Diagonal parting

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Depending on the parting, the hairstyle can drastically change, adding to the image of femininity, originality, extravagance or severity. This ability is more possessed by the diagonal parting. Experimenting with it, you can independently change the styling at least every day, and without the help of a hairdresser, at home. Not surprisingly, parting diagonally is often found in fashion shows by famous fashion designers and designers. Due to the asymmetry, hairstyles with him turn out gorgeous.

Who is suitable for parting obliquely

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Parting diagonally can be done on hair of any type and any length. It will be interesting to look with the usual tail, made with your own hands, with neat waves, with straight hair, with a variety of styling and short haircuts.

Having created a diagonal parting, you can add originality and grace to any styling. In addition, parting obliquely helps to redistribute the volume of hair and it can be used in the process of creating hairstyles on the side. Pay special attention to such a line of strand separation should be the owners of not too voluminous hair, because it perfectly helps to hide this shortcoming.

Oblique parting is an element of many styles.

Parting diagonally is found in hairstyles of a wide variety of styles. In retro styling, a volume is created with it, for which the hair behind it is combed and styled, and the hair before it smoothes and is laid close to the head. Boyish hairstyles with an oblique separation line should be done with the effect of wet hair. To do this, a hairline separation line is created, and then the hair is brushed back with wax and fixed.

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Evening hairstyles also often use a diagonal parting. In this case, the hair can be both straight and wavy, and even curly. Acting step by step, depending on its length, you can make an elegant strict styling, lush solemn or airy feminine. By the way, the scheme of creating a diagonal separation of strands is great for hairstyles with braids. There is almost unlimited field of opportunity. The main thing is to act in stages - first make a line of separation, and then weave braids.

How to make a parting on the diagonal

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The instruction for creating the diagonal line of separation of the cheverlura is simple For the realization of the conceived styling with it you will definitely need a flat comb with a long handle.

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  1. To make the hair cut obliquely, you need to hold the comb handle from the forehead diagonally in the opposite direction, focusing on the tip of the nose as the center point. The direction of the separation line, its depth and the side of the hairline are all your decision. By the way, such a separation may not be all over the head, but only to a certain point, for example, if a lush bundle is created at the back of the head, and before it the hair is laid in unequal parts obliquely.
  2. If the diagonal line on the head is not typical for your everyday hairstyle, you cannot do without fixing tools, especially if you create a styling for yourself.
  3. To the line of separation was smooth and clear, you should use wax, fixing varnish or gel. Also, the process of its creation can be started with drying the hair: part on the wet hair and part and dry the curls, putting them in the right direction.

 Hair options with a diagonal parting

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On the fashion shows of world famous designers laying parted diagonally are often found. Also love hairstyles with a distribution of hair diagonally of movie stars and music. Variants of such styling are a huge number, from smooth “under the boy” to lush “Greek”, with bunches, tails, waves, bangs and without them, curly curls and straight strands, braids, and bouffant. Experiment and choose to always remain irresistible and attractive.

Video: hairstyles suitable for diagonal parting

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