Daily care for long hair

Daily care for long hair

Beautiful and healthy hair - the merit of daily care for them. If you will do a mask once or twice a week, and for the rest of the time you don’t pay enough attention to your hair, they, unfortunately, will not be better.

The main thing in the right care - minimizing traumatic factors such as hair dryers, irons, hard scratching, chemical dyeing, perm and others. If you want to grow long and healthy hair, it is best to abandon these procedures and treat them carefully.

1. Combing long hair. For long hair - hair combing is particularly relevant, as they are more confused and harder to comb. Long hair should be combed from the bottom, gently separate the strands and unravel the nodules. The main recommendation when combing - do not comb wet hair, even slightly damp. If you are afraid not to untangle the hair, then comb them after applying a balm or mask.

2. Select a comb (brushes) - for long hair it is better to use brushes with natural bristles, as well as wooden combs. Do not use metal combs in any case. Read more about choosing a comb here.

3. Long hair in daily life - if your hair is thin and easily confused, then you should not dissolve them on the street. Build hair in a ponytail or braid. In winter and autumn, do not allow strong friction of hair on collars and clothing in the neck. This makes them more fragile and brittle.

4. Climatic conditions. We live in different parts of the world, where there are completely different climatic conditions. But there are basic rules for hair care, both in the hot and in the cold season. In winter, try to hide hair under a hat and clothes, do not expose them to low temperatures, especially after washing. In hot weather, try to hide your hair from the sun and wind. Pay attention to hair care while relaxing at sea.

Daily care for long hair

5. Washing and drying hair. Wash long hair as it should be carefully, without entangling them, evenly apply to the shampoo on the hair and slightly massage the scalp and hair with your fingers. Then wash off the shampoo and apply a balm. Using a mask or balm is a must.

Important rule - Do not wash your hair with hot water. When drying do not rub your hair with a towel. If you do not use styling products, then use the following recommendations: before washing, carefully comb your hair, and apply shampoo only on the hair roots, this way to allow less dry ends.

If you use styling products, the shampoo should be applied to the entire length of hair. It is best to dry the hair naturally. If you are using a hair dryer, then you should not use too hot air, as well as use our recommendations when choosing a hair dryer.

6. Trimming the tips. The tips of long hair are particularly affected, they dry out faster and break. Experts advise to trim the tips at least once every 2-3 months at least half a centimeter.

This is perhaps the main advice for long hair care. These tips are easy enough to accomplish, and the result will be on your hair!

All of the above tips are, so to speak, the basis. In my opinion, they are quite easy to do and at the same time they give an excellent result even without the use of special medical and supporting means.

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