Dye for gray hair - how to choose

Some women perceive gray hair as a real disaster, while others just go to the store and choose a good dye for gray hair. Let's talk about why some hairs turn white, how to prevent it and how to paint it. After studying this article, you can pick the best dye for gray hair, which will give the strands a rich color, get rid of the hated "metal", but it does not make them dry and brittle.

What is gray and why does it appear?

Dye for gray hair - how to choose

"According to the rules" women turn white at 45, men at 35. In fact, this process can begin much earlier, and even at the age of 18 someone sadly finds whitish strands. What is gray hair and what factors contribute to its early appearance?

The depth of hair color is due to genetics and the pigment itself called melanin. It is produced by special cells - melanocytes, which are produced using tyrosinase (an enzyme containing copper). At some point, tyrosinase ceases to be produced, and hydrogen peroxide appears in the hair follicle, which discolors the hair, making it transparent.

The reduction in tyrosinase production can also begin at a young age due to genetic predisposition or adverse factors. One of the most frequent reasons is chronic stress. Often, after a tragic event or a strong emotional shock, people notice gray hair. The birth of a child, accompanied by constant experiences and chronic sleep deprivation, also often causes the appearance of "metal" strands.

Other causes of early gray hair:

diseases of the blood, heart, liver, kidney, atherosclerosis, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances; lack of vitamins and microelements; hard protein-free diet; long stay in the sun or a passion for tanning; lack of tyrosinase enzyme.

Proper nutrition, healthy sleep, the absence of a nervous overstrain will help you to preserve youth and beauty of hair. If silver threads still appear, try to neutralize the detrimental factors to stop this unpleasant process. And align color helps good paint for gray hair.

The principle of choice of paint for gray hair

Rigid vitreous gray is the most difficult to dye due to the fact that small hair scales form a dense structure. Sparing paints without ammonia are not able to paint over gray hair well, because this component makes the hair cuticle more loose, helping to dye it.

A professional approach involves the use of additional procedures, due to which the coloring pigment falls better, and the color itself lasts longer. For dark and fair hair different techniques are used. In the first case, the curls are treated with oxide, then paint diluted with water is applied to them, after which paint with strong pigment is used. For Blond applied oxidant 3-6%.

When choosing a hair dye, remember:

a high percentage of oxide (6–9%) in the paint guarantees 100% gray coloring;

soft, ammonia-free paints, as well as tinting agents do not provide a dense painting, moreover, they are washed away much faster than ammonia analogues;

choose a dye according to your hair type - the thicker they are, the higher the percentage of oxide and the more concentrated the dye.

Those who want to part with gray hair sometimes neglect the services of the salon. This often leads to serious damage to the hair and scalp, since the first time to cope with the "white cap" often does not work. As a result, ladies experiment for a long time, causing irreparable damage to curls. If you still decide to cope with this task at home, read the article to the end, because it will be discussed below about effective and safe methods of coloring.

Paints with ammonia and without - the pros and cons for gray hair

If the paint is presented as ammonia-free, but at the same time, the manufacturer claims that she is struggling with gray hair, then there are two options: either there is ammonia in the composition, or gray hair will not disappear anywhere. However, some women prefer to choose the gentle option, not paying attention to the fact that some strands will be much lighter after dyeing.

Ammonia paint is quickly washed out., so be prepared for the fact that the color does not last long. Thus, the product without ammonia is ineffective against gray hair, but it treats hair gently. Ammonia paints successfully cover gray hair, but the risk of damaging their hair and scalp when used at home is quite high. In addition, the staining process is often accompanied by a strong odor.

Overview of professional paints for gray hair

Perfect paint that paints over gray hair, cares for hair and perfectly tones whitish strands. Consider professional tools that will help you cope with this problem. This production is used in salons, however, it is acceptable to use it at home.

Matrix Dream Age Socolor Beauty

Dye for gray hair - how to choose
Dye for gray hair - how to choose

Many experts believe that Matrix SoColor is the best tool in the fight against gray hair. This is an American product, made on the basis of patented technology ColorGrip. The composition contains ammonia, but in reasonable quantities, so the paint gives a lively, deep color, but does not spoil the hair.

Nutritional ingredients included in the recipe, restore damaged structure. However, be prepared for the fact that the tips may be slightly dried. After dyeing, coat the ends with oils.

Kapous Professional

Dye for gray hair - how to choose
Dye for gray hair - how to choose

Domestic paint, which is happy to use the master in the salons. Resistant agent with low ammonia content. The composition includes natural ingredients, including cocoa butter, through which each hair is fed from the inside. The curls become elastic and shiny, although the shine does not last as long as we would like. Another advantage of paint - a rich palette.

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Absolutes

Dye for gray hair - how to choose
Dye for gray hair - how to choose

It is difficult to find negative reviews about this paint. Do not use it if you are slightly over 30, as it is intended only for mature women with extensive gray hair. The product contains vitamin B7, which prevents loss of hair pigment. Vitamin also protects hair from the harmful effects of the environment. Thus, this paint not only removes gray hair, but also protects curls from aging.

