Colorless henna for hair - application

Colorless henna is considered to be a universal remedy for hair, which was appreciated by many women. Colorless henna is a green powder, which is obtained from the stems of lawsonium. The benefit of colorless henna is difficult to overestimate, because it is absolutely suitable for any type of hair and is able to solve all major problems with hair. Let's see what is so useful colorless henna for hair.

Colorless henna for hair - application

Useful properties of colorless henna

Regular use of this tool helps to get rid of many problems with the hair, making them healthy, smooth and silky. The beneficial effect on the hair due to the ingredients in henna:

Rutin - penetrating into the roots of the hair, nourishes and strengthens them;Fisalen - indispensable in the fight against dandruff;Carotene - it is characterized by the restoring properties;Chrysophanol - possesses antifungal and antimicrobial properties;Ceaxanthin - prevents hair loss;Emodin - perfectly stimulates hair growth.

With the help of colorless henna, you can fight hair loss, their fragility and dullness, dandruff and seborrhea. Thanks to being part of henna B vitamins, the regenerative processes occurring in the skin cells are stimulated, which leads to the strengthening of the curls and, as a result, to the reduction of hair loss.

Availability vitamin C assists in improving blood circulation, also participating in the synthesis of keratins, which in turn are the basis of hair. Colorless henna, which has an enveloping effect, is also irreplaceable in the fight against split ends, which is comparable with salon procedures for lamination of hair.

Colorless henna is great for all types of hair, moreover, this environmentally friendly product can be used by owners of sensitive scalp, because henna-based masks do not cause irritation.

Contraindications use colorless henna

one. Blondes need to use colorless henna with care, as it can give shade, so before using henna, test for one strand of hair.

2 Henna possesses drying property, therefore, if you have dry hair, it is not recommended to use colorless henna too often. Also in the mask with henna, you must add oils or other nourishing, moisturizing ingredients.

3 Do not make a mask with colorless henna before dyeing, as this may affect the future shade or the quality of staining, it is better that several days or a week pass after the mask.

Key recommendations when using colorless henna

In order not to harm your hair, you need to take into account some of the nuances and follow simple rules on the use of colorless henna.

From the type of hair depends on the frequency and duration of the use of medicinal products based on henna. So, the owners dry and normal hair types It is enough to use the mask once every 14 days with an exposure of no more than 45 minutes. For greasy hair You can increase the contact time to two hours with a frequency of application - 2 times in 7 days.

As an additional ingredient only natural products should be used. You can add to the mask with colorless henna oils, kefir, eggs, herbs and other components.

In order to avoid the manifestation of possible allergic reactions (idiosyncrasy) should first test the tool on the crook of the elbow. To do this, it is enough to dissolve a small amount of henna in hot water, then apply the cooled mixture to your hand and wait 15-20 minutes. In case of reddening of the skin, wash it off immediately and do not use it as a hair mask.

The individual is the time of contact of the remedy with the hair. Half an hour will be enough for owners of blond hair (including blondes), and brunettes and brown-haired women can keep such a mask for up to two hours.

It is enough to use colorless henna two or three times a month to achieve the desired result. Excessive use can lead to dry hair.

How to make a mask of colorless henna

one. Take the required amount of colorless henna and pour boiling water or hot decoction of herbs. You should get a lot of creamy consistency. For a mask it is better to use filtered water.

2 If you add other components to the mask, then wait for the henna to cool a little and then add the rest of the ingredients.

3 Rinse the hair thoroughly, lightly dry it and gently comb it with a sparse teeth.

four. Apply the finished mask to wet hair, starting from the roots. In this case, you can massage the scalp. Then distribute the mask along the length of the hair.

five. Hair wrapped in cellophane and on top of a towel. Keep from 20-30 minutes.

6 Rinse mask with running water without using shampoo.

Colorless Henna Mask Recipes

There are a large number of recipes, which are based on colorless henna. Consider a few of them aimed at solving specific problems.

