Estelle hair color (estel) - palette

Megopopulyarny brand was born thanks to the joint efforts of the Russian manufacturer Unicosmetic and employees of the Technological Institute of St. Petersburg. Research and production resources, first-class raw materials, the use of advanced technologies - all this together allows you to create one of the best lines of professional cosmetics for hair. Products have been recognized by experts and earned the love of consumers.

Estelle paint palette which has a huge number of shades, fell in love with many, both hairdressers and ordinary girls who prefer coloring at home.

We will understand what paints are offered by the manufacturer, what are their advantages and nuances of use, let us see what constitutes Estelle's palette.

Immediately, we note that the compositions are divided into two categories: professional paints and non-professional. Both lines are successfully used in salon procedures and at home.

Estel professional paints

The quality of cosmetic and care products is primarily determined by the demand for the product in a professional environment. So, Estelle paints are valued by the most demanding and demanding makeup artists and hairdressers.

De luxe

Professional range of colors with a rich palette and high quality. The De Luxe line has several different series that have their own color palette.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette

De Luxe Series

Coloring Series Compounds Estelle Deluxe designed for loose, thin curls. The basis of the product is a chromo-energy complex, due to the mild effect of which, coloring does not damage the hair structure.

The composition of the coloring mixture includes a large number vitamins and trace elements, as well as natural chestnut extract. This allows you to talk about the medicinal properties of Estelle paint.

Coloring emulsions gently and carefully perform their functions, giving the hair a new juicy color and healthy shine.

Estelle's palette consists of 140 shades, Each one is distinguished by brightness, depth, and special endurance. It is simple and pleasant to apply paint, the mixture does not flow, it is easily washed off after use.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette

De Luxe Sense SeriesThis line represents non-amiacal ink formulations creamy consistency. The composition is enriched panthenol and keratin, natural avocado and olive oils. Due to the content of these elements, the colors of Deluxe Sense moisturize, nourish and restore hair. The absence of ammonia ensures 100% harmlessness of the mixture.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette

The choice of colors is quite wide: 56 classic shades. Solutions have a pleasant smell, have a creamy structure, due to which their use is convenient both in the cabin and at home. Suitable for full dyeing, intensive toning, highlighting, as the series presents corrective compositions.

De Luxe Silver Series

Silver Series Palette Created for painting gray hair. Solutions from this line turn graying strands into shiny, silky hair of natural shades. The dye acts softly, while the color lasts a long time and looks natural. Thanks to the increased content of useful substances, the curls become stronger, acquire shimmer and silkiness.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette

The manufacturer offers 50 saturated colors, allowing everyone to make a good choice. The tools from this series are enjoyed by professional masters and women at home.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette


These professional coloring compositions provide Excellent care and lasting effect. Products developed by the latest technologies, contains many useful components and a unique molecular complex with keratins. Hair restoration is achieved due to the presence of concentrates. guana seeds and green tea.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette

As a result of using products from this line, the hairstyle acquires a smooth, bright color, luxurious volume and natural shine. Estelle Excellence Palette different variety - proposed 88 basic shades.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette
Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette
Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette



Vintage Collection is designed to create new images in the presence of gray hair. Thanks to technology Reverse Osmosis deep penetration of coloring pigments is achieved, and cationic components enhance the effect and take care of the condition of the curls. The palette consists of 45 shades., natural and expressive. The result is inspiring - the hairstyle acquires a natural shine, freshness and a new, lasting color.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette

Blond Bar СoutureThis series of super-clarifiers allows you to turn from a brown-haired woman into a blonde in one step. Products from the Blond Bar line combine bleaching and toning immediately. The manufacturer warns that to obtain the proper effect, the original hair color should be no darker than 4 levels (chestnut color).

The composition of the dye includes an innovative biopolymer matrix. This component protects the hair structure and scalp, while not reducing the coloring effect.

The choice of palette consists of 7 options (6 cool shades and 1 modulator, allowing you to create warm tones)

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette

High flashThis series is intended for highlighting. Estelle Flash is a collection of bright colors, the main feature of which is the absence of the need for preliminary clarification. Resistant hair color guaranteed by cationic technology. Together with this, deep care is provided thanks to the content of natural, beneficial elements.

In the palette there are 5 saturated colors. Golden, copper, red, violet and violet-red - choose and create colorful images in a few minutes.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette

Non-professional paints Estelle

The name of this type of product does not indicate a decrease in quality, but only aims to emphasize that such compositions are easy to use yourself. 1. Estelle Celebrity The paint of this series does not contain ammonia and ethanolamine, this is the main advantage of the product. Gentle coloring with color fastness is the dream of every woman. This is possible thanks to natural oils, pantelol and keratins in the composition of coloring Estelle Serebriti. The palette has 20 shades.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette

2. Estelle Only: Estelle Only mixtures are designed for enhanced color fixation. Special resistance is achieved due to the effect of the complex Color Reflex. Protection and care provides a balm of natural cocoa butter. The color scale is presented by 20 bright, modern shades.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette

3. Estelle Solo Estelle Solo's coloring agents contain a unique UV filter. Due to this component, the colored hair is not exposed to the sun, for a long time it retains its vibrant color and healthy appearance. For additional care in the package includes a complex of natural oils. Estelle Solo's palette consists of 25 shades of red and brown.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette

4. Estelle Color The production of this line is characterized by its oxidation composition. Enriched with vitamins, the paint intensively paints, nourishes and strengthens the curls. A special care balm additionally cares about the health of each hair. Due to the helium consistency, the mixture is easily and evenly applied. The palette has 25 tones.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette

5. Estel Love Intense This series is recognized as one of the most "long-playing." Using such paint at home, you can be sure that the richness of the color will last a long time and will hide your gray hair securely. Thanks to fortified fruit complexes, softness, natural shine, and magnificent hair are provided. The color variety is represented by 25 spectacular, fashionable tones.

Estelle Hair Color (Estel) - Palette

Estelle Paint Cost

Reasonable price for formulations is another important reason that attracts the consumer. Compared to similar means, Estelle's paint cost is much lower. This is simply explained - the domestic production company saves on transportation, since there is no need for it.

Competent marketing also contributes to the optimal ratio of price and quality. The creators of the brand clearly express their position: hair care at a professional level should be accessible to everyone. And this is fully realized with the help of Estelle's palette.

If we talk about specific numbers, the price threshold depends on the region, the direction of the store, and, of course, the category of composition. Estelle non-professional paints cost from 150 to 350 rubles per pack. Products from the professional line will cost more: 400-500 rubles.

Coloring at home

If you decide to independently give the curls a bright shade or try a new color, use the following recommendations:

Read the instructions carefully. Even experienced users may encounter some nuances. Compositions may vary in exposure time and other characteristics. Do not neglect this item.

Be sure to "work" in gloves;

Perform an allergic reaction test: drip the product on the wrist from the inside and wait 2-3 minutes.

Proceed to staining only if the skin is not damaged!

Apply the mixture to unwashed hair (just skip one shampooing);

When using dyes with an oxygen content of 3-6% (that is, for dyeing to tone lighter or tone to tone), apply the composition to the roots first, then lubricate the hair along the entire length;

When using a mixture with oxygen 6-9% (that is, to get lighter shades), distribute the paint 2 cm from the roots and below. After that, paint over the root zone;

If you dye the strands, lightly moisten them;

Use the compound immediately after mixing;

If paint gets into your eyes, quickly rinse them with water.

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