Collected hairstyles

girl with collected locks

Every beauty should learn how to make simple collected hairstyles. This skill is often useful to you and will help you look your best if, for example, you are invited to a restaurant or theater, and there is no time for a hairdresser. We will show you simple schemes for different lengths of strands and you will be able to recreate hairstyles with collected hair with your own hands. The article contains photos of beautiful wedding and evening styling, perhaps some of these options will appeal to your own image of the bride.

What are good hairstyles collected?

Hairstyles, where the hair is collected, have a lot of advantages:

  • The collected hairstyles are quite diverse and you can find a suitable option for almost any hair length. The only exceptions are ultra-short haircuts, and if your strands are at least chin-length, you will be able to get your hair in a haircut, with only a dozen invisible haircloths and a strong hold.
  • Hairstyles in which hair is collected are ideal for an evening look and such a solemn occasion as a wedding or graduation party. Such styling will last until the end of the evening in its original form and will not restrict your movements - you can dance the whole evening and not worry that the curls have unwound or the styling has lost its shape.
  • If you collect the hair, it opens not only the face, but also the neck, and therefore you will look even sleeker and slimmer.
  • Hairstyles collected in the back of the tail, pigtail or bun will be an ideal option for everyday wear, they are especially relevant in the summer heat.

girls with stylish bunches

The advantages are mass, which means it is necessary to adopt a scheme for creating such a package. Now we will tell you how to collect hair and look stylish.

Create a collected hairstyles with their own hands

Equip yourself with the simplest set of tools: invisible to match the hair, thin elastic bands, a comb, curling tongs and hair spray. If you want to make styling more festive, you can use headbands for hair or 1-2 beautiful hairpins. Let's look at styling options for different hair lengths.

styling in the Greek style

Short hairstyles collected

If it seems to you that it is impossible to execute collected hairstyles for short hair, you are mistaken. We offer you 2 easy-to-make variations of your own hands.

Option 1

For this installation, it is enough to have the length of the strands at least to the middle of the face. Step by step instructions for you:

  1. First of all we collect strands on the forehead or bangs into a volumetric tuft and fix it with a pair of invisible animals. If you have thin hair, strands can be pre-combed and sprinkled with varnish.
  2. Now we take one strand at the temple and twist it into a tight flagellum. We get the obtained harness back and fix it with an invisible one. So that the invisibility was not noticeable and she kept the flagellum securely, use the technique "Castle". To do this, pin it up as you usually do, then turn it around and push it in the opposite direction. After that, the invisible will disappear under the harness.
  3. Alternately twisting into a strand by strand on the sides and go to the back of the head.
  4. The lower curls are twisted in the same technique, raised up and fastened with invisible hairpins.
  5. Fix the result with varnish.

styling for short strands

Such styling can be decorated with a brooch for hair, which can be placed on the back of the head, covering it with the protruding ends of the braids. Not many will immediately realize that you have a short haircut. With this arrangement, you can safely go to any gala reception, but as a supplement to a business suit it will be appropriate.

Option 2

Collected hairstyles for short hair have not such a wide variety as for medium or long curls, but if you wish, you can experiment with this length. The following pin-up styling scheme is universal: if you use a kerchief as in the photo to create it, you will get an interesting styling for an everyday look, and if you replace the scarf with a thick bead-like bezel, you will be irresistible with it even in evening dress Step by step do the following:

  1. Separate the hair on the side parting.
  2. Separate a thick curl at the top and make a bouffant.
  3. Fasten the combed strands on the back of your head with the help of invisible women to make a small babette.
  4. Wrap the side strands back and secure with barrettes.
  5. Take a handkerchief or textile bezel and complete the creation of styling, wearing an accessory on his head.

pin-up styling

Such styling does not require additional fixing with styling agents; it will stand firmly in its original form all day, as long as the bottom strands do not break out of the shawl.

Hairstyles collected on medium hair

Collected hairstyles for medium hair are varied, this length allows you to use both weaving, and braids, and create hairstyles in the Greek style, bunches or gather curls in a shell.

girls with shells

If you are considering collected hairstyles for medium hair, pay attention to the next bunch of curls. It will look equally good with jeans and a top and a delicate cocktail dress. Step-by-step creation scheme is as follows:

  1. Scroll the curls on curling.
  2. Beat them with your fingers, but do not brush them.
  3. Collect the curls in the back of the back of the head in a bun and secure with a thin elastic band.
  4. Make easy combing at the forehead and lay them to the side.

wavy strand tuft

The result can be fixed with varnish, if you want the curls to last longer.

Hairstyles for long hair

Beautifully laid wavy strands will always look relevant. Curls made with forceps allow you to create a variety of collected hairstyles for long hair. It is enough for you to have several studs: twist the strands into a bun on the side or on the crown, fasten the studs and the installation is ready. We offer you a scheme for the performance of gentle glamorous styling:

  1. Fine comb, separate the strands diagonally from left to right.
  2. All the lower strands and those that are to the left of the parting, collect in the tail and tie a thin elastic band.
  3. All top locks, which are to the right of the parting, wind it with the help of forceps "to face" in tight spirals.
  4. When the curls have cooled, brush them.
  5. Wavy strands of a person lay in a wave and fix stealth. Fix the wave with lacquer and after a couple of minutes remove the invisible.
  6. Twist all wavy locks in a bunch towards the face, fasten a bunch near the right ear hairpins. Too much knot is not necessary, it should get careless.
  7. Strands collected in the tail, twist into the second bundle and secure it just below the first.

gentle styling for long-haired girls

The result can be supplemented with a beautiful accessory, for example, a rim, brooch or a handmade hair clip. As you can see, the collected hairstyles for long hair created with the help of styler are easy to perform and look impressive.

Wedding Hairstyles Collected

If you are preparing for such a solemn event as a wedding, you will certainly need to consider wedding collected hairstyles. They will emphasize the beautiful shoulders of the bride and will focus on the neckline.

image of the bride

The most popular choices are the following wedding hairstyles:

  • Bundles and their variations. Brides who prefer simplicity and laconic style prefer all kinds of bunches. You can decorate it with a ribbon or flowers, the advantage of the beam is that the veil can be beautifully located under it.
  • Laying in the Greek style. For its creation usually use rims or ribbons, tucking in them strands twisted into flagella or twisted curls.
  • Weaving. You can perform the entire hairstyle with the help of braids of various shapes and sizes, and maybe you use a couple of elements with weaving in your hair.
  • Eternal classics of wedding fashion is considered "shell" and its variations of performance. By choosing it you will not lose.

girls with bunches

If you have an important event ahead, practice your styling beforehand. We hope our recommendations will be useful to you in creating your perfect image.

Video: Laying for the bride with the collected strands

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