Create volume on thin hair

Create volume on thin hair

Hair products. Use shampoos and balms only for fine hair. Masks should not get carried away too often, especially nutritious. They make the hair smooth and sticky, the hair quickly stick together, then certainly there will be no volume. Sprays and mousses apply only to the roots. Keratin shampoos are especially good for fine hair.

Another good tip is to use calcium tablets, dilute them to a powdered mass, dilute with water and mix with shampoo. Also, calcium mass can be added to your mask.

Means with the smallest load. Masks, shampoos and other means for treating and strengthening hair can make your hair heavier, so if you own thin and sparse hair, then such products will not work for you. Use lightweight care products that won't weight your hair.

Tail for the night. This method is very simple, but often helps many girls. Its essence is as follows: at night make the ponytail as high as possible at the top of the head, in the morning, having dismissed the tail, you will find a magnificent head of hair! The effect can be fixed varnish. Hair dryer to help.

When drying the hair with a hair dryer, direct the air flow to the roots, this will raise your hair, and it will keep its volume and volume throughout the day.

Cooling after drying. After you have dried your hair with a hair dryer, you need to let them "cool down", and only then proceed to styling. Thanks to this, your hairstyle will last longer.

Curlers for pomp. Blow-dry your hair so that it is almost dry. Then spray them with a spray for fixing or use foam (mousse) for hair. With the help of thick curlers wind the strands to the base of the head. Then again dry the hair with a hair dryer, let them cool and remove the hair curlers. Pomp and volume guaranteed.

Pomp at the roots. In order for hair to gain fluffiness at the roots, when drying with a hair dryer, alternately take strands, lift them up, pulling tight. Spray the bases of the roots with a spray fixative, blow dry and let cool.

Head down. After washing, apply a volume spray on the roots, lower the heads down and dry the head in this position.

Highlighting. The visual effect of the volume can give highlighting hair. Since when melirovanii hairs become rough, they are not so tight to each other and give a little volume.

The bouffant is back in fashion. A good amount of thin hair can be given with a fleece. Here the main thing is not to overdo it, bouffant can not be done every day and along the entire length. This will only ruin your so thin hair, and it will begin to split. This method is more likely for rare exits. It should be done only at the roots and use softer styling products so that they do not glue your hair together and do not form a stick.

Proper drying. Proper hair drying technique is half the success in creating volume. It’s not necessary to dry your hair as you usually comb it, but say “against wool”. That is, from the neck forward, from one ear to the other.

Remember that thin hair becomes thinner especially quickly with improper care. Do not use coarse and prickly combs and brushes, do not abuse the irons and curling hair, try to follow the hair very carefully.

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