Creative haircuts for different hair lengths

original screen dyeing

Each girl has her own taste and preferences in the style of clothing and hairstyle. Some people like the classics, some prefer consistency, but out of ten girls there will definitely be one who likes originality and outrageousness and she will certainly appreciate women's creative haircuts. If you are looking for new, bold ideas for your image and want to stand out from the crowd, this article will be useful to you.

Creative haircuts for short hair

Creative short haircuts - the choice of bold girls, because such an image will certainly attract the views and be discussed by others. As with any hairstyle, creative haircuts for short hair should fit the style of the girl as a whole. If you like to shock and surprise, you can give preference to a variant that combines ultrashort and long strands. Additionally, you can select long curls by staining, so you will further enhance the effect.

female hedgehog

“Hedgehogs”, which are easy to wear, look quite creative, and laying your own hands will not give you a hassle. The “hedgehog” at the back fits well with a long asymmetrical bang. You can make the image even more bold and shave the whiskey. There are a lot of options, and any creative haircuts for short hair can be made individual and even more original using the following techniques.

Hair Tattoo- create individuality

hair tattoo

Hair Tattoo is an artistic haircut of the strands that imitates a tattoo on the head. An experienced master can cut absolutely any pattern and image from the simplest curls to complex pictures, inscriptions and even portraits. You can use this technique in almost any short model. Girls who want to effectively stand out among others will be delighted with this technique, because it allows you to become the owner of a unique hairstyle, expressing the individuality of the hostess.

hair tattoo on nape

The wizard will use the scheme you have proposed or select one of the drawing options in your arsenal. Using scissors or a machine, the master will gradually create a masterpiece on your head. Unfortunately, in a couple of weeks the drawing will not be clear, as the hair will grow back, it needs to be constantly updated. And if you suddenly get bored with Hair Tattoo, you can let go of the length a bit to later cut out something new.

Block staining for short strands

Using paints of different colors, you can achieve a very effective result. Block staining is ideal for short lengths. All strands are visually divided into blocks, and then, having picked up the colors of the desired colors, they are painted step by step. It is possible to make block coloring to oneself at home, but it is better to entrust it to a professional. Then the result will surely please you.

block coloring

Block staining is carried out according to standard instructions, but it is necessary to clearly outline the color arrangement plan. The more colors you plan to use, the more difficult the process will be. Creative hairstyles of short length most often have such silhouettes, which themselves will tell you which areas are better to paint. Some haircuts and ask to select individual strands or blocks, for example, shaved whiskey of bright color in combination with natural curls at the top will look very impressive.

Creative haircuts for medium hair

Female creative haircuts for medium length hair are quite diverse. Here your imagination is given a great will.

You can combine ultra-short bangs and the effect of “caps” with long strands on the sides and elongated curls at the back. If you collect long strands in a braid, the “cap” and bangs will create the impression of a short hairstyle. This perception can be enhanced by staining, highlighting the “cap” in one color, and elongated curls in another.

three bright girls

You can also combine waves and zigzags of strands on your head. It will be interesting to look at different lengths on the sides of the head. You can make one side very short or even shave one side, but on the other, leave as long as possible. This hairstyle will allow you to change your image for different occasions: dividing the strands on the parting and closing the shaved part of the hair, you will have a regular haircut for medium hair. And having collected all the long strands on one side, you will open the ultrashort part of the head, making your hair creative.

Screen coloring for medium length

screen coloring

Creative haircuts for medium hair can be decorated with such techniques as screen dyeing. With it, you can create unusual patterns and drawings, making a work of art out of your head. For such staining need a stencil, paint or tinting tools in the form of sprays. Stencil dyeing can be done independently or ask for help in applying a girlfriend. Having picked up the necessary stencil, you can recreate on your curls complex drawings and patterns, and even the flag of your own state.

Multistage looks creative

Multistage creative haircuts for medium hair will create a very complex effect. Each tier is cut along a separate line, which has a clear boundary. In the care, this model is more complex, it will look beautiful only on perfectly even strands. In the daily installation should be present means to make the curls of smoothness and ironing. In this technique, you can create interesting models in fusion style.


Here, too, will be appropriate staining. You can highlight each tier or individual strands in different shades. Fresh technique: gradient transition on the curls. You can stretch the color from tier to tier, choosing adjacent colors.

Creative haircuts for long hair

Creative long haircuts will help you to combine femininity and originality in the image. You can leave the length of the strands the same and add unusual elements, such as bold bangs. Various staining will help you, which will make your look even more unusual.

Just add bangs

multistage bangs

It would seem that such a simple element of a haircut as a fringe, can make a masterpiece of an ordinary head of hair with the same length. Creative haircuts for long hair can have different bangs: even with elongated strands in the center, multistage, futuristic. Any form can be translated into reality by an experienced master.

Abrupt transitions will not leave your person without attention

redhead and blonde

Often, creating creative haircuts for long hair, the master takes the cascade as the basis, but makes the transitions more pronounced and less frequent. The result is a multi-level model with a tread effect. Skillfully using these levels, you can emphasize facial features and smooth out its shape. This haircut is versatile and will look the same good as brunettes and blondes.

Pixel hair coloring - a new creative trend

pixel coloring

Girls with long curls can take advantage of an interesting technique that has recently appeared on the hairdresser's stage; this is pixel coloring of the strands. It can be performed on any length, but on long hair you can achieve maximum effectiveness. The technique of this coloring is very difficult, it is not for every professional. The strand behind the strand is colored with different colors, so that as a result a voluminous graphic pattern appears on the hair, which resembles Tetris cubes or an equalizer. Such a pattern clearly looks on smooth long strands. Pixel coloring will make your haircut the most creative.

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