Diy hair masks - amazing effect at a low price

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Beautiful long curls at all times were and will be a symbol of femininity, comfort and tenderness. Modern manufacturers produce a wide range of hair care products of all types and with any problems. Shampoos, conditioners, gels, mousses and other styling products are created with the expectation that they will deal with such unpleasant phenomena as: hair loss, split ends, brittle and thin hair, dandruff, etc. Most of these remedies do have healing effects, but it can take a long time to achieve a result. The natural components of cosmetics, for example, egg yolk, nettle and other herbs, onion extracts and so on, have a positive effect on curls, because the best care for beauty and health always comes from nature. Therefore, people created a homemade hair mask.

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In cases where the curls are severely damaged, have been exposed to long-term adverse effects, such as those damaged by sunlight, salt water, dyeing or chemical perm, hair care specialists recommend more intensive use of natural ingredients, based on which you can make homemade hair masks .

It is worth noting that with age, curls need more and more care and nutrition, since the activity of their growth slows down. A big plus of home procedures is complete control over the composition of the product you will use.

Types of home masks and their effects

structure scheme

In order to make it easier to understand how hair masks work at home, it is worth saying a few words about the structure of the hair.

In their structure, they resemble trees: they have a root or follicle located in the scalp. Hair follicles are the lower part of the follicles. The part of the hair that is under the skin is called the root, and on the skin its core. The hair itself has a three-layer structure. The outer layer is called the cuticle, the middle cortex, the inner layer is the medulla.

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By the effects of homemade hair masks can be divided into nourishing and healing. Home-style medical hair masks have a greater effect on the affected curls, more on the cuticle, and nourishing on the follicles and the stem.

Split, brittle, thin, dull, dyed, clarified, burnt, subjected to chemical perm, curls need therapeutic procedures. To stimulate growth, when falling out, from dandruff, nourishing masks are shown.

There is an easy way to determine how much hair falls out - pay attention to the number of hairs remaining on the comb. A daily loss of 50 to 100 units is considered normal.

How to apply and prepare a mask for hair at home

  1. The compositions are applied to dry strands before washing.
  2. It is important to use the product while it is fresh, that is, immediately after preparation.
  3. All components must be thoroughly mixed.
  4. Apply homemade hair mask with hands or wide flat brushes.
  5. You should not overdo the composition on the curls, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect.
  6. When applying masks, the skin on the scalp should be well massaged to increase blood flow to the follicles.

brush application

Nourishing hair masks at home

Many nourishing hair masks are made on the egg base. It is believed that egg masks for hair fill curls with energy and strength from root to tip, contribute to rapid growth, give shine to hair.

Egg mask for hair is based on the abundant content of vitamin B3 in it, which is essential for the health of hair.

Egg Yolk Mask Recipes

For hair that has been chemically permed and dyed

Mix the yolk of one egg with 2 large spoons of honey and finely chopped green onions. After applying to the curls, you need to cover your head with a hat or towel to create the required temperature. The mask for the hair of the egg is applied for an hour.

For oily hair and anti-dandruff

Mix the yolks of two eggs with 100 ml of lemon juice and a few drops of burdock oil. Apply to the roots for half an hour.

For brittle and weak hair

Mix the yolks of two eggs with two large spoons of arnica and two tablespoons of burdock oil. Apply on strands, cover with a hat or towel. Apply to forty-fifty minutes.

For fast hair growth

Mix the yolks of two eggs with two large spoons of brandy or one tablespoon of alcohol. Apply, paying great attention to the roots. Cover your head with a hat. Hold for about forty minutes.

For intensive hair restoration

Mix the yolks of two eggs with a large spoon of burdock oil, a spoon of castor oil and two spoons of honey. Add a small spoonful of brandy and brewer's yeast. Heat for five minutes in a steam bath and distribute under the strands under a hat or towel for a half to two hours.

Nourishing mask

towel around the head

Mix one egg yolk, a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of aloe, a grated garlic head grated on a fine grater. Apply to the washed curls along the entire length. Apply for half an hour under the cap. Wash off with warm water.


Mix the yolk of two eggs with a glass of kefir and a large spoon of mustard. Apply to forty minutes, rinse without shampoo. This composition improves blood flow to the roots.

For shine hair

Mix one egg yolk with glycerin and ascorbic acid. Apply to wet clean strands, put on a cap. The holding time of this mass is half an hour.

To accelerate growth

clay in a bowl

A simple recipe for hair growth at home on the basis of cosmetic clay, yolk, butter, liquid honey and lemon juice. Clay will need 2 teaspoons, 1 chicken yolk, 2 teaspoons of any melted butter, 2 teaspoons of honey and 50 ml of lemon juice. This composition is aged for 20 minutes and washed off.

Against fallout

Uncomplicated recipe masks for hair loss at home on the basis of bread. Take a small loaf of coarse black bread and fill it with hot water, the bread should stand like that for about an hour, then knead it well, turning it into mush. Bread mask is applied over the entire head and left for 1.5 hours, then washed off.

Moisturizing composition

henna for hair

Moisturizing hair masks at home have different recipes, but we give a recipe, one of the most effective. The main active components of this compound and honey. You will need colorless henna 2 teaspoons, the same amount of liquid honey, 50 ml of weak cognac, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 chicken yolk. The finished composition is distributed over the head of hair and left for half an hour, after washing the head with shampoo.

Plant-based nutritional masks

Dandelion mask

dandelions for masks

Blender dandelion, rowan and mint leaves in a blender. Apply gruel to the entire length of the strands. Cover your head with a towel. Mass hold about half an hour. A homemade dandelion mask can be applied up to three times per week. It is very effective against dandruff.

Pea mask


Grind pea beans in a coffee grinder, soak overnight in warm water. Apply for half an hour along the entire length of the curls. Rinse without shampoo. The composition is good for greasy hair.

Onion mask

Rub into the roots of three large spoons of juice, squeezed from onions. Keep an hour or two under a hat or towel. Wash off with shampoo. When applied twice a week, helps speed hair growth.

Squash mask

Finely grate 200 g of zucchini and squeeze juice from the obtained gruel. Mix with half a glass of milk, apply on curls for twenty minutes. This compound is indicated for dry hair. It nourishes and gives them shine.


Grind the rolled oats into a coffee grinder and pour hot water over the whole length of the strands for twenty minutes.

Plantain, Chamomile, Sage and Nettle

Mix a tablespoon of the above ingredients, pre-crushed in a coffee grinder, with a glass of water and 200 g of black bread. Apply the mixture for two hours under the cap, rinse without using shampoo. This composition is well suited for normal hair.

From wheat

Grind wheat grains, mix the powder with a large spoon of olive oil. Smear under the towel on the scalp. The composition is applied for fifteen minutes and then rinse with water with the addition of lemon juice.

Fruit composition

Grind in a blender in equal proportions banana, avocado, melon. Add a large spoonful of ground grains of wheat germ, a spoonful of yogurt and vitamin E in the ampoule. Apply for half an hour, rinse with warm water. This composition gives the hair vitality, fills them with vitamins.

Yeast Mask

Mix a third of the yeast sticks and a teaspoon of sugar in warm water. Stand for half an hour, apply the composition along the entire length of the curls under the cap. The duration of the composition is an hour. Wash off with tar soap. This systematic use of the mass accelerates the growth of hair.

A good way to multiply the effects of homemade hair masks is to use rye bread instead of purchased headwashing products.

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Now you have learned that hair mask at home is an effective remedy for many problems of the scalp and of course your hair. It is easy to prepare, the ingredients included in it have a low cost, and the effect can overshadow the effect of any salon services or expensive cosmetics.

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