Determine your hair type (table)

Determine your hair type (table)
You may have thought that this article would be useless for you, since you have long known your hair type.

Of course, you relate your hair to a certain type, but there are many nuances. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the terminology and not only.

For example, take the times of our grandmothers, when it was customary to wash once a week, there was such a special bath day.

All week, until the next bath, the hair looked clean. Nowadays, such hair will be attributed to the dry type and will recommend you to use nourishing balms and masks.

Another point is the human body, which is constantly changing, and as a result, the state and type of your hair can change. These changes may be reversible and irreversible.

Irreversible changes include genetic changes, for example, during puberty, straight and blond hair of a girl can become dark and wavy and they will last for a lifetime.

Reversible changes are changes associated with various diseases, nutrition, lifestyle and other factors. For example, after resting on the sea, hair under the influence of sea water and excess sun becomes dry, brittle and lifeless. But reversible changes are good because you can always fix them, giving your hair proper attention and care.

Table to determine your hair type

Determine your hair type (table)

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