Coloring. color choices and tips

Coloring. Color choices and tips

Psychological training

If there is a desire to dye hair, then this process should be approached with all the responsibility and knowledge of the matter. Hair coloring is not only a color change, but also a complete change in the image. If he suddenly does not like it, then fix it will not be so easy.

First you need to psychologically tune in to the expected effect, present your new image, remember that nature bestows at birth the most harmonious color (Is it worth it to change?). You need to imagine the possible financial costs associated with changing clothes and cosmetics.

In addition, you need to evaluate your patience and ability to maintain a new color. Since the hair grows on average per centimeter per month, the roots of the regrown hair will have to be dyed every 3 weeks.

The choice of salon and master

It is very important to choose desired salon and good master with an impeccable reputation. To do this, it is better to ask friends, read reviews on the Internet. Communicating with the master, it is necessary to make clear what you want to receive. Since different people have their own understanding of the name of the color, in order to avoid mistakes, it is better not to describe the color, but to show it (for example, a page from a magazine with the color you like).

At the same time, you need to listen to the advice of a specialist, who with an experienced eye will assess the condition of the hair and the likelihood of obtaining the desired color.

Often, wanting to completely update their appearance, women want to radically change their color (for example, to repaint from brunette to red). A good master can advise and perform several subtle strokes without resorting to such cardinal repaints.

Preparing hair for coloring

One month before dyeing, it is necessary to start preparing the hair - use moisturizing hair masks regularly, use conditioners. Well moisturized hair will become smooth, will reflect better light. This is often used by models that advertise hair dye. Even if you apply the conditioner directly on the day of dyeing, it will significantly improve the result of painting.

Dry tips hair when dyeing get more intense color. To achieve a uniform color, you should get a haircut after the procedure. But, if in the future coloring with several different shades, then the haircut should be done before coloring. The master must see what he will have to work with. Colorists recommend filing - the color will look spectacular on flowing curls.

Paint color selection

Hair dye should be selected, taking into account the shade of the skin, the condition and texture of the hair. Those who pale or pink face, cooler tones will do. Warm perfect for girls with dark or olive skin. Oriental-type brunettes with thick and curly hair are not at all bright-colored to the face. Their dark hair is good to refresh with the color of copper, gold, mahogany. Scandinavian women are not suitable for black hair.

Hairdressers have long been advised to change the hair color by 1-2 tones lighter or darker than the natural color, but not drastically. If you have gray hair, it is better to choose a shade a little lighter than natural hair color when dyeing. Bright and dark colors can stress the fatigue and paleness of the skin, wrinkles. Women over 35 do not need to choose a bright red color, which gives the face a yellowish or grayish tint.

When staining is not recommended

Hair dyeing is not recommended in such cases:

- asthma, eczema, skin diseases, kidney disease;

- during menstruation;

- during pregnancy, feeding the child;

- in a bad mood.

Hair lightening

Having decided to repaint into a blonde, it is necessary to take into account that this will take a lot of time (several months). It is necessary to lighten hair in several stages, between which there should be temporary intervals for hair restoration.

The more ammonia is required to change color, the harder it is to return the hair its original shine and smoothness. Light tones, obtained with multiple procedures, look much more natural. So, if the master says that it is necessary to lighten the hair gradually - he is right (this is not “pumping out” the funds).

Subtleties of highlighting

When the hair is completely filled with light strands, hair looks unnatural. Real professionals know that the hair on the contour of the face should be made a little lighter than the rest. Turning over the top of the head, the color should become darker and duller.

Keep the new color

To remain color resistant, it is necessary to protect the hair from direct sunlight. To do this, cover your hair or use special sunscreen sprays.

Using shampoos can reduce shade intensity. 3 days after dyeing, it is better to stop using shampoo, and then be sure to use balms, shampoos, and conditioners for special lines for colored hair.

It is important to remember that the color lasts longer on healthy hair. Once a week it is necessary to apply a nourishing mask on the hair. Colorists recommend leaving the mask for the night, wrapped his head with a towel, and wash off in the morning. The result will be silky hair.

Good luck painting you!

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