Creative hairstyles show originality in styling

original styling

Each girl at some point may want to try on avant-garde hairstyle. Not everyone dares to do unusual styling in everyday life, but there are plenty of reasons to repeat women's creative hairstyles on her head - these are Halloween, and parties with friends, and rock concerts, and graduation at school. Hollywood beauties increasingly prefer bright and non-standard styling for the red tracks, because this is how you can stand out from the crowd of young ladies in evening dresses. Looking at them it is easy to choose an interesting option for yourself. If you are faced with one of these reasons or you are simply looking for your image, this article will be useful to you.

Creative hairstyles for long hair

singer Kesha

Long-haired girls are especially lucky, for them there are a lot of options for unusual images. Make madness on your head, give vent to fantasy and you will definitely get an impressive result. "Creative" in translation from English means "creative", and that says it all. Forget about conventions, use different techniques of dyeing, weaving, twist curls into strands, create unusual brushes, all this can be done with long curls. Singer Kesh is a bright representative of star rebels who chooses such styling. On her example, you can choose for yourself interesting options for long strands, and consider them.

Rock styling for rebel

Creative hairstyles for long hair in the style of Rock have become frequent guests of the red tracks on the stellar heads. This year, styling that imitates a shaved part of the head has become especially popular. She tried on almost all Hollywood divas, including Kesha. It is very easy to make such a set for yourself at home, to do this, familiarize yourself with the step-by-step scheme, and then gradually repeat everything on your head:

  1. Divide the low part of the hair into 2 parts.
  2. Most of the nasheshit and wind on the curling iron, pre-applied on the strands of mousse for styling.
  3. On the strands of the second part of the head you need to apply the gel or fluid to make it smooth.
  4. From these strands braid horizontal braids in 2-3 rows, as close as possible to the head, tightening them as much as possible, then they will be as accurate as possible.

pigtail on the side

To make the hairstyle even more unusual, you can use colored crayons for hair, highlighting the ends or individual strands in bright color, brunettes will suit rich pink, and for blondes you can take, for example, an acidic green color.

A riot of color in the hair

Another creative hairstyle singer Keshi, with whom she appeared in the clip Dirty Love is a magnificent head of hair with a parted part, half of which is painted in blue, and the second in pink. Such styling can not go unnoticed. It’s very easy to do it yourself, it’s not at all necessary to dye your hair with dyes, because modern hair products allow you to tint the strands for a short time without harm to them.

bright colored hair

You can use the services of professionals and do color biolamination of hair, or you can use dry pastel or tonic on your own. Be sure to read the instructions to the tool, so as not to overdo it and apply it correctly to the hair Variants of such staining for long strands are countless: you can apply a different shade to each strand, paint only the tips or only the roots, just bang or come up with an intricate pattern.

Catty perry

If you are a blonde, options for coloring Kesha will help you, brown-haired women can turn to Lana Del Rey's color solutions, and brunettes to help with the hair of Katy Perry. This technique allows you to create creative hairstyles for long hair without going to the hairdresser and the complex elements and designs on the head.

Creative hairstyles for medium hair

For girls with medium hair, the incomparable Lady Gaga can be an example of creativity and originality. This scandalous singer tried, perhaps, all the most non-standard hairstyles in the world. Thanks to Lady Gaga, the “Hair Bow” hairstyle came into fashion a couple of years ago, but this is not the only styling option that can be borrowed from her. The incredible shapes of traditional bunches, original accessories for hair and, of course, bold staining - all this can be seen on Lady Gaga's head and put into service, and by slightly simplifying the ardent outrage of Gaga you can get beautiful female creative hairstyles.

hair bow

Babette can look quite unconventional

Such a traditional styling element, like babetta, is associated with the image of a lady and creative hairstyles for medium hair do not appear in the head at all. But Lady Gaga managed to make an unusual styling with babette, combining it with bright roots and a powerful hair accessory. She appeared in this manner at the presentation of her perfume Feme. Despite the long hair of the singer in this image, this style will look great on medium-length hair. To give Babette a new life, make a pile at the top of the head, and wind loose strands on the curling iron, then put on the head an unusual decoration and styling is ready.

braid of braid

High styling in the style of Lady Gaga

High creative hairstyles for medium hair will look spectacular and unbroken, if done correctly. You can make a powerful bundle in combination with smooth roots or use a special large-size pad on which smooth strands are wound around. And you can make a tall babette from heavily combed strands. Coloring will make styling eccentric, you can paint the whole head of hair or a fringe with a bright color with crayons.

high smooth beam

Creative hairstyles for short hair

Short creative hairstyles are unusual patterns cut from the hair, “hedgehogs”, grunge bouffant of elongated strands and the most unexpected color solutions. The brightest star representative with short strands can be considered Rihanna with her various creative styling of short haircuts.

Cock for dudes

Tilda swinton

Such creative hairstyles for short hair are known from the time of Elvis, they are popular, but at the same time original. It is possible to make laying Kok if you have elongated strands. It is very easy:

  1. Wash your hair and apply styling on the wet hair.
  2. Blow dry your hair at medium temperature.
  3. Apply styling wax on your fingers and using your fingers, put the strands up and back until you get a showy tuft.
  4. Take a little wax and smooth sticking hairs.
  5. Strong fixing varnish will help to keep the volume.

For a more voluminous coca, strands can be combed with a special comb for combing.

Color experiments

beautiful rihanna

As for longer hair, a variety of color techniques will help make a short hairstyle creative. In the case of Rihanna, it is a combination of dark and light strands, rich red hair and a combination of shaved temples of one color with the crown of another. Block dyeing on a short length looks interesting, you can combine several shades in a hair style in this way.

Choose bold options and surprise your friends and people around you. Of course, star beauties can afford more in creating original images, and for everyday life such styling may seem too avant-garde, but taking the star styling idea as a basis, you can create a more relaxed, but unusual, personal look.

Video: creative hairstyle "Hair bow"

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