Dry hair shampoo - how to use

In the arsenal of any woman or girl there will always be a bunch of cosmetic hair care products: various shampoos, masks, conditioners, and balms ... In addition to everything else, recently, dry shampoos have become quite relevant.

Dry hair shampoo - how to use

What is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoos are spray or powder, which can be used in special cases, for example, when you need to urgently run on a date or a business meeting, but there is simply no time for a full wash. The principle of operation of this tool is as follows: when applied to the hair, dry shampoo “collects” or otherwise absorbs all the dirt and sebum from the hair, without the need to use water. In addition, it is an ideal option for long trips, when there is no possibility to put yourself in order.

Our grandmothers used similar means, in those days flour was used as a dry shampoo, which was then very difficult to comb out from the hair. Instead of flour, starch, common edible salt and in general everything that was a powder were also used.

To date there are two types of dry shampoos: spray and powder (in the form of a pressed tile, which must first be crushed), but more often it is produced in the form of a spray in a can, which is convenient to use. It is enough to spray its contents onto the hair, then comb it out using a comb. First option, more practical, but more expensive and less economical. Second - cheaper, it will be enough for a long time, but it is not very convenient to apply powder to hair.

As for the composition, then the basis of any such funds are extracts of oats, white clay, corn, rice, as well as flavored fragrances, giving a pleasant fresh smell to the hair. In addition, essential oils and antibacterial agents such as triclosan may be included.

How to use dry shampoo?

Before proceeding with the washing procedure, it is necessary to remove all the gum and barrettes, carefully comb the hair. Begin to distribute the product from the roots to the ends, while it is convenient to divide the hair into strands. Do not be afraid, if the shampoo on the scalp, nothing wrong with that.

If you have spray aerosol, shake it well, then move your hand to a distance of 30 cm from the head and apply the tool. Dry shampoo should be applied more carefully to the strands that are most prone to oiliness. Then simply massage the head to evenly distribute the product over the entire head. Wait a couple of minutes and comb your hair.

Dry hair shampoo - how to use

Useful tips when using dry shampoo

• Opinion "the more shampoo, the cleaner the hair" - is wrong. Most likely, you will get the opposite effect, your hair will appear dirty and will get an unpleasant gray shade, so the main thing is not to overdo it;

• Apply dry shampoo can only be on dry hair. On wet hair, such a tool turns into lumps;

• It is important to thoroughly brush the powder from the hair, as well as check the skin behind the ears and neck, so that you do not end up in an awkward situation;

• Dry shampoo can be used as a means for volume, for this you need to bend down (so that the hair hangs loose), apply the agent on the roots and whip the hair with your hands. The result should please, you get the volume from the roots;

• Hairdressers often use dry products to give matte hair to already laid hair, for this you just need to carry a dry product over the top of the hairstyle.

How to use dry shampoo - video

Advantages and disadvantages of dry shampoos

Like any other tool, dry shampoos have both advantages and disadvantages.


• Dry shampoos are suitable for all types of hair;

• The use of such products increases the time interval between conventional traditional washing, which in turn will allow longer preserve the shade of dyed hair or the effect of keratin straightening;

• With this tool you can not only “temporarily” refresh your hair, but also add volume from the roots (even to thin hair);

• Dry shampoo is convenient to use on the road, where there is no access to water, as well as at home in case of emergency (turned off the water or when you urgently need to appear at work, school).


• Frequent use of dry shampoos can lead to clogging of the scalp pores, dryness, loss of natural shine and dandruff, as well as hair loss;

• Dry spray shampoo aerosol quickly ends;

• For owners of dark hair, using dry shampoo can give the effect of gray hair, so you need to comb it thoroughly;

• No dry shampoo will wash away the dirt and fatty layer of hair as well as normal, to which we are so used to, even if it is not cheap at all. They are created for the temporary effect of purity;

• If you have dry hair, you should not use dry shampoo, because the product can only aggravate the situation, increase the fragility of hair and hair loss.

Now, almost every brand of dry shampoo has the most popular dry shampoos:

Budget options - you can find them at any cosmetics store

1. Dry shampoo SYOSS Volume lift - Approximate price 250 p.2. Dry Fructis Shampoo Elastic Volume - approximate price of 230 p.3. Dry shampoo Dove Refresh + Care - Approximate price 350 p.

Dry hair shampoo - how to use

More expensive dry shampoos - you can buy them only in specialized stores of professional cosmetics.

1. Schwarzkopf Sealing dry shampoo powder - Refresh dust texture - price about 900r.2. Dry shampoo L'Oreal Professionnel Fresh dust Shampooing - price 800r.3. Dry hair shampoo Powder Refresh 01, Redken - about 1000r.

Dry hair shampoo - how to use
Dry shampoo - photo before and after
Dry hair shampoo - how to use
Dry hair shampoo - how to use
Dry hair shampoo - how to use
Dry hair shampoo - how to use
Dry hair shampoo - how to use
Dry hair shampoo - how to use
Dry hair shampoo - how to use
Dry hair shampoo - how to use
Dry hair shampoo - how to use
Dry hair shampoo - how to use

Remember that dry shampoo is not a tool for everyday use, it must be used as a last resort.

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