Essential oil for hair

Essential oil for hair

Beat Essential Oil acts as an excellent homemade cosmetic. Beat oil has a refreshing, toning and soothing effect. The peculiar chemical composition of this oil allows it to be used for hair care.

Regular use of oil beat

- strengthens hair from the inside, - prevents hair loss, - tightens the hair structure - and accelerates their growth.

As a result of using oil, you will receive thick, elastic and long hair. Essential oil beat has its effect on the hair follicles, additionally nourishing the hair along their entire length.

In addition, thanks to its soothing action, oil prevents fungal diseases of the skin of the head covering.

Oil Bay also produces light anti-inflammatory effect. Please note that if you have sensitive scalp, apply this oil with caution.

Despite the fact that the essential oil of bay never is applied to the hair in a concentrated form, one should not forget about the elementary precautions:

Do not use oil hit with individual intolerance to this product, people with cardiovascular diseases, as well as during pregnancy.

Before using the product do a sensitivity test, causing some oil on the wrist. If you do not have allergic reactions, you can safely begin to use oil beat, adding it to the wellness mask for hair.

Mask to accelerate hair growth with essential oil beat

Essential oil for hair

To speed up hair growth, heat a tablespoon of burdock oil in a water bath and add a few drops to it. oils beat, warm castor oil (one tablespoon) and one teaspoon of wheat germ oil.

The resulting oil mixture in circular motions is rubbed into the hair roots and distributed through the hair. You need to wrap the head with polyethylene and keep the mask on your hair for half an hour. This mask is made two months several times a week.

Moisturizing mask with bay oil and sour cream

To moisturize dry hair and give it elasticity, use the following mask. Take four tablespoons sour cream (or at least high fat sour cream) and add to it five drops of butter beat.

Essential oil must be thoroughly dissolved in sour cream. The resulting mixture is abundantly applied to the hair and lasts 20 minutes. Several of these procedures will give your hair a healthy look.

Anti-dropout mask

With a strong loss, try this mask: - 10 ml of any base oil - 1 drop of oil beat (if you use more base oil, then for every 10 ml of base add 1 drop of oil beat)

Rub the warmed oil in the hair roots, with regular use, reduction of hair loss and hair growth is guaranteed.

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