You can come up with your own recipe, here’s an exemplary list of what can be added to a mask with colorless henna:- vegetable oils (olive, almond, jojoba, avocado, grape seed, etc.); - eggs (whole, if you have oily or normal hair, yolk - if the hair is dry); - kefir, yogurt, yogurt; - honey; - juice aloe; - essential oils.

Colorless henna for hair - application

Simple mask with colorless henna for normal hair type

You will need colorless henna powder (1 sachet or 100 gr.) And 300 ml. boiled water. All mix until smooth, cool slightly and apply to the scalp, spreading gradually over the strands.

Colorless henna mask for dry and damaged hair

- colorless henna 150g. - yolk 1 pcs. - olive oil 2 tbsp. - Honey 1 tbsp.

Henna pour hot water and allow to cool slightly. Then mix the honey, yolk and butter and add to the cooled mass. Mix thoroughly and apply from root to tip. Heat the head and rinse with water after 40 minutes.

Colorless henna to strengthen hair

- colorless henna 100 g. kefir half a glass; essential oil ylang-ylang 3-5 drops.

Pre-dilute the colorless henna with boiling water and let stand for a while, then add kefir and essential oil, apply the mask evenly through the hair, do not forget about the roots. Rinse off after 30-60 minutes.

Colorless henna mask for fast hair growth

- colorless henna 100 gr. - olive oil 2 tablespoons - essential oil beat 4-5 drops; - essential oil of cinnamon 2-3 drops.

Essential oils of bay and cinnamon stimulate growth very well, and in combination with colorless henna and oil, they also strengthen hair roots perfectly. The mixture is diluted in the usual way. You can only apply to the roots or the entire length, depending on your hair type.

Hair Shine Mask

Perfect in this case, the agent is a mixture prepared from 100 grams. colorless henna diluted in hot water (300 ml.), 1 yolk and jojoba oil (1 tablespoon is enough).

Colorless henna against hair loss

Colorless henna in the amount of 2 tbsp. spoon diluted with the same amount of coconut or, for example, olive oil. Then add castor oil (1 spoon) and green clay (2 spoons) intended for hair to the mixture. The mask is applied to the hair, then washed off.

Mask with colorless henna and avocado for dried hair

It is necessary to dilute henna powder (100 gr.) In boiled water (300 ml.), Then add 1 avocado (its pulp is used) and castor oil (1 tbsp.) To the mixture. All mix and apply on hair.

For oily hair

To colorless henna diluted in hot water (per 100 g of powder with 300 ml of water) add a small amount of burdock oil (castor oil will be suitable for replacement), 2 tbsp. spoons of blue clay and the same amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Colorless henna for hair - reviews

The girls from our group have experienced the effect of colorless henna on themselves and share their feedback:

Made a mask with such henna, the result was immediately noticeable, the hair became more dense in structure and easier to comb! Alena Nikolaeva I make a mask once a week, it strengthens hair very well, it is noticeable immediately from the first time. It helped when recovering after dyeing. Plus, they like to do face masks, removes all skin imperfections, which became a very useful find for me) Yulia Stolypina I love to make hair masks with colorless henna, my favorite remedy! Perfectly strengthens hair, hair loss passed, hair shiny and strong! True, the mask did not affect the growth of hair, but the quality is a very tangible result. Recently began to dilute henna with herbs - the result is even better than just water. Nadezhda Karimova Made a mask of colorless henna to the roots, adding a little oil. hair became stronger - it was done once a week and in 3 applications it achieved a result - only 3-5 hairs fall out when washing the head. Ekaterina Biryukova I have colorless henna, my hair is dyed green ..) And it seems so good, but I don’t use this tool anymore. Kristina Polyakova My hair is greasy. I make this mask once a week. I brew a bag of henna with a hot decoction of nettle or chamomile, you can also brew black tea with strong tea, add EM of eucalyptus and tea tree, distribute it to the roots and the entire length. I keep under the cap 1-1.5 hours. If you do henna with butter, then wash off with shampoo. The result is very like. This is a favorite mask. After her hair shine, become soft and obedient. I also apply a part of the mask on the face, I like the result. Anna Molodina

With proper use of colorless henna and the correct choice of additional ingredients by type of problem, the result may exceed all expectations.

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