Effective recipes for coconut oil hair masks

Effective recipes for coconut oil hair masks
Modern women very carefully monitor the state of their hair. But to carry out various cosmetic procedures in the salons is quite expensive, and not everyone will find time for these procedures and tools. Therefore, more and more ladies resort to the use of various beneficial hair products at home. One of these popular and effective ways to care is a hair mask with coconut oil. Curls get a beautiful view, they become healthy and beautiful thanks to a hair mask with coconut oil. This oil contains a lot of beneficial substances that have a positive effect on the structure of the hair and hair follicles. Another advantage of using such a tool is that it not only consists of all-natural ingredients, but almost never causes an allergic reaction. But despite this, to consult with a specialist still there is a need.

What to consider when choosing coconut oil

In order to make sure that coconut oil works, you can view the reviews of women on the Internet and understand that all of them are positive, as such a tool gives a stunning effect.

Effective recipes for coconut oil hair masks
So how do you start interacting with this product? First of all, you need to learn that this oil exists in two forms, namely, refined and unrefined. In the first case, the oil works as a kind of antiseptic, that is, it disinfects, heals and prevents the appearance of unpleasant sores on the head. But that’s it. Unrefined oil affects the whole hair, promotes its growth and improvement, and also has a positive effect on the scalp. But for beginners, it is better to use the first option with the first applications, since allergy to it is less possible. Skin and hair should gradually get used to the product. You can check the allergic reaction yourself, for example, by applying a little oil on your wrist and waiting 5-10 minutes. If there are no signs of allergies - then everything is in order.

Effective recipes for coconut oil hair masks

Coconut oil is often used in hair masks as the main ingredient. It feeds and nourishes the curls with useful substances, gives an incredible shine and softness, improving its structure and flexibility.

Coconut oil hair mask - application features

1) Most often masks with coconut oil are applied to dirty strands. 2) To work more conveniently, you can pre-purchase a shower cap consisting of polyethylene and also a warming cap to improve the effect, since in almost all recipes for use this will be necessary. 3) The ends of the hair, usually more affected and lifeless, so it is better to treat them more, for which they should be applied most of the prepared mask. 4) The advantage of the procedure is the fact that you can not use a balm after it, only shampoo will be enough. 5) If the hair is very oily, then it is better not to resort to using such a procedure, or use a mask with coconut oil only on the ends. 6) The effect will be better if you rub the product with your fingertips and carry out a massage. 7) You do not need much to overheat the oil, and even more so to boil it, it can remove all the useful things that exist in it. And then there will be no sense of the procedure.

Effective recipes for coconut oil hair masks
Recipes for the best coconut oil hair masks, see below.

Coconut oil and egg hair mask - recipe

If the curls have lost their appearance, and look tired and tortured, then this option is the most for their revival and strengthening.

Effective recipes for coconut oil hair masks
To prepare a hair mask of coconut oil and eggs you will need about four tablespoons of this most wonderful oil, naturally coconut. It is also necessary to take two eggs and separate the white from the yolk, in this case only the yolk will be needed, it is very easy to make, especially hostesses. If, nevertheless, there are difficulties, then on the Internet there are a lot of ways how to do this simple process. You also need to take half a lemon and squeeze juice out of it. Everything prepared should be mixed. After that, the oil mask is distributed evenly across all the strands. You can warm your head with a towel for better effect. Keep the mask to about half an hour, then wash the hair in the usual way.

Hair mask with coconut oil, with chamomile and rosemary

It will take:

1) Fifty grams of coconut oil 2) Chamomile flowers in a crushed state - twenty grams 3) Five drops of rosemary

In coconut oil, you must add bulk chamomile. Then heat the entire contents for ten minutes. Add rosemary to the already warm mass. Then cool slightly and carry on curls. Strands should not be clean. Apply the mask should be an hour before the proposed procedure of shampooing. Then, an hour later, wash everything in the usual way.

Effective recipes for coconut oil hair masks

The most effective hair mask with coconut oil

Avocado Mask

It will take: two tablespoons of coconut oil and one good avocado. Oil must be reheated for water baths for several minutes. Avocados need to cut and pull out all the pulp that is in it. Then mix the extracted pulp with warm butter and stir everything a little. Apply the entire mask on the hair, distribute. To wrap up all polyethylene and a towel, better soft terry. It is necessary to do everything not on clean hair, an hour before the proposed procedure of shampooing. Then wash off all the usual way.

Effective recipes for coconut oil hair masks

Mask with the addition of parsley and alcohol

This recipe is well suited for girls with oily hair, as alcohol helps to remove fat. It is better not to use this mask for dry hair, as in this case there may be a negative effect and the strands will become too dry. Parsley should be very finely chopped, and it is better to turn it into a puree, then the effect will be better and use will become more convenient. Alcohol is better to use no more than forty degrees, then it will not cause any harm to the curls or the scalp. You will need a spirit of a teaspoon, the same amount of parsley mixture, and two such spoons of coconut oil. Prepared hair mask with coconut oil should be applied to the scalp. To do this, it is better to separate the part with a hairbrush and apply the mixture in this place. Calculated procedures for a month, you need to apply every other day and leave the composition for the whole night. You can take a break for a month and then repeat it.

Effective recipes for coconut oil hair masks

Coconut hair mask with honey

Honey contains a lot of useful properties that are simply indispensable for hair. Coconut hair mask, the recipe of which is given below perfectly nourishes them and gives strength. for preparation you will need acacia honey, it is useful not only in a mask, but also for consumption. The volume of ingredients depends on the amount of hair. But on average you need to take two spoons of butter for one spoon of honey. You can apply to any hair, carefully spreading over the entire length. Keep it up for at least an hour, then rinse off as usual.

Coconut Milk Hair Mask

You can buy such milk in any large store. There it is possible to find it in the “whole sushi” department, since very often this milk is used as a seasoning. It is important to control the composition, it should contain only natural substances. There is an option and self-preparation of such milk. What is very interesting is that it is not made from the liquid contained in the coconut, but from its pulp. Coconut milk contains a lot of vitamins, as well as various trace elements that fruitfully affect the curls and scalp.

Effective recipes for coconut oil hair masks
To give the strands a pleasant smell and to improve their appearance, as well as for hair growth, you can use the help of coconut milk and lime. Making a mask is very quick and easy. You need to take eighty milliliters of this milk and mix with the juice of half a lime. If no lime, you can use a third of the average lemon. Milk should be at room temperature, you do not need to use it as soon as you get it out of the fridge, but you shouldn’t warm up too much. 27 degrees will be the optimum temperature. Milk is mixed with juice and distributed through the hair. In order to make the distribution better, it is better to use a comb to help the product, then the product will fall on each strand. Then you need to wrap up all the towel and hold for a while. Next, wash everything off and wash your hair, as always.

Try homemade hair masks with coconut oil and see how your hair changes.

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