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One of the latest hair-trends, combed back hair can be considered the easiest to perform hair. Its advantage is versatility: it is equally well suited for everyday, business and evening image. However, this stylish styling is not for everyone. We will tell you who will be beautiful with this hairstyle and how to comb the hair back to the result looked spectacular and stylish.

Combed hair back, more about the trend of 2015

Slicked back or combed back hair is already trying on Hollywood stars. This styling has become a clear favorite with the first fashionistas, - women with a hairbrush appear lately on the red carpet even more often than with famous Hollywood curls.

stars sweep

Models Giambattista Valli, Gucci, Burberry Prorsum showcase this elegant styling at different lengths of strands from the catwalk. Bye hairstyle "hair combed back" not taken into circulation by Russian beauties you have every chance to become one of the pioneers of this fashion trend.

combed hair models

Suitable for styling

Hairstyle "hair combed back" not suitable for everyone.

  • She opens her face completely, and therefore it can be recommended only to girls with an ideal oval face shape of medium fullness.
  • If you have a high forehead, it is also better to refuse combing hair, this also applies to girls with a narrow forehead.
  • If your ears stick out, styling will emphasize this drawback.

Simply put, this styling is suitable for those beauties who are all to face. But to the length of the curls hairstyle is not demanding at all. Short hair, combed back, will look as elegant as long strands.

licked hair of models

How to comb your hair back yourself

There may be several variations of this styling, they all boil down to combing the strands back from the face. But with the laying of free curls can already experiment. This may be a regular horse tail, weaving, a bundle or a shell. Stylists recommend simply leaving the strands free-falling, thus giving the hair a naturalness.

Panettiere and Kardashian

We select styling tool for brushing

In the performance of DIY installation, the key point is the selection of styling products. Smoothly combed back hair is a very simple hairstyle, it is possible for absolutely every girl. But to find a reliable fixing tool is much more difficult. It must meet the following criteria:

  • Do not glue the strands. Zachy should not look like "wooden", curls should lie naturally.
  • Securely fix. A breath of breeze or tilting the head should not affect the look of your styling, and therefore the styling tool should have a high fixation.
  • Do not have excessive gloss. In this situation, the shine will be inappropriate, it will create the unnecessary effect of greasy hair, and therefore it is better not to use gels.

It is better to choose a mousse, fluid or foam for the stage of drying the hair, and for laying the strands "on behalf of" Suitable modeling wax or varnish. For hair models on the catwalk, stylists boldly use gels that give "wet" Effect. Often, professionals use lipstick to impart texture to the strands, but this tool does not have fixing properties. The relevance of this trend in everyday life is controversial, but here you have the right to decide where to put a comma in the phrase: "Wear can not be forgotten".

wet effect on the head

We tangle strands back

The scheme for creating the stacking step by step looks like this:

  1. Apply a little mousse to clean damp hair and, using brushing, dry the strands with a hair dryer.
  2. Pull the strands so that they become even and smooth.
  3. After this, it is necessary to create a small volume at the roots. It will help in this easy bouffant created by a fine comb.
  4. Take a comb and sweep from forehead to back of the head through your hair. The upper strands should be smooth, and the pile should not be visible.
  5. After that, take a little modeling wax and hand a few times on the strands from the forehead to the top.
  6. Fix the result with varnish.

You can do without combing the roots, but only for girls with thick hair. If you are the owner of thin strands, smoothly combed back hair without volume at the roots may look ugly.

short and long curls with a comb

Feel free to try and experiment! What if this particular styling will emphasize your facial features as well as possible.

Video: How to comb back short curls

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