Creative hair coloring - the latest techniques

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The desire to be at the forefront of fashion pushes some women to bold stylistic decisions. This applies to bright multicolored hairstyles that offer: green, blue, purple, pink and other unusual colors for coloring curls. The fashion trend has come to taste for many girls and is increasingly being implemented in everyday looks, smoothly migrating from designer shows of famous brands. Thus, creative hair dyeing, using the original proposals of stylists and hairdressers, fully allows you to show your individuality.

Types of creative hair coloring

segmental hair painting

Undoubtedly, creative hair dyeing is the style of active, courageous and extraordinary girls seeking to attract attention. The fantasy and possibilities of the masters of hairdressing make it possible to embody any coloristic idea. At the same time according to the technique of execution, creative painting is divided into two types:

  • segmental;
  • screen printing.

Segmentary Hair Coloring

Segmental painting involves the division of hair into sections, followed by highlighting them in a certain color. It does not follow the chaotic coloring, by no means, everything is planned in advance and step by step looks like this:

  1. Drawn a hairstyle layout on paper or computer.
  2. Color combinations between themselves, skin color and eyes are verified. Specific geometric refractions are taken into account.
  3. The surface of the head is divided into zones, measured in centimeters in accordance with the conceived plan.
  4. The painting process is carried out directly.

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It should be noted that the creative dyeing for short hair looks particularly advantageous in the segmental version.

Stencil painting futuyu-futuazh

Stencil dyeing (futures) is the ability to create a unique pattern / pattern on the curls using a template and color transitions. The image for the stencil can be made exclusive or use a standard blank. In this case, the creative coloring of long hair is more to the stencil type of performance.

girls with black and white print on the hair

Creative hair coloring of medium length allows you to use both stencil and segment technology. The main condition is smooth strands.

Paints for creative coloring

In order for the hairstyle not to lose its original appearance in the long term, it is necessary to carefully choose the paint - use only persistent compounds. Shading gels or half-pigment products will not work, as they are quickly washed away and the effect of coloring disappears.

girls with bright hair

It should be borne in mind that shades unnatural for hair (blue, light green, pink and others) will not be held long on the head of hair or they will need to be tinted regularly. Do not forget about the natural color of the strands. So, creative coloring of short hair of light shades will look more expressive. On dark hair, it may not appear at all, so the painting procedure should be carried out in stages: first, lightening, then dyeing the desired color.

At home, you can independently play with stencil painting using disposable means: mascara, colored chalk, or pigment gels. Even if you do not get the desired picture from the first time, you can always try again or correct a failed experiment.

stencil coloring with leopard print

Pay attention to the leading manufacturers of coloring cosmetics: Manic Panic, Stargazer, Directions. Among their cosmetic series there are hair products with semi-pigments made from natural ingredients. With their regenerating properties, they will not only give the necessary shade to the hair, but also serve as a nourishing and regenerating composition.

Some practical tips

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If you dye your hair with your own hands, it is necessary to do this with gloves, as the dye may remain on the skin. You also need to protect those surfaces with which the paint will come into contact.

  • The painting instruction in the stencil variant recommends applying the pigment to washed, combed and sprinkled varnishes.
  • Apply the pigment in a generous layer, spreading the entire length, stepping back from the crown by 0.5 centimeters. The scheme of dividing hair into zones should correspond to a preliminary layout that can be developed by oneself.
  • For bright personalities who want not only to stand out from the crowd, but also to be remembered by many, creative coloring of haircuts made in straight geometric cuts with length differences will be an excellent solution. So the graphic form of the hairstyle itself can be skillfully emphasized with the help of one or another color, thereby enhancing the effect created by the hairstyle. But in this case, that the method of creating hairstyles, that the dyeing technique is rather complicated, so do not take risks, but rely on a specialist who has established himself as a professional in creative hairdressing.

Video: technique of hair color staining

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