hairstyle more even, comb the tail.
  • The next stage is the main thing in this arrangement; you need to carefully separate the strands from the tail and evenly stack them around the lining so that it is not visible.
  • The finished bun can be smoothed with the help of a special brush for combing and fixed with varnish; after this procedure, the hairstyle will look fresh all evening.
  • Strands around the face it is desirable to curl curling.

This hairstyle will look good with smooth bangs.

high beam

Evening hairstyle for a romantic dinner

Romantics add long, flowing curls to any style. But a simple perm does not make an evening hairstyle; in order to complete the look, it is advisable to add fashionable weaving or flagella to it.

Simple evening hairstyles for long hair with twisted strands coming from the temples look very reserved and romantic. The resulting flagella on the neck can be tied in a knot or fastened with a beautiful hairpin. It is advisable to comb the area on the top to give the hairstyle a more festive look.

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Evening hairstyles for long hair in retro style look very impressive, especially when the appropriate decorations and additions are selected for them. In order to create beautiful and fashionable waves of retro hairstyles, you need to perform it step by step. The simplest are the first stages of creating hairstyles.

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  • The initial perm can be created with the help of tongs, curling irons or curlers.
  • Then make a deep side parting, and comb the curls with a large comb.
  • The resulting light and voluminous hair hook large clamps, thereby creating the basis for future retro waves.
  • All bends carefully fix with special means.
  • After removing the clamps in their place will be a minimum wave.

Hairstyle with the waves will stay the whole evening, if during its creation do not rush and carefully fix each element.

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Long hair is often curled by nature, so most girls pull them with irons. Only a few use this property and create beautiful hairstyles for the evening in just a few minutes. The effect of wet hair is achieved by using the foam on the hair immediately after washing. After applying it, combing or drying your hair with a hair dryer is not necessary. Thanks to such a quick and easy way to create hairstyles, the girl will always have time to thoroughly prepare for the evening.

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Evening styling for long hair - it is not difficult. For their development only a small practice is needed.

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