Estel De Luxe Silver

Dye for gray hair - how to choose
Dye for gray hair - how to choose

Many experts argue that this is the best hair dye that fills gray hair. This is a product of the famous brand Estel. The tool is designed specifically for gray hair, so even cope with a very high percentage of gray hair, against which all other colors are powerless. There are also disadvantages, including a small palette (only dark colors), as well as a high content of ammonia. Paint is not safe, so do not use it at home.


Dye for gray hair - how to choose
Dye for gray hair - how to choose

Dutch paint with a very large palette and high efficiency. The result of coloring always corresponds to the photo on the package, so you will be sure that you will avoid surprises. The product has a pleasant smell, does not cause skin irritation and has silk proteins in its composition to soften the strands.

L’oreal Professionnel Color Supreme

Dye for gray hair - how to choose
Dye for gray hair - how to choose

Excellent paint, the only disadvantage of which is the high price. However, the cost is fully justified, and you will not regret the money spent. The quality of funds is at a height, so it copes even with the most difficult tasks. Ammonia in the composition of this dye acts in the complex Densilium-R. This substance strengthens the hair and restores them quickly.

Thanks to the paint, the hair becomes denser, more beautiful and more elastic. Do not confuse this paint with Preference Feria on L’oreal, since it copes with gray hair a little worse. It can be purchased if the percentage of gray hair is no more than five.

Budget paint for painting gray

If you want to save money and are prepared for the fact that the result will not be the same as in the case of professional paints, consider the budget options. In the salons such dyes are not used, but they do not require professional knowledge for use.

Londa Color "For the stubborn gray"

Resistant paint from Londa Color "For stubborn gray hair" has earned positive feedback due to the fact that it really copes with the stated problem, keeps well and has a rich palette. The paint is quite aggressive, so the manufacturer took care of the preliminary protection of the hair. In the set there is a special balm, which is applied before proceeding to staining.

Dye for gray hair - how to choose

The balm not only protects, but also enhances the color, as it helps the coloring components penetrate deeper into the hair body.

The shade turns out beautiful, saturated and long holds. The gray hair is perfectly painted over, and all this pleasure costs a little more than 200 rubles.

Garnier nutrisse creme

Under this brand inexpensive, but at the same time sparing and resistant dyes are produced. Active pigments penetrate deep into the structure, moisturizing and strengthening the curls. The tones are bright and saturated. Thanks to a wide palette, you are sure to find the right shade.

Dye for gray hair - how to choose

Another plus is simple application. The dye is similar to shampoo and rubbed into the hair on the same principle. According to some reviews, such paint does not matter with gray hair in fair-haired women, which is why it is necessary to repeat the procedure.


Dye for gray hair - how to choose

Pallet is an inexpensive and popular option. It covers gray hair quite well, it has unique components for color protection, providing a lasting result for two months. The palette includes three dozen different tones, which is enough to easily choose the appropriate option. The disadvantages include the absence of balm, a sharp smell and dry hair. In addition, many complain that one portion of the funds is not enough for medium-length hair.

Rowan (Acme Color)

Dye for gray hair - how to choose

Paint with an extract of mountain ash is one of the most affordable. On average, paint costs around 100 rubles, but the result shows decent. The color is saturated and, especially pleasant, very persistent. The tool has only one drawback - the strong smell of ammonia in the process of staining.

We paint over gray hair at home

How to paint over gray hair if you are not a professional? By following the recommendations below, you will get an excellent result without harm to health. So, instead of melanin, whitened hairs contain air bubbles, which greatly complicates staining. For this reason, experts conduct preliminary training curls, which can be carried out at home.

Coloring tips

Take the pigment that matches the level of the selected color, only from a natural row. Mix with water in equal proportions, apply to the roots or the "white" zone and wait a quarter of an hour.

Do not wash off the paint and apply the selected tone, coupled with the paint from the natural range (oxidizer 6%), hold the paint as much as indicated in the recommendations from the manufacturer.   

If you plan to use a bright shade, for example, red, add a natural dye to it, otherwise gray hair will “burn” with an unnatural color.

For thin and soft hair take the shades one tone brighter than the selected one, otherwise it will happen "blackout". For coarse hair, a shade of darker one tone is used.

In advanced cases, special dyes labeled 0 are used.

Achieving good results helps reduce the portion of the oxidizer. That is, if you usually need to mix paint with an oxidizer in a 1: 1.5 ratio, reduce the ratio to 1: 1. The result will pleasantly surprise you.

Using the recommendations presented in this article, you will never encounter the problem of “glowing” gray hair or unstable color. If you want to not only paint over gray hair, but also to rejuvenate your hair, making it more elastic and beautiful, refer to the services of a professional.

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