Dandruff - white scales that are on the scalp. Outwardly, dandruff resembles fine snow on the head, but, unlike snow, it causes much more problems. Dandruff not only makes your hair unclean, but is a serious manifestation of internal problems, such as metabolic disorders and malfunctioning sebaceous glands. Dandruff treatment is a complicated process - once you have cured it, there is no guarantee that it will not reappear, therefore dandruff requires a comprehensive approach to treatment. Sometimes it takes several months to treat dandruff.

To start, you should consult a doctor trichologist. He will help you determine the type of scalp (dry, oily or normal) and select the appropriate treatment for hair. For the organization of proper nutrition, refer to a nutritionist, he will be able to prescribe you a diet that is most suitable for the improvement of your hair. And the endocrinologist will correct your hormonal background. After consultation, your comprehensive approach to treating dandruff and revitalizing your hair will be ready.

Some researchers believe that the cause of dandruff on the head is a fungus. On the eye, you, of course, do not determine whether you have this microscopic fungus on your head, this is another reason to go to a specialist. Surely on the shelves of shops you saw a huge selection of anti-dandruff products, these are shampoos and balms and all sorts of lotions, but only one of them are effective, and they are expensive.

Along with professional and therapeutic means, you can use traditional medicine. For example, decoctions of chamomile or nettle are well suited for rinsing hair. If you have dry hair, then you can help the mask of sea buckthorn with olive oil. Tincture of calendula flowers is effective when rubbed into the scalp. On top of that drink vitamins for hair. In general, the most important recommendation in the fight for the beauty of hair is a thorough care and constant attention to hair and the body!

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