Dry hair shampoo

Dry hair shampoo
Since ancient times, women used finely ground grains and flour to cleanse hair. Modern cosmetology is more esthetic dry shampoos, but among the ingredients of such shampoos are also cereal products (extracts from corn, rice, oats), which effectively absorb fat. With the help of such dry shampoos, you can refresh your hair even without using water.

How to use dry shampoo

You need to take a bottle of dry shampoo, shake thoroughly, and then spray the contents of the bottle directly on the hair. A bottle of shampoo should be kept at a distance of about 40 centimeters, and you should not spray too much shampoo. A little bit of shampooing is required massage hair, while shampoo must be applied to the entire length of the hair.

After two or three minutes, carefully comb your hair, along with the shampoo will remove dirt and grease from the hair. If you use dry shampoo properly, you can not only clean hair from dirt, but also give them extra volume.

But anyway dry shampoo It will not help you clean your hair as thoroughly as you would with regular hair washing.

A small amount of dirt and some sebaceous glands will remain on the hair. If such substances will constantly accumulate in your hair and you will not wash them out, then you risk to dry your hair, as a result of which dandruff may appear. It is for this reason that dry shampoos cannot be used continuously. But such a tool will help you quickly clean your hair in a force majeure situation, when there is no time to wash your hair with water and blow-dry.

This shampoo will help you to put your hair in order during the journey, while the bottle of dry shampoo does not take up too much space in your purse, and you can always use it.

To cook dry shampoo you can independently in house conditions, thus you will use exclusively natural means.

Recipes dry shampoo:

Dry hair shampoo

Dry shampoo with flourIngredients:- 1 cup flour (flour should be dry ground); - 1 tsp. salt.

Mix all components thoroughly, pour into a shaker, which has rather large holes. Shampoo is ready, you can start using it;Dry shampoo with oatmealIngredients:- half a glass of soda; - half a glass of oatmeal.

Mix all ingredients and rub the prepared mixture into the hair. Leave the powder for a few minutes to absorb the fat, now carefully comb the hair and remove the powder and dirt from the hair. The remaining mixture can be saved until the next time, while storing such a shampoo can be quite a long time;

Dry shampoo made from flour and almondIngredients:- half a glass of flour; - ground almonds (half a glass).

Mix flour and ground almonds, the most convenient way to do this in a jar, which must be closed with a lid. This mixture should be poured on the hair roots, after which the hair should be carefully combed;

The recipe for dry shampoo with starchIngredients:- 1 tbsp. crushed almonds; - 2 tbsp. corn starch.

After you have mixed the ingredients well, take one table. spoon and cooked mixture and rub into the hair roots, then comb your hair. If the hair is greasy, this procedure must be repeated again.

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