Colored hair crayons are all about pastel dyeing.

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Do you want to experiment with hair and shock friends or a young man with an unusual color of hair? Today, for this it is not at all necessary to dye curls with persistent paints, because small pieces of hair have appeared relatively recently on the market of cosmetic products. There are a lot of controversial reviews on their account. This coloring looks very unusual, and the variety of the palette allows you to create the most bold image. Let's learn about the shortcomings, the merits of this new hair and the rules of its use.

Colored chalk, what is it?

Chalk for painting hair, which so dramatically gained popularity among women of fashion is nothing more than ordinary colored pastels. You can buy colored crayons for hair either in cosmetic stores or ordered online, or in an ordinary artist's shop. In the second case, you are more likely to purchase a quality product. We will talk about how to choose it a bit later.

Colored hair crayons are considered a harmless way of dyeing hair. Their composition is the simplest: chalk with the addition of various pigments. In contrast to the tint balms, and even more colors, which “tightly” paint the strands, colored chalk for the hair will be easily washed off with simple shampoo and water as soon as you want it. However, with frequent use, you will still notice that the curls have become drier.

The advantages of colored chalk

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If you know how to use shallow hair properly, you can create a bright and stylish image for yourself. The advantages of such staining are as follows:

  • Pastel hair crayons are inexpensive and are sold everywhere.
  • A variety of shades will allow even the most sophisticated fashionistas to make a grand experiment.
  • Compared with the paint, sparingly acting on the strands.
  • Easily washed off and do not spoil the mood in case of unsuccessful selection of color.

Disadvantages of staining with pastel color

Hair dyeing with colored crayons is still not liked by all girls. First of all, the disappointment with the result is associated with the purchase of not the highest quality product and the incorrect application of pigment to the strands. Do not forget that chalk is an absorbent, which means that it draws moisture from the curl. Do not abuse this method of coloring, so that your hair would look not only spectacular, but also well-groomed. And, of course, colored dust, which peels off when rubbing hair with chalk, paints everything around. Do not forget to wear gloves and cover the floor and furniture in the place of the procedure with newspapers or oilcloth.

Color pastels for different shades of hair

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On the bright head of hair pastel will look brighter, and the application will be easier. But also dark-haired girls should definitely experiment with such coloring. The most popular color combinations are as follows:

  • pink, purple, blue, blue pigment will suit dark-haired girls;
  • blondes will love pink, orange and lilac;
  • red-haired girls will become even brighter with green and blue crayons.

Choose crayons so that their shade is in harmony not only with your natural color of the strands, but also with the image as a whole.

Buying color crayons. Choosing the best

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Crayons for dyeing hair is a fairly affordable product. As a first experience, you can choose small sets with a minimum amount of “per sample” shades. The cost of a set of 6 crayons from 300 rubles. But for the minimum price you are unlikely to buy a quality product. Tips for choosing the best product are as follows:

  • Beware of too cheap crayons, most often these are “no name” Chinese-made products, which can be ordered on popular sites, for example, Ali Express. The customers of Chinese crayons are most often disappointed with the result.
  • If you want to buy pastel for high quality hair at an affordable price, it is better to visit the artist's shop. A set of professional pastels of 12 crayons will cost about 1000 rubles. You can find kits and cheaper, whereas the same product in a beautiful box marked “For hair” will cost a couple of times more expensive.
  • Deciding to buy crayons for hair in the store for artists, choose only dry pastel, oil is not suitable for hair. After her curls will look dirty. Top quality manufacturers: Master Pastel, Faber Castel, Sonnet.
  • Choosing pastel chalks for hair, pay attention to their release form. Well, when every piece of chalk has an individual package, even if it is paper. So you less soil your hands when applied to the strands. You can find on sale crayons, packed in a case for both compact powder or shadows, for example, crayons for Hot Huez hair. This product is even more convenient to use.

Pastel hair chosen, you can get down to business!

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Crayon hair coloring

Before you start dyeing your hair with crayons, put on clothes that you do not mind getting dirty and choose the colors of crayons that you need to create an image. Then follow the steps below step by step:

  1. Separate the order that you paint.
  2. Lightly moisten with water.
  3. Twist the curl in the flagellum.
  4. Draw on the flagellum with chalk until you get the desired shade.
  5. Comb the colored strand.
  6. Let it dry naturally or use a hairdryer.
  7. The result can be fixed with varnish, so the pigment will not crumble longer.

The harder you wet the curl, the richer the color will be, but it will also dry longer. This is not very convenient, as a wet curl can stain everything that is touched, including your skin and clothing. If you are blonde, you can avoid straining. Pastels are harder to apply to dry hair, but colored hair will delight you longer. Now you know how to dye your hair shallow. But there are a few tricks that will help achieve a better result.

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Secrets of the perfect colored strands

Chalk hair dyeing is easy to do on your own at home. The following information will help you become a professional in this business:

  • The main error of the application is the movement of small particles from the tips to the roots; this injures the hair scales, making it brittle. The correct scheme: from top to bottom without return movements.
  • Try to apply the pigment not with a pastel bar, but crush it. Pour some chalk on a damp cotton pad and stain the strand.
  • After shampooing, always use a mask or balsam, paying particular attention to the tips. Then your curls will not be dried out with chalk.
  • Effectively and at the same time practical colored hair, braided in braids. So you get an unusual styling that everyone will notice, and do not pigment clothes.

How to remove the pigment from the head of hair

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Removing the pastels from the colored strands is very easy, just wash your head. You can also use a comb with thick natural bristles and "comb out" chalk from dyed hair. The second method is more aggressive towards strands. If you apply the pigment on dry curls, it will wash off easier.

Exposing your hair to experiments, remember that it needs careful care, and if you use such tools, care should be enhanced. Use balms, masks and do not carry out the procedure too often, then you will be able to replenish the rows of beauties who admire this new product of the world of beauty, and do not complain about the damaged strands.

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