Curling hair "angel curls" - an alternative to chemistry

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Why many girls are negative about perm? All because each of us has a friend or acquaintance, whose "curling" the experience was unsuccessful: the curls lost their healthy appearance and felt stiff and dry to the touch. But today, professionals offer girls a promising alternative called "Curling Angel Curls". What it is, how to do a biowave Angel Curls, how good the result and how much the service costs you will find out in the article. We will show you a photo of girls before and after the procedure and an informative video about its implementation.

What is an Angel Curls Curl?

Curling the hair of an angel's curls, known as Angel's curl, is a procedure that changes the structure of the hair with a delicate composition without ammonia and thioglycolic acid. Unlike classical chemistry, perm means not only does not spoil the hair, but also enriches them with proteins, vitamins and natural ingredients that make up its composition. Biowave Angel Curls gently affects the scalp and hair and does not cause allergic reactions.

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Benefits of Curling Angel Curls

Curling an angel's curls, unlike conventional chemistry, which a good specialist would not do on damaged strands, can be done on dyed or weakened hair. Among the advantages of Angel's curl are the following:

  • You will get soft and generously air-conditioned curls.
  • The diameter of the curl, you can choose yourself, depending on your preferences. The composition of Angel's curl can be made as large curls in the style of Hollywood film stars, and curls in the afro style.
  • Clarified and streaked strands can be curled using this technology.
  • The composition does not have a sharp unpleasant smell.
  • Angel curls can be combined with various salon procedures for hair, for example, with dyeing or keratin prosthetics.
  • The composition is safe with repeated use, repeat biowave can be every 3 months.

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How to Curl an Angel

Before performing the procedure, the master will clarify your wishes and select the composition depending on your hair condition. The composition is available in three variations: for dyed, natural and bleached strands. After that, with your hair will hold such manipulations:

  1. First of all, you wash your head.
  2. Then all the hair will be screwed on the curlers of your chosen diameter. As a rule, these are small curlers, and the end result resembles truly angel curls.
  3. The master carefully moistens each strand with lotion so as not to miss a single hair.
  4. After that, you will wear a plastic hat on your head and for about 20 minutes you will be able to read the magazine on the couch in the cabin.
  5. After the time has elapsed, the master will wash off the composition from the head and apply a neutralizer on it. It is applied twice according to a special scheme: first, the agent is left on the head about 7-10 minutes, then it is washed off, the hair curlers are unwound and the neutralizer is repeated on curls, reducing the time to 4-5 minutes.
  6. The neutralizer is washed off from the head of hair with warm water.
  7. The final stage is coating the strands with a protein-rich compound.
  8. The tool is kept on the head about 15 minutes, again wash the head with warm water and do the styling.

the result of curling on short haircuts

Curling an angel curls will please you with an elastic curl up to six months. The master will warn you that in the first two days after the manipulations you can not wash your hair.

How much is a biowave Angel's curl

Chemical perm Curls angel has an affordable price and this is its undeniable plus. If you have a short haircut, the price of the service will be approximately 3,000 rubles, while traditional chemistry will cost about 2,000 at the same length. For girls with long curls, curls of an angel will cost 6-7 thousand rubles. Of course, you can find salons where it is cheaper to buy this service, but reviews say that it is better not to save money. You can get into the hands of not the most experienced specialist and the result may be disappointing.

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If you dream of beautiful and healthy curls, chemical curls angel curls today is the best way to get them. Share your experience, successful or not, leaving feedback at the end of the article.

Video: Expert opinion on biowave Angel Curls

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