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dip dye staining

Explosive hair coloring dip dye conquered the world of celebrities and descended from the strips of tabloids in our daily lives.

The history of the "colorful tips"

Multi-color dip dye was born in 2009, when high fashion podiums were filled with girls with rainbow-colored hair. The mainstream quickly won the hearts of fashionistas around the world, as if they followed the example of the cult hard rocker Todd Rundgren, whose colored tips of hair shocked contemporaries in the 70s.

model and Nikki Minaj

The eighties saw the rainbow strands of Cindy Loper, and in the 90s, Kate Moss herself did coloring dip-dye tips, making a note of madness in the image of the goddess. Not so long ago, Katie Shillingford, editor of a fashion magazine, tried to color the tips of her hair - her photo went around the Internet, forcing many to reconsider their overly conservative views on female beauty.

Katie Shillingford

The process of staining dip give

A simple deep diving scheme is to create the effect of colored crayons on the hair. You need to choose two or more shades that are in harmony with the main (original) hair color and between themselves.

Deep give for blondes

If the hair is blond, then everything is simple - the paint is applied immediately, the preparation is not needed.

  1. We use elastic bands to fix the strands on the border of coloring.
  2. We wrap the already painted bunches with foil so that they do not soil each other, and the colors do not mix.

Iggy Azazello and Model

Deep give for brunettes

How to be the owner of dark blond hair, brown hair and brunettes? Here, hair dyeing is difficult - not every dye will take a dark color without lightening. Therefore, it is necessary to act according to a pattern similar to ombra staining. The ombre dip dye technique is available at home and includes the following steps:

  1. Preparation of tools (paints, brightener, brushes, foil, gloves, hairdresser rezinochki, apron);
  2. We make an even parting. After that, the weight of the hair is combed towards the face, the level of color transition is marked with rubber bands;
  3. The lightening component is applied on the same strand by volume, wrapped in foil. How much to keep the clarifier on the curls - tell us the instructions to the tool. Wash off;
  4. Next step by step we follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of paints. If necessary, we dry the hair, put bright pigment on the light ends (or several), waiting for a stunning result.

green tips

The images that makes it possible to embody ombre dip dye are the most incredible, far from the ordinary and the boredom of everyday life.

Provisional measures

Salon dyeing of hair tips using the Dip Dye Hair technique is usually carried out with the help of permanent dyes. It is done professionally and with high quality, it remains for a long time. How to be to those who are not confident in their abilities, but wish to make color dyeing of the tips of the hair at home, on their own? Simple and cheap - colored crayons!

Initially, dip dye technology is known as pastel coloring. Indeed, one can make multicolored hair tips to oneself with the help of dry pastels. Very convenient and simple, and most importantly - economically and before the first wash.

dip dye

  1. Temporary hair dye dip is done on wet strands, they are rolled down into tight bundles and twisted with an elastic band.
  2. Then you need to intensively rub the strands with crayons, paint over the original color and not sparing the material, let it dry and then comb it.

Professional approach to painting Dip Dye Hair at home

pink ends

Specialized products for Dip Dye Hair are presented:

  1. Spray for coloring;
  2. Liquid mascara for hair;
  3. Palette "Color Bug" from the company Kevin Murphy.

The dip-dye tip coloring mentioned in the last paragraph gives the desired effect, as if the curls were dipped in jars with multi-colored dyes. It is much better to use Color Bug, which was invented specifically to get colored tips of hair, than to undertake risky experiments with improvised means.

bright and faded tone

Although it is believed that with the help of food dyes it is possible to achieve a salon effect, but painting the tips of the hair with carrot juice, using the Easter set for eggs or beetroot is not the best way to be in trend.

The mentioned dip dye technology from Murphy includes step by step:

  1. Drawing texturizing (or fixing) means - it is possible the same firm, as shadow-paint;
  2. Using the “Color bug” tool - we take a pad and rub the pigment into the tips;
  3. Combing hair, dry shampoo treatment (if you want to muffle the acidic shade of "neon bugs" and make the color of the strands more pastel-looking).

original staining method

Reviews describe the result as excellent; color coloring of the tips of the hair is suitable for both blondes and brunettes. The component also keeps well on dark curls, it is noticeable and performs its temporary function.

Thus, we conclude: painting the tips of the hair in seven (or more) colors of the rainbow is best done by professional stylists. Independently, it is better to do staining with Dip Dye Hair using specialized cosmetics and products.

shades of blue on the strands

Video: Simple home dye scheme with Dip Dye Hair

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