Curling hair ironing

curls with an iron

Waving hair ironing at first glance it seems something crazy. After all, the iron so called: it is designed to smooth hair. But girls who do not want to spend extra money on curling, adapted to use the iron for curling hair.

What is the iron

Another name is hair straightener. From this definition, the main function of the device is clearer. And indeed, thanks to this adaptation, curly girls were able to have perfectly straight hair. Previously, this service was available only in the salons, but now everyone has the opportunity to buy a hair iron and straighten hair independently.

In appearance, the hair straightener looks like tongs, inside which are two heated ceramic plates. Between them and skip the hair strands one by one to get a smooth styling.

chic curls

The best irons are those that have a tourmaline coating. It is more gentle, because when heated produces beneficial ions that positively affect the structure of the hair. Ordinary ceramic plates are too dry curls.

Curling Tips

So we went back to where we started the story. Hair curling irons began to be used relatively recently. This is very convenient because you do not need to buy an additional device. Understanding the technology of curling is easy, this will help step by step instructions. But before telling you how to curl your hair with a straightener step by step, let's talk about some points that should be observed in order to make things right.

  • Ironing should be done on a clean head, so before that it should be washed with shampoo.
  • If you want the curls to hold as long as possible, you can use mousse or foam.
  • To protect the curls from heat exposure, you should put on them a special tool sold in stores. It can be presented in the form of a spray or balm and is applied after the mousse.
  • The hair should be combed.
  • Starting the curl should be with the strands behind, to make it easier to adjust the thickness of the curls.
  • When working with the iron should be careful. Although the devices were made so that it was difficult to burn, still it is necessary to ensure that the heated plates do not touch the scalp and especially the face.

How to curl hair ironing

Now you can talk about how to wind your hair with an iron at home. You can do it yourself or ask your sister or girlfriend. If the hair is very thick and long, then the hands may get tired, so outside help will not interfere. Consider four ways of laying with curls that can be done at home using a straightener.

Classic curls

  1. We take a fine order;
  2. We clamp it between the plates ironing, retreating from the head by 15 cm;
  3. We take the tip of the strand with our free hand and wind it onto the rectifier;
  4. We make a smooth movement ironing down, as if smoothing the strand. She will come out from under the ironing already curly;
  5. We do this with all the strands. In the end we fix the laying with varnish.

waving rectifier

The thinner the locks from which the curls will be made, the less they need to be kept in the iron. If you need thick curls, then you need to hold them for about 20-30 seconds before pulling the rectifier from the strands.

Artistic mess

This method tells how to curl hair with a straightener without twisting the strands on the device. Hairstyle get playful and lush. We will describe the instructions step by step:

  1. Divide the hair into fine strands;
  2. We twist each strand into a flagellum and fix it with a heated iron;
  3. Due to the thermal effect, the curls will remain in the same form in which they were in a bundle, even after unwinding;
  4. We do the same with all strands.

curls on dark hair

The iron for curling hair in this way should have the largest possible area of ​​the plates for the convenience of capturing the flagella. Flagella can jump out of narrow forceps. For classic curls, on the contrary, the rectifier should have narrow plates.

Volumetric hairstyle

Every girl knows that if you wash your hair for a night and braid pigtails on wet hair, you will be curly the next day. If such curls are needed urgently, then again curling hair will help the iron. In this case, the rectifier will play the role of an accelerator for the process of obtaining curls.

  1. Moisten the hair with water or apply a moisturizing mousse;
  2. Braid pigtails (the amount depends on the desired result: what will be more, the smaller the curls will be);
  3. We heat each pigtail with an iron;
  4. We unravel braids and, without combing them, sprinkle with varnish. It turns the volume hairstyle.

Warning: you can not keep the iron in one place for more than 20 seconds. For very fine hair, it is better to use a brand of rectifiers with a heating control system that turns off the device when it reaches a high temperature.

Chic curls

This scheme allows you to get very beautiful curls, but it’s quite difficult to iron your hair with an iron in such a way. This is a long and painstaking work that requires precision.

styling creation

  1. We take a thin strand, we wind it on a finger up to the roots;
  2. Carefully remove the hair from the finger and fasten it on the head of the invisible;
  3. We take the iron and press the resulting ring for 5-8 seconds;
  4. We leave the strand in place and repeat the same with all the hair;
  5. As you fill the head with ready-made “rings”, you can remove the invisible;
  6. If done correctly, the curls are smooth and very beautiful.

Nothing is impossible

Make perfect curls from the first time is not always obtained. Still, this requires a certain skill. At first it may seem that the iron is not quite suitable for the chosen method, the mousse does not sufficiently moisturize the hair, or it turns out not what I wanted to see in the end. In any case, you need to try, and with time you can learn to use any irons for curling hair, regardless of the width of their plates and heating modes.

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