Coloring sombre- goodbye boring ombre

Kate marr

Sombre coloring is a novelty that came to the Californian coast after the once-trendy Ombre gradient. Soft ombre, or soft, delicate toning ombre - this is how it stands for. What is the difference between hair coloring sombre from its predecessor, what is its attractiveness and features of performance - let's talk in our article.

Sombre or ombre?

Coloring Sombre

Starting in 2010, the ombre rule was a ball, celebrities (Hollywood, and after them domestic divas) were regularly painted with the effect of “regrown roots”. However, everything is boring, and the trend has changed, becoming more natural and inconspicuous. The pursuit of naturalness, carefully thought out and expertly executed, is what drives fashion in this time span.

Blonde Emma Stone

Differences in two ways:

  • Unlike ombre, the technique of dyeing sombre involves a color transition not at half the length of the hair, but only 5 cm below the roots;
  • The classic sombre scheme for hair of any length is not just a stretch of color up and down from the border, as it was in ombre, but glare is a game of shades on individual strands.

Anna Cedric

Thus, a dark hair sombre is the roots of a basic, natural color or tinted to the desired shade, and slightly lightened locks along the entire length. Moreover, a lighter shade should not differ from the primary color by more than one, maximum 2 tones.

model Rosie Huntington Whiteley

On the photo you can see how honey, wheat and sun strokes look on chestnut hair. Hair looks much more voluminous, and their owner is younger and fresher.

Celebrities prefer sombre

Jane fonda

We list the recognized beauties who gave preference to this technique:

  • Examples of blonde hair sombre are Kate Mara and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It seems that the fertile sun of California made their curls so shining. But no, these strands did not fade in the sun - the right hand of the stylist worked here;
  • Sombre looks great on medium hair, especially if it is wavy. Emma Stone and Leighton Meester, as well as Anna Kendrick - confirmation of this;
  • Coloring a sombre on light brown hair looks no less fresh and elegant than on the curls of a blond shade. In this case, age does not matter: the ladies "with the past" - Sarah Jessica Parker and Jane Fonda - were finally able to afford uneven dyeing, not fearing that they are not vulgar-looking;
  • The classic is definitely a long hair sombre. The incomparable Jessica Alba perfectly illustrates this postulate, demonstrating curvaceous shining health curls;
  • However, a short hair sombre is no worse — youthfully defiantly, like Alexa Chang, a British style icon.

Actress Leighton Mister

How to make a "soft ombre"?

The technique of ombre and "soft ombre" is essentially the same, in the process there is a stretching of color. But in the first case there is a clear border of the transition, there is a visible contrast - dark hair at the roots is definitely brighter closer to the tips. In a sombre, everything is different. Movement, light reflections and the actual volume are achieved due to strands unevenly dyed over the entire length. Some remain in the base color, others after 5-7 cm. From the roots become lighter in tone. The border of the transition is invisible and blurred, which should imitate the natural burning of hair in the sun.

This is difficult to achieve at home, even with proper experience and dexterity staining takes up to 5 hours, the average length of the hair.

cinema diva sarah jessica parker

  • The paint should be applied very quickly, with the end of the brush, perpendicular to the growth of the hair. It is necessary to hold for a long time, it is better to start from the bottom, then the dwell time of the dye will naturally decrease from the tips to the base.
  • It is not easy to carry out the whole procedure yourself, it is better to attract an assistant Coloring the back of the head and temples will be better for a friend or a loved one. It is undesirable to take the risk of doing this procedure to oneself: the result is unlikely to please.
  • Optimally contact the salon with an impeccable reputation, good reviews and reasonable prices for services. If such a fabulous place could not be found, here is the instructions for home coloring sombre:
  1. Need dye, gloves, brush. But the foil is not useful. Of course, under it, the reaction proceeds faster, but we do not need clear paint outlines;
  2. Apply the drug on the ends, wait 10 minutes. Then we go to the middle of the length and step by step with perpendicular strokes we paint the strands at this level, we expect 10-20 minutes.
  3. Then we move to the crown: at a distance of at least 5 cm from the roots of the hair, we quickly apply paint, wait just a short time - about 10 minutes. After that, all wash off. Lokna will require hydration and recovery;

Alexa chang

There is another option: to begin staining step by step from the roots, at each stage washing off the paint. Thus, the lightest shade will be at the ends, the most imperceptible - at the roots.

Beauty Jessica Alba

Sombre dyeing technique is the most recent fashion trend that can seduce even the most conservative. Adherents of style natyur will not resist before this imperceptible, but such effective stroke. Hair after dyeing sparkles and attracts looks, refreshing the image and making it cute and playful.

Video: Sombre hair dyeing technique - professional work

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