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The Dutch Spit is a three-strand pigtail with the addition of extra. But the strands are not laid on top, as when weaving a French braid, but under it, so it is also called reverse French. Weave it very simple at home. On the basis of a simple Dutch braid, you can create both everyday and evening hairstyles with your own hands. Below are step-by-step instructions for weaving a braid in Dutch and hairstyles from it.

Variations of the Dutch pigtails and their weaving patterns

Weave simple Dutch braids

  1. Take three strands in the spot where the spit starts. Lay the left strand under the middle, then the right.
  2. Separate a small strand to the left of the pigtail, add it to the strand on the same side, and again lay it under the middle one. Then, repeat from the right side.
  3. Continue to weave to the desired length. When all the curls are braided, start weaving a simple three-strand braid, laying them under the braid.
  4. To make an openwork pigtail, hold the end of the hair with one hand, and gently pull the hinges with the other.

step by step scheme

Now you know how to weave a Dutch braid. On its basis, you can independently make different hairstyles. The braid itself can be braided in the center, sideways, diagonally, with a snake, around the head, weave a ribbon or bows of hair. Its end can be wrapped in a flower. Consider options for weaving the Dutch braids in stages.

Dutch braid with ribbon

  1. Separate a thin strand at the beginning of weaving and tie a ribbon on it, folding it in half.
  2. Take the left end of the ribbon, add a strand of hair to it and lay under the middle strand.
  3. Repeat on the right side. You will have two strands with ribbons, and one without it.
  4. Continue to weave to the desired length. Tie a ribbon at the end.

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Dutch braid with bows

  1. Separate a piece of hair along the entire length of the future pigtail and fasten it.
  2. From the rest of it weave a simple Dutch braid.
  3. Now take the hairpin and pass it under the fragment of the pigtail from the left side of the strand.
  4. Take a thin strand from the left part, fold it in half and pass into the hairpin.
  5. Holding the fold of the strand with your hand, pull the pin.
  6. Correct the bow, giving it a symmetry.
  7. Make as many bows from the remaining number as many fragments in a spit.


snake turning into a beam

  1. Separate from the forehead part of the hair, parallel to their growth line.
  2. Begin to weave left or right, adding strands only from the face.
  3. Reaching the temple, expand the weave. To do this, separate another part of the curls parallel to the previous one, and continue to weave in the opposite direction. Strands, also, add from the face.
  4. Reaching the edge of the hair, turn around again and continue until you braid all the hair into a pigtail.
  5. Its end can be left free or fastened on the back of the head with pins.


  1. Separate a small section of hair at the temple, and divide it into three parts.
  2. Start weaving a braid around your head, adding strands to the left and right.
  3. Try to evenly add strands from the inside, taking them from the center.
  4. Continue to weave, until you weave all the hair in a braid.
  5. Hide the pigtail end under the weaving or make a flower. To do this, pull the strands on one side and wrap, forming a flower - the stretched loops should be outside - these are petals.

weaving wreaths

The scheme of braiding two braids in the Dutch style

  1. Dividing the hair into two parts, fix one part.
  2. Braid from the first part of a simple Dutch braid, secure its end with an elastic band.
  3. Continue to weave from the second part, secure with a rubber band.
  4. These two braids can be weaved diagonally. In this case, you should separate the head of hair with a diagonal parting. If you divide the curls into unequal parts, then the hairstyle will turn out even more interesting.

interesting hairstyle

You can make a beautiful hairstyle from two braids:

  1. Put one pigtail horizontally on the back of the head, fasten with pins.
  2. From above lay the second, and hide the tips and secure with pins.
  3. Decorate with decorative pins or crabs.
  4. You can wrap the ends or one volumetric flower, or two small ones.

Video: Dutch Spit Weaving

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