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comb dessata

A novelty in the field of hairdressing and hair care - the dessata comb has gone all over the world, falling in love with millions of women. This innovation from the Spanish company has gained fame combs, with which to unravel the hair yourself at home is no longer a problem. If earlier owners of curls were afraid to touch them, the windy weather horrified absolutely everyone, and babies with long hair were afraid of combs like fire, but now Dessat's comb is ready to cope with these problems easily and naturally.

You can easily lay even unruly curls, comb wet strands, a walk under a strong wind, and even a hurricane will not interfere. Just a few minutes, and your styling again conquers all.

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Features Dessaty

Comb dessata hair allows you to solve one of the main women's problems, which few people paid attention to before. It is about constantly confused hair. Dry air and wind often become a cause for frustration: they confuse curls, turning the perfect styling into a crow's nest. It is far from always possible to comb them step by step: the hairs can be firmly drawn into nodules, which can no longer be untangled, only pulled out.

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The features of the new items include:

  • A huge number of teeth. Dessata has 440 soft teeth, which help gently comb even the most tangled curls. Real reviews confirm: it can be used even on very long and thick hair.
  • The unique arrangement of the teeth. A different level of teeth, which is famous for the dessata mini comb, allows you to simultaneously smooth the hair, unravel it, massage your scalp and gradually comb out dirt and dust from the hair without pulling out a single hair.
  • The ability to use a novelty on any hair. Dessat's brush is suitable for both curls and lucky women with straight hair. The first may forget about the tedious combing curls itself. It is enough to separate the curl and hold it over the comb, watching as the hairs curl into a perfect curl.
  • Unusual material. Comb dessata hair brush original is made of soft silicone, which does not injure hair, even with frequent use.

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And what else?

But women are women: even the most interesting novelty, the pattern of use of which will extremely intrigue any, will pass by if its appearance leaves much to be desired. The dessata mini hairbrush will suit both a business lady and a young student. The creators are closely watching all fashion trends and each season offer new color options.

The comb dessata hair brush original is made in two options:

  • Regular comb dessata hair brush original: copes with voluminous hair and is convenient in everyday use;
  • Comb dessata mini: its size is about a third smaller. It fits perfectly in a handbag, you can safely take it with you to work or travel.

Each size is made in different colors - from single red to flashy yellow-violet and pink-lilac. Comfortable convex shape does not allow fingers and hands to get tired with prolonged use.

Where to buy and what is the cost of Dessat?

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Unlike the famous Tangle Teaser, which costs about 1,200 rubles, the dessata is less expensive. The cost of the original or mini version is about 850 rubles, you can also purchase a set that includes both variations, for about 1600 rubles.

Hair brush dessata has successfully established itself in Europe, America, and not so long ago arrived in Russia. Unfortunately, its cost in retail in Russia is significantly higher, and therefore many fans prefer to buy it abroad using online stores. Before buying, you should carefully review the reviews: low attractive price may be evidence of a fake low quality.

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