Ethnic motifs in the hair-how to learn to weave afrokosichki

girl with afrocos on the grass

Afrokosichki-bold and original, eye-catching hairstyle. If you love the attention of others, then this hairstyle is for you! African braids are also an ideal hairstyle for active girls who do not want to spend a lot of time on everyday styling, but at the same time want to be irresistible! Another name for such braids is braids (from English words- "weave"). Such braids can be braided in the salon with a master, and you can learn to make them yourself.

What kinds of afro-brawls are there?

Weaving afrokosichek includes many variations, in our time, there are about 8 ways of weaving:

  1. African braids with a straight tip;
  2. Pony Tail pigtails with a curl at the end;
  3. Wavy or curled pigtails;
  4. Two strands twisted between themselves or Senegalese harnesses;
  5. French patterned braid;
  6. Thai Spit;
  7. Spit with large curls;
  8. Zizi- ready braids for weaving afrokos.

Is it difficult to weave such braids?


Many girls ask themselves, is it difficult to weave African braids? Do I need to have long hair or can it be of any length?

Weaving afrokosichek can not be called a simple technique, but it can not be attributed to complex ones, in order to learn how to braid a braid, you need to have a desire, free time (you have to braid about 200 braids!) And be attentive, and the rest is a matter of technique!

Girls with short hair can quietly exhale, African braids can also be braided with a very small length of their own head of hair, there are some techniques in which weaving adds material to compensate for the lack of length of your hair, for example, African braids with threads.

What may need to weave African braids?

  1. Good comb with sparse teeth
  2. Braiding threads
  3. Braid glue, braid fixing device or small silicone rubber

Is the material used in braid making harm?

On this account, you can remain calm, all the materials that are necessary for weaving, do not harm your hair. In specialized stores you can find synthetic material for weaving afrokosichek, such as Kanekalon, pony or corrugation. The color range of the material is very diverse, so the flight of your imagination in the choice of color is not limited by anything.

How to weave such pigtails at home?

Before weaving African braids at home, you must be patient, you have to be monotonous work! Prepare all the necessary tools. Do not wash your hair before a session, so you will ease your work.

Weaving technique

how to weave afrokosy

  • The first thing you need to do is to comb your hair thoroughly, and then set off the parting;
  • In the occipital zone, you need to select the area and select the strand of the desired width;
  • Comb the chosen strand and take the thread of Kanekalon previously whipped into the pitcher and attach it to the root zone;
  • This strand must be divided into 3 identical parts and begin to weave a tight braid. After you reach the level of your native hair, weave a little Kanekalon into the strand. After that, the spit will become uniform in volume;
  • You fix the end of the braid as you like, with an elastic band, beads, apparatus or glue;
  • In the same technique weave braids from the neck to the temporal zone. The largest number of braids will be in the back of the head, the back of the head should be dealt with last.

Of course, weaving African braids with threads yourself is not easy, of course, it’s better to have a helper and practice more.

Afro braids zizi

beautiful zizi

Another interesting technique of quick weaving, unlike conventional braids, zizi braids already consist of ready-made braids (they are thin, about 3 mm in diameter) and are woven into braids.

Zizi release both straight and corrugated, they can also be similar to a spiral, small or large curls. The only thing "but" in such weaving is that your hair should be at least 15 cm long!

zizi braids

Afro-braid zizi have gained great popularity in our time, since the smallest amount of time is spent on their weaving, about 2-3 hours. These braids are universal, you can wear them at any age, if you are a schoolgirl or held queens, these braids will decorate your look.

The number of braids in such a hairstyle will be somewhere around 520-630 stuff, do not be alarmed, these braids are very light, despite their considerable amount, all this thanks to the subtlety of the braids and the lightness of the materials.

Straight or corrugated zizi braids are another kind of hairstyle. If you choose direct variation, you will notice the similarity of these braids with the usual variation of afrocrosiches, only the implementation of this type will take you the least amount of time.

color zizi

Pigtails zizi in corrugated variations will become a favorite hairstyle for girls who love curvy and voluminous hairstyles. Such braids have a significant advantage over all types, the material that you acquire to braid such braids can be used several more times! A color palette of materials just pleases the eye!

Senegalese Afro-braids


Such braids weave from 2 strands. You need to twist these strands, and then interweave them. You can note the similarity of such braids with flagella or cords, when you finish weaving, you will see a very bold hairstyle. Weaving will take you a fairly large amount of time, so few people do this weaving over the entire surface of the head, most often these are selective strands.

The nuances of weaving afrokrosichek

Weaving afrokosichek will not have a negative impact on the condition of your hair, if you bring them exactly as much as you are told by an expert in weaving. Removing a braid is better done by a competent master, so you save the health and appearance of your curls. If you wear braids for longer than expected and decide to remove them yourself without a special solution, then you can see that your hair has acquired an indecent look, as if it was chewed. And to be frank, then weaving such braids at home is not a good idea, do not spare money, save the health of your hair and become the owner of a beautiful hairstyle from an experienced specialist!

What hairstyles can be made from African braids?

You can safely experiment with the image. You can braid a thick braid or several braids from all the braids, tie a high or low tail, make a bun or a shell.

How to care for afrokosichkami?

color afro

Since synthetic hairs were used in weaving, you should not go to the sauna and the bath, as well as to overdry the hair with a hair dryer, straighten it with an iron, or curl it with a styler, all this adversely affects the state of the synthetic material.

Washing your hair also has a few nuances, you wash your head with your usual shampoo, you need to dissolve a small amount of shampoo in warm water, and then gently wash the braids and the spaces between them with this water. But the application of conditioner or hair balm should be excluded.

You need to wash your hair every 7-10 days, not more often, otherwise your braids will not look aesthetically pleasing. The longest time of wearing such braids is 2.5-3 months. Sometimes you may notice a few hairs sticking out of the hair, this is a common occurrence during socks. Sticking hairs can be quickly corrected with scissors. To do this, place the scissors flat on the spit and cut off all the sticking hairs. If you want to change the color of hair, then you can safely change the color of hair without fear, there are no contraindications to dyeing of Afro-brays!

How to weave afrokosichki independently?

If you still could not find the time and money to go to the master, and weaving African braids is no longer pleasing to the eye, then you will have to go through this procedure at home.


  • Remove the braid with scissors right at the ends of the hair;
  • With the help of thin sewed or needles disassemble weaving;
  • Pull the pigtail slightly in the root zone, this is needed to detach the braid;
  • Tangled come straighten your fingers;
  • When you remove all braids, you need to wash your hair with a special restorative shampoo and apply a nourishing firming mask.

The best option for a quick removal of the aflo weave will be the help of your close friends. Enlisting the support of more than one pair of hands, you quickly say goodbye to the annoying Afrokos.

Video: African braid weave

Now you know about all the intricacies of such an extraordinary, exotic hairstyle, like afrokosichki. If you decide to make such an extravagant ethnic hairstyle, then you are a brave girl who is not afraid of attention and experiments with appearance! Be irresistible and do not be afraid to surprise!

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