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In the city stuffiness, the hair quickly loses its purity and brilliance, and having perfectly clean and well-groomed curls is an integral part of the image of each girl. How to be in such a situation, if in the evening the hair has lost its gloss, but you need to be on top !? Shampoo for dry hair comes to the rescue. It will give the pile cleanliness in a matter of minutes and without the use of water. He is also an ideal assistant in traveling, business trip, hospital and in other unexpected circumstances, because it is very compact.

What does the tool look like and what is it like !?

Dry hair shampoo is not the latest development, but a long-standing tool that was used even by our great-grandmothers. The only thing that distinguishes the former version of the time from ours is the components and appearance that are part of it. If earlier it included milled grain and oats, as well as potato flour. Now, these are absorbents derived from corn, rice, oats, and various fragrances that smell, absorbing all the pollution and sebaceous glands. And release it in bottles with a spray or as small tablets. It should be noted that in the new formulas there is no alkali, and this is a big plus. The alkali content in its composition can badly affect the scalp.


Absorbents contained in it, when applied to the hair, begin the process of cleansing, thereby giving it a freshness and shine, just freshly washed head. After that, a small amount of this cleansing agent may remain on your shovel, but it can be easily combed out with a comb.

In addition to the fact that this substance will remove impurities from the hair, it will help to get them a lush volume. But do not think that this "innovation" Absolutely supersede from life liquid detergent composition. This is just an assistant who will prolong the intervals between washing your head and help you out in an unexpected or extreme situation. And it is also worth knowing that excessively frequent use of a cleansing agent will lead to clogged pores and thereby cause dandruff that is unpleasant for all.

How to apply dry shampoo?

Before use, you need to know how to use dry shampoo. If you purchased it in the form of a sprayer, then this is ideal for quick application.

  1. You only need to shake the bottle and at a distance of 30 cm from the head to spray it into all zones.
  2. Apply the spray should be neatly, evenly and in small portions, so as not to create difficulties in removing residues.
  3. After spraying it all over the head, start rubbing it into the head with light massage movements, as in the usual procedure of washing the head.
  4. After rubbing in, leave the composition for a few minutes to allow it to soak.
  5. Having sustained time, proceed to the removal of residues using an ordinary comb.
  6. After wipe the curls with a towel to a feeling of lightness.


If you have dark hair

Naturally, fair-haired girls easier, even leaving a small amount of shampoo on his head, he will not be evident. But inflicted on dark strands, it can leave a white mark that remotely resembles dandruff. How to be then brunettes? You can help either homemade dry shampoo made from brown flour, or specially created for brunettes. In spite of this minus, nevertheless, this cosmetics is an excellent express tool for the purity of the hair.

Popular brands


  •  Let out in the form of spray.
  • It is suitable for owners of all shades of hair.
  • EnJee eliminates shine and deserves good feedback.


  • Klorane brand is distinguished by its seborrhea property from all others, which influenced its popularity.
  • This brand has received many very positive reviews. Klorane gives your head a sense of cleanliness and lightness.

EnJee and Klorane


  • Spray shaped. And comes in 2 forms for oily hair and weakened.
  • It gives strands a sense of freshness and volume. But it has a significant disadvantage; it is a poorly removable white bloom.

 Expert Balance Oriflame

  • Release it as a spray.
  • He easily copes with oily shine, gives a feeling of freshness.
  • The effect of the application lasts 2-3 hours.
  • Minus "Expert balance" lies in its unpleasant smell and in that it is suitable only for owners of greasy hair.

Syoss and Oriflame

Naturia Rene Furterer

  • Due to its low pH level, it is suitable for everyday use.
  • Removes impurities from skin and hair.
  • Strengthens curls and gives a feeling of freshness.

Lady henna

  • Lady Henna has a powder form.
  • Does not cause allergies, relieves "mane" from shine, accelerates growth, as well as able to rid the skin of itching and flaking.

Naturia Rene Furterer and Lady Henna


  • In its composition, Dove contains green tea extract and silk proteins, and this allows curls to become shiny and light.
  • It also helps to increase the color fastness of the colored hair.

Ojon hair

  • Ojon Hair gives freshness of hair.
  • Removes all excess sebaceous glands.
  • It will add volume in the root zone, as well as a pleasant aroma.

Dove and Ojon Hair


  • This brand is able to cope with any pollution.
  • It will give strands a feeling of freshness and lightness.
  • Gives volume.

Fructis "Elastic volume"

  • Perfectly relieves hair from dirt and dust, removes oily shine, will give volume and a feeling of freshness to curls.
  • He does not contain in his "ingredients" silicone.

Lush and fructis


  • After using this makeup you will feel light and fresh. "on the head" .
  • It will remove all contaminants and excess sebaceous glands.
  • This composition does not make the curls heavier, but rather makes them lively and voluminous.
  • Also after applying the mop will acquire a light and unobtrusive fragrance.

Girlz only

  • Girlz only is suitable for absolutely all hair types.
  • After its application, the curls in a few minutes turn from polluted to clean.
  • It relieves from oily shine, as well as contributes to a more durable color of colored strands.
  • Putting it on the curls you will feel a pleasant citrus plume.

Batiste and girlz only

Naturally? This is not the entire list of current brands. It can last long enough. We introduced you to one of the most popular. But if you could not find a suitable one among this abundance, then we will tell you how to make this miracle remedy at home.

Dry shampoo do it yourself

Shampoo made from clay and talc

You will need cosmetic clay, the choice of clay is absolutely unlimited, it can be any!

  • Clay should take about 2 tablespoons, and to it pour 1 teaspoon of talc and half a spoon of baking soda. So you get ready-to-use cosmetics for washing the head. But this composition is suitable only for blondes.
  • If you are a brunette, then add 2 spoons of cocoa powder to the composition.

Shampoo from soda and milled oats

  1. To milled oats add 2 tablespoons of soda, oats you will need about 3 tablespoons.
  2. All this must be mixed, and then applied to the curls.
  3. Hold this composition for a few minutes, you can shake all the remnants and comb.

Video: how to use dry shampoo